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How to Replace a Toilet

ToiletInstalling a new toilet in your Austin, Texas, home is something that you may be able to do on your own but always consult with a plumbing professional before you do. It is usually a good idea to replace a toilet if it displays numerous visible cracks, uses more water than needed per flush or has sustained damaged to its internal components. Here is how you can work through the process:

1. Measure the space and select a model

You'll want to measure the distance between the bathroom walls and the centers of the rear closet bolts, which will hold the toilet in place. This ensures that you know the proper size for your new toilet. When selecting a model, a single-piece may be more convenient and water-efficient than a traditional two-piece one with a separate bowl and tank.

2. Turn off the water supply and disconnect the toilet

Drain all the water from the toilet by turning off the water supply and then flushing it a few times to remove what is left in the tank. After that, unscrew the toilet by removing the nuts that attach it to the water line and the floor.

3. Set the bowl and tank

You can finish up by setting and caulking the bowl and then installing the tank and securing it with nuts (if a one-piece model, all of this is done at once). If the process proves overly complex or difficult, do not hesitate to call your local Austin Roto-Rooter professional for help. There is just no substitute for having a licensed, experienced plumber handle the installation because you can be assured it will be done right and it’s guaranteed.

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