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The Difference Between Hard and Soft Water | Roto-Rooter Austin

While few homes have perfect water, many homes have either hard or soft water flowing into their systems. However, the differences between these two can affect your house in various ways.

What is hard water?

FaucetHard water contains a quantity of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. As water travels in the ground, it picks up these minerals and is generally preferred for drinking water due to its potential health benefits and better flavor. However, hard water can be bad for household chores. The same minerals that make hard water great for drinking is to blame for dingy-looking clothes, film and soap scum on bathtubs and dishes with residue after washing. Appliances using hard water can also take up more energy and can eventually be clogged or damaged by scaling buildup.

How is soft water different?

Soft water is treated, and only contains the sodium ion. This is why some homeowners with soft water may notice a salty taste. However, soft water brings numerous benefits like increasing the effectiveness of soap and detergent, extending the life of appliances and preventing scale buildup. The softness of the water is a gauge for the level of ease when washing something. With soft water, you'll use less soap than you would with hard water and be less likely experience clogs in essential fixtures.

How to avoid hard water problems

Homes don't have a choice as to which type of water is delivered, but they can do something to improve their situation. The most common fix is installing a water softener. This appliance enables homeowners to remove minerals like calcium and magnesium to prevent cleaning issues and scale buildup.

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