A Water Heater Buying Guide from Roto-Rooter in San Mateo

A Water Heater Buying Guide from Roto-Rooter in San Mateo

Do you know which water heater you should buy? When you are buying a traditional tank-filled water heater there are several things you should know before making your purchase. These include things such as whether or not to buy gas or electric, your household's demand for hot water, and the energy efficiency rating. Following is a guide from Roto-Rooter in San Mateo designed to give you the information you need to make an informed purchase.

The Differences between Gas and Electric Appliances

There are some major differences between gas and electric appliances, including the following:

  • Plumbing requirements--Gas requires a special vent that is plumbed to the outside to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and reduce the risk of explosions.
  • Cost--In California, the cost of heating water with gas is usually cheaper and more efficient than with electricity.
  • Recovery time--Gas heats more efficiently. This means the water in a gas tank gets hot faster than the water in an electric tank.
  • Size--Because the recovery time is longer for an electric appliance, you may need a larger tank to provide all the hot water you require.
  • Space--Gas appliances require between 6 and 18 inches of empty space around, above, and below the water heater. You cannot put a gas heater in a tight closet.

The Right Size of Water Heater

Obviously the size of tank you buy depends on how much water you use. Another factor, though, is how much water you use during the busiest hour of the day. A rating system has been developed that includes this information. Because the most water is generally used during the first hour in the morning, the rating system is known as the first hour rating (FHR). It is based on factors such as how many individuals are in your household and how many bathrooms you have. A San Mateo Roto-Rooter plumber can help you determine your FHR.

Look at the EnergyGuide Sticker

The EnergyGuide sticker is a yellow label that conveys water usage and energy-related information. It is a federal law that every appliance has one of these stickers attached to it. It contains the following information:

  • The first hour rating
  • Whether or not the appliance meets ENERGY STAR requirements
  • The approximate cost to operate the appliance for one year
  • A comparison of that particular model to other models

Find Qualified Help with Installation

Once you have purchased the right water heater for your household it should be installed by an experienced individual.  If you are a skilled, do-it-yourself plumber you may be comfortable installing it on our own. If not, feel free to contact Roto-Rooter to install your appliance whenever it is convenient for you.

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