3 Reasons To Get A Camera Line Inspection | Roto-Rooter

3 Reasons To Get A Camera Line Inspection | Roto-Rooter

Camera line inspectionMinneapolis plumbers deal with a number of problems on a daily basis, from clearing out grease clogs to repairing broken pipes. However, one of the most common plumbing issues they see are those relating to sewer-line backups. And often, in Minneapolis, it's because tree roots have punctured a drain pipe and are blocking the lines completely. In these instances, and many others, plumbers often choose to perform a camera line inspection.

Video camera line inspections allow plumbers to clearly see what may be causing an issue in your home, without them having to dig trenches in your yard or damage your landscape in any other way. Not sure why you'd need a camera line inspection? Here are three possible reasons:

Your drains are slow or backing up

Of course, the typical reason for a camera line inspection is because a homeowner is having trouble with their toilets, sinks or showers backing up or draining too slowly. In these instances, blockages in the sewer system are often the problem, whether they're because of those tree roots, non-biodegradable items clogging the line or even too much grease buildup. A camera line inspection will help your Minneapolis Roto-Rooter professional find whatever the issue is and develop a plan to fix it quickly.

You need help locating a piece of jewelry or a valuable

Oftentimes, when someone loses a beloved heirloom ring or a valuable diamond earring down a drain, they believe it's gone forever. However, plumbers have been able to retrieve these types of valuables using a camera inspection of the person's drainage pipes. The high-quality video camera is the perfect way to spot something that's made it's way too far into your plumbing to retrieve by yourself.

You're buying a home and want peace of mind

If you're considering putting an offer on a new home, you know how important the inspection is to discover any property issues that aren't immediately apparent. However, these inspections don't typically cover the sewer line. So what happens if you move in and find that you have a bellied or broken pipe that needs to be completely replaced? A camera line inspection can help ease your mind considerably, allowing you to discover any potential or current issues with your sewer and water lines.

Remember: If you have any questions about why a video camera line inspection may be right for you, your local Minneapolis Roto-Rooter is happy to help.

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