10 Things to do Other Than That Faucet Repair

10 Things to do Other Than That Faucet Repair

Do you have those honey do lists that your wife expects you to do on your day off from work? No doubt, you do because it somehow is part of the marriage 101 class that all women seem to take in preschool or sometime early in life where they learn to make their husband lists of things to do. On your list at some time or another in your married life has likely been the item to do a faucet repair. However, there are a million things that I can think of that I would rather be doing on my day off other than fixing the leaky faucet. Try calling us in to repair that leaky faucet. We are professionals, know what to do, have the tools and parts to do it and the know how to make sure it gets done quickly. Your wife will be able to check it off the list and you will not have to do it. Instead of fixing the faucet, here are some things that you can do in place of that.

  1. A round or two of golf – This is much better than fixing the plumbing at home.
  2. Going to Florida Gators Football game – honestly, does it get any better than this?
  3. Working on your fade away jumper – shooting hoops is a great thing to do on your day off.
  4. Take a dip in the pool – instead of fixing that leaky faucet, let the professional do that while you take a swim in the pool. Much better to swim in water than trying to confine it to a pipe and faucet.
  5. Spend quality time with the TV and the remote – There are lots of great games on the tube on a Saturday, especially during the fall and football season.
  6. Go fishing – get out to the great outdoors and do some fishing.
  7. Muddle around in the garage – taking the time to “clean” the garage can be very therapeutic for a man on a Saturday afternoon.
  8. Go to the Auto Parts Store – Find any reason to go to the auto parts store and mingle with the men there.
  9. Take your wife out to dinner – distracting her with something that she would like to do is a good way to avoid doing the plumbing fixes.

Do some yard work – While this may not be as good as the others, if it comes down to yard work and a faucet repair, the yard work is always going to be the right choice.

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