A Plumbers' Delight: Drain Clogs and Pipe Leaks

A Plumbers' Delight: Drain Clogs and Pipe Leaks

The plumbers who work for Roto-Rooter Fresno are trained professionals. They can fix anything related to plumbing and will respond quickly when called. This means that if you notice a pipe leak in the middle of the night, they will be there to fix the problem. This is just one of the marks of great service.

Some of the more common plumbing problems that homeowners encounter are drain clogs and faucet leaks. As a homeowner, you may have experienced clogs and drips. They can cause stress and unhappiness in your life. Here are a few tips to take care of simple clogs and drips.

Drain Clogs

There are numerous pipes that are installed in your home, which remove waste and water from tubs, sinks, and toilets throughout your home. It is not uncommon for these pipes to clog occasionally. This happens usually as a result of a low spot in the pipe or a pipe joint that collects food particles or waste materials as they flow through the pipe. As pressure builds up behind the clog, the material impacts and causes the water and waste behind the clog to back-up into the sink, toilet, or tub.

If using drain cleaners does not work, try a toilet plunger to clear to drain. The uneven pressure in the pipes, created from the plunging action, is sometimes enough to cause the clog to break loose. However, if that does not work, a pipe snake will need to be used.

To prevent clogs, do not pour grease (like bacon grease, for example) into your sinks. Grease coagulates and, when combined with water, will form a solid mass, which will quickly form a clog in your pipes. Do not flush peels, rinds, or large quantities of food into the disposal. Use your kitchen trash to dispose of these items.

Leaks and Drips

When you notice dripping and leaks coming from faucets in your home, it is time to change to seals in the valve stems. If you change them yourself, make sure you use the same size seals and stems as the old ones. While you have the valve stems removed, it is a good time to check the valve stem seating located in the faucet housing. If you notice any cracks or nicks in this area, contact Roto-Rooter in Fresno from Roto-Rooter for pricing on a new faucet assembly. You will get great service and our plumber will help you choose a new faucet that matches your home’s décor and fits nicely into your budget.

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