4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Pipes in Brooklyn | Roto-Rooter

4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Pipes in Brooklyn | Roto-Rooter

Old pipesThe piping inside and outside your home gradually corrodes, rusts and decays over the years - you can thank those brutal Brooklyn, New York, winter storms for frozen pipes as well. It's important that these concerns don't go unattended, otherwise you're left with moldy walls, a flooded living room and an empty wallet.

Nothing lasts forever, so here are four signs it's time to replace your pipes:

Lead piping

Although lead is a natural element, it is extremely toxic and dangerous if consumed. Typically, homes built before 1930 contain lead piping, and homes built before 1986 contain copper piping with some lead in it, so take a look at your home-inspection report to find out the exact year your home was constructed. The report will tell you what material your pipes are made from, too.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure may be a sign of cracks or leaks throughout your water supply line. If the water isn't coming through your faucet, it is most likely leaking somewhere throughout your home - like under the floors or behind your walls - and can cause major damage. The wood and drywall in your home will begin to rot and mold, causing structural and foundational destruction.

Frequent leaks or clogs

A leaky pipe is bound to cause water damage and a clogged pipe has the potential to expand and bust, which can result in a bad case of the floods. The occasional drip or clogged shower drain is nothing but a minor plumbing problem that can easily be fixed. However, if you notice frequent leaks or clogs, this is evidence of major pipe corrosion or deterioration. This could lead to a sudden burst that floods all over your home. Have this checked out immediately if the leaky sink or clogged drain trend continues.

Discoloration in the water

If you notice a constant stream of brown or orange water, this is a sign that your pipes are seriously corroded. Seeing rust indicates that the inside of your pipes is gradually decaying, and they need to be relined or replaced as soon as possible. Mineral deposits from the rust slow the water flow and can lead to frequent clogs. This automatically puts extra pressure on your already-damaged pipe and increases the risk of water damage.

If you are experiencing any of the dangerous plumbing concerns listed above, contact your local Brooklyn Roto-Rooter to have a professional inspect your pipes, locate the issue and offer solutions on how to solve the problem.

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