4 Plumbing Tips That Save Money in Cary | Roto-Rooter

4 Plumbing Tips That Save Money in Cary | Roto-Rooter

Child at sinkAs a homeowner, you want to do everything you can to save money each month. Sure, lots of people keep an eye on heating and air systems, but what about your plumbing? Here are four tips to cut plumbing costs in your Cary, North Carolina, home.

Fix the leak

If the drip, drip, drip sound of a leaky faucet doesn't bother you, the increase in your water bill might. Dripping can waste up to 15 gallons of water a day, adding about $100 to your yearly water bill. That's paying for water you didn't even use. If you notice your faucet leaking, don't waste any time getting it repaired or replaced. You'll be saving water and money in the long run.

Don't ignore your toilet

A clogged toilet a couple times a year is normal, but if it happens once a week, it may be a bigger issue with your plumbing. If you're experiencing consistently clogged toilets, have a plumber come out and take a look at your fixture. There could be something blocking the drain line, which requires a professional to inspect and handle the situation.

Use your garbage disposal - the right way

Pro tip: You know what can also keep your toilet in tip-top shape? Cleaning it. If you don't scrub your fixtures regularly, bacteria and mineral deposits build up around the jet holes of you toilet, which could be why your toilet isn't flushing properly.

Garbage disposals can be handy appliances, but if you don't use them the right way they'll end up costing you more money. Make sure you throw the right materials down the drain. Don't put anything down there that cannot be broken up, like bones or nonfood items.

Keep an eye on hair

One of the biggest plumbing issues comes from clogged drains, and hair is usually what is to blame. Do not flush any hair down the toilet or garbage disposal. It doesn't break down in the sewage system. Instead, it clumps together, forming blockage.

The same goes for inside your shower. Get a hair catcher for your drain that you can empty before every shower so that your pipes don't get clogged.

Reach out to your local Cary Roto-Rooter for more money saving tips.

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