10 Worse Things Than Water Heater Repair

10 Worse Things Than Water Heater Repair

While having a water heater repair done is never a fun thing, there are certainly worse things that you can experience. Below is a list of our top ten things that are worse than having a repair done on the water heater.

  1. Having a colonoscopy done - This involves another form of plumbing and is far worse than having repair work done the water heater.
  2. A tooth extracted - This is not a fun experience ever. This is most definitely worse than having your hot water heater go out and need to be repaired.
  3. Pulling Weeds – This is certainly true for nearly anyone. While pulling weeds does not cost anything and it is not physically painful directly, it is painful in another way. It is the ultimate boredom job that everyone hates.
  4. Shopping – Okay, this one does not apply to most women, but it does apply to any man. Shopping is pure torture and should be avoided at all costs if you are a man.
  5. Changing a dirty diaper – This is a daily activity for mothers with toddlers in diapers, however it is utterly disgusting to almost everyone and it is worse because it has to be done frequently. Still, this is not something that you would rather do than have the hot water heater get fixed.
  6. Listening to Opera music – I know there are some people that like this music and I am just about as diverse as anyone comes when it comes to listening to music, but opera is not music in my book and it hard to listen to at anytime.
  7. Going to the Ballet – No matter how much you think this may help you with scoring points with your spouse or girlfriend it is simply not worth it for nearly anything. This is much worse than having a hot water heater repair done.
  8. Cleaning the Baseboards of your home – If you have ever had the privilege of cleaning the baseboards with a toothbrush to make sure that you are getting every last little bit of dirt you know what this is like and you would agree with me that this is bad.
  9. Singing in public – Of course, this is not the case for all men. Some are very good singers and they enjoy singing for others. However, for me this is not the case and it is much worse for me to sing than to have the water heater replaced.
  10. Lastly, a nose hair wax – Waxing is not just for women apparently, but if you have your nose hair waxed as a man, you deserved it. This is horrible and not worth it.

 But if you do find yourself in need of a water heater repair or replacement, Roto-Rooter is standing by, ready and willing to do the job quickly and efficiently.

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