A Plumbing Task List for a Well-Functioning Laundry Room

A Plumbing Task List for a Well-Functioning Laundry Room

One of the most important appliances in your home is the washing machine and the plumbing that goes along with it. When there are plumbing problems with your laundry room you will probably have to round up quarters, stuff your laundry into baskets, and make the burdensome trip to the Laundromat. You can avoid all this hassle by doing the following tasks in your laundry room.

Check the Hoses

Check the hot and cold rubber hoses that connect the pipes to the washing machine. Check for cracks or other signs that they may be wearing out. Replace them immediately to avoid a flood from a broken hose.

Use No-Burst Hoses

Regardless of the condition of your hoses, you may want to replace them with no-burst hoses. These hoses are made out of a braided stainless steel that is much more durable. You can find these hoses at a hardware store.

Protect Against Flooding

To avoid a costly flood, install a sensor valve. This valve will detect unwanted water and shut off the source of the water. An alarm will go off to alert you of a problem. Our plumbers can help you install one if you don't have the time or skill to do it yourself.

Reduce the Moisture in Your Laundry Room

Both washing machines and dryers can produce a lot of extra moisture in the laundry room. In a city like Hialeah, extra humidity is not desirable. To reduce the amount of moisture trapped in your laundry room you can install a ventilator. This will cut down on the mold and mildew growth in your home.

Wash Only Full Batches

Save your laundry until you have a full load to wash. Partial loads use a lot of unnecessary water. Even if you set the machine level to low you are still using more water than you would if you washed a full load. Washing only full loads will reduce your water bill and preserve the life of your washing machine.

Maintain the Pipes

As you use your washing machine soap scum and lint will build up along the walls of the pipes. You can help prevent the need for a plumber to clean out your pipes by using a pipe cleaner such as Roto-Rooter's Pipe Shield. Once a month, pour the pipe cleaner down the drains and let it sit according to the directions. It will help dissolve buildup that is accruing as well as cut down on future buildups.

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