3 Basic Facts about Sump Pumps

February 14, 2015

Water in your basement is a huge problem. While basements are not at all common in Oklahoma City, the ones that are here aren't commonly protected with sump pumps. Not only can flood water ruin your belongings, it can also weaken the structure of your building. Sump pump installation in an Oklahoma City business or home can save a lot of money as prevent a lot of hassle in cleaning up a mess from water damage. Following is some general information about sump pumps. For more information, call a Roto Rooter Rep who can answer all your questions.

How They Work

Sump pumps are systems that are designed to collect water that gets into your basement and divert it safely away from the foundation of your

building. Water can enter through joints between the walls and floor; cracks in the walls, or even from broken pipes. Since water always moves to the lowest point, that location is where a sump tank is put. The water accumulates in the tank, which holds up to 25 gallons. Once it reaches a certain level, it is then pumped out of the tank and away from the house.

Different Types of Systems

There are two standard models: pedestal and submersible. The pedestal model mounts the motor on top of the tank. This makes it easy to service but also makes it visible. If the location is in a crawl space or a low-profile location, it won’t matter if it’s visible. The other type is ideal for locations where you don’t want it noticeable. The submersible motor rests inside the tank. It is tightly sealed so that water cannot leak into the parts and ruin it. The main drawback is that servicing the submersible type is more difficult.

There are also two different types of motors: electric and manual. With the manual motor, you need to physically turn it on and off. An electric motor has a switch that automatically turns on the pump whenever the water reaches a certain level in the tank. When the water is lower than that point, the motor is off. It is a good idea to have a battery backup with the electrical variety. With a battery backup the system can continue working even if the power goes out during heavy rain storms when it is especially needed.-

The Need for a Sump Pump

Plumbers recommend sump pump installation for all Oklahoma City homes or businesses that have a structure underneath the ground. Admittedly, we don’t have many basements in Oklahoma City and most of the ones we do have are commercial, not residential. But somehow sump pumps are somewhat unknown in these parts. They can also be useful in crawl spaces and cellars in addition to a regular basement. This recommendation is even for those who do not live in a flood zone, because just an inch of water from a broken pipe or a heavy rain storm can cause a lot of damage.


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