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4 Reasons To Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners | Roto-Rooter Austin

Keep your drains clearNo one enjoys dealing with a clogged drain - especially if it's backed up with clumps of hair or old food particles. So rather than digging deep into the drain to unclog it with some elbow grease, it's only natural to reach for a chemical drain cleaner. However, this can actually cause even more damage to your pipes and potentially affect your entire plumbing system. In addition, you may want to switch to environmentally safe products so you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery that Austin has to offer without damaging it.

Here are four drawbacks of chemical drain cleaners:

  1. High in toxicity

Chemical drain cleaners are an extreme health hazard, as they are high in toxicity. They produce hazardous fumes that are released into the air, where they can linger for hours. Inhaling the fumes or touching the liquid can cause irritation and burning in your eyes, nose, throat and skin. Effects from these toxic fumes will hit harder and faster for those who have severe allergies or sensitive skin. Chemical cleaners are just as dangerous for pets, too!

  1. Cause damage to your pipes

Although chemical drain cleaners help dissolve the corrosion and buildup that's causing the drain clog, the hydrochloric acid in the cleaner is caustic and so powerful that it also eats away at some pipes. The chance of holes forming in some older metal pipes increases every time you pour a chemical cleaner down the drain. These cleaners also cause the enamel on your sinks or bathtubs to deteriorate, so those will most likely have to be replaced at an additional cost. While you started out with just a minor clog, you may very well end up with a much larger plumbing concern, such as a leak inside the wall that ultimately leads to flooding.

  1. Environmentally unsustainable

Residue from chemical cleaners always winds up in landfills and has to be dealt with at the water treatment facility, is extremely harmful to the environment - humans and wildlife included. To keep your water clean and those enchanting Austin maple trees growing, opt for a more eco-friendly  drain cleaning regimen such as baking soda and water and a sink plunger or drain snake.  

  1. Harmful to your septic system

Septic tanks utilize natural bacteria to help break down waste. The caustic chemical cleaners that you're pouring down the drain will completely kill these organic bacteria, preventing your septic tank from performing at its highest potential. It's possible that your entire system may have to be cleaned out to counteract the damage.

Instead of trying to take matters into your own hands, leave it to your local Austin Roto-Rooter professional to assist with all your plumbing needs.

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