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What to Do If Your Washing Machine is Leaking?

Oversudsing can be a major issue for washing machines.Washing machines use several gallons of water per load to clean clothes thoroughly. In fact, many of today's models take 27 gallons per wash, while other more efficient washers utilize around 14 gallons. All of this water can become a significant problem if something goes wrong with your appliance. Homeowners should follow these tips if their washing machine is leaking to minimize damage and fix the issue:

1. Check the hoses

Hoses are one of the most common sources of a leak, as they can wear and crack over time or simply become loosened from their connections. First, check if there are any holes in the hoses. If you find one, be sure to replace it right away. If the hose looks to be intact, check that the fittings are tightened securely and that the connections are lined up appropriately. This simple step can solve a large number of leaking issues, and should be the first place to look on your machine.

2. Look at the pump

A washing machine's pump draws water out of the tub and delivers it to the drain. However, the seals inside this part that prevent water from leaking out can become worn out over time. The pulley seal in particular, located where the drive shaft enters the pump, is particularly susceptible to failure. If this is the source of the leak, the whole pump may need to be replaced.

3. Dial down the detergent

Everyone wants to make sure that their clothes are cleaned thoroughly, but adding in too much detergent can lead to leaks because of oversudsing. Oversudsing can often cause overflows, and can either appear in the wash cycle or as a leak in the drain cycle. It's important to watch how much clothing and soap is put into the washer to extend its lifespan and prevent leaks from occurring.

If your washing machine is leaking and you need help identifying the source or cleaning up the damage, call your local Belleville Roto-Rooter plumbing professional today.

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