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4 Things That Cause Sump Pump Failure in Hamilton, ON

July 05, 2016

Your bathroom is a high-traffic area. Between bathing, hand washing, teeth brushing and other activities, this room sees a lot of action from you and your guests. It's also one of the most susceptible to water damage. That's why your floor choice is extremely important. Here is everything you need to know about choosing the best floor material for your Milton, Ontario, bathroom.

The logistics

Your bathroom flooring needs to stand up to many different conditions. It should be moisture proof, stain resistant and safe to walk on when wet. Of course, this material also needs to fit your budget and be aesthetically pleasing. You have many options to choose from. Here are some of the best materials for bathroom flooring:


Ceramic tile is one of the most popular choices for the bathroom (and with good reason). It's extremely durable, waterproof and holds up over time. However, certain tile types can be slick, so be sure to choose one that is certified slip-resistant. Also, consider adding a rug for traction when getting out of the shower.


This material is becoming increasingly popular in all areas of the home. It's made from a highly sustainable resource, making it an eco-friendly option. Engineered bamboo planks are strong and ideal for rooms that experience a lot of moisture, like the bathroom.


Vinyl flooring is loved for its versatility. It puts less of a strain on your wallet, is water resistant and is particularly easy to clean, which is helpful in a room especially the bathroom where messes are often inevitable. Plus, it's a long-lasting material so vinyl flooring is a good investment.


Stay away from carpeting in the bathroom. Nothing good can come from carpeting and absorbent foam padding in a room where water gets on the floor from time to time. Also steer clear of imitation wood flooring made of laminated pressed or particle board. These materials will warp and separate if they ever get wet.

Be proactive

The work doesn't stop after you install your bathroom flooring. Being proactive in protecting your home plays a huge role in how long your floor will last. If you notice a leak coming from your shower, faucet, toilet or water supply pipes, don't hesitate to call a plumber to assess the extent of the plumbing problem and offer a cost-effective solution. Water spillage in the bathroom can not only damage your floors, it can damage the sub-floor, baseboards and drywall. An unrepaired leak will also spike your water bills. Plus, standing water can grow mold, which poses serious health risks for you and your family. If your toilet overflows on a regular basis or your pipes are leaking, be proactive about getting them fixed. Have a licensed plumber from Roto-Rooter of Milton look over the situation. He or she will get your bathroom back in prime working order in no time.


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