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How to Diagnose and Fix a Broken Sewer Line | Roto-Rooter Aurora

Water damage in homeDid you ever wake up one morning only to find a bunch of water had pooled around your Aurora, Colorado, home, maybe in your basement or ground floor? It's always possible that it could be from a particularly heavy rainstorm, but if everything looks dry outside, then you might start to looking into the possibility of there being a broken pipe somewhere nearby. What's the best way to identify and resolve this issue?

Look for the tell-tale signs of sewer line damage

Damaged pipes and sewer lines usually have obvious symptoms. Look for increased mold growth, the odor of sewer gas and cracks in your home's foundation. Even a suddenly verdant yard - helped by the fertilizers in sewage - can be a giveaway.

Get a camera inspection

Sometimes you may feel confident that there's a leak somewhere, but can't pinpoint it. Fortunately, a video camera line inspection from a professional plumber can remove all doubt. Waterproof cameras enable accurate assessment of sewer line conditions, allowing you and your chosen plumber to draw up a plan of action.

Consider your options for sewer line repair

There are several ways to fix a broken sewer line. The traditional approach is to dig up the line, replace it and then fill in the ground. An alternative is trenchless repair, which causes less damage and doesn't require extensive landscaping after the fact.

A broken pipe is an emergency that requires professional expertise. Keep your local Aurora Roto-Rooter professional plumber on call so that you can deal with this situation if and when it arises.

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