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How to Avoid Common Laundry Room Issues | Roto-Rooter Arvada

Washing machineWashing machines use around 30 gallons of water per load to ensure your clothes are clean. However, because of this amount of water, homeowners can experience serious problems if something goes wrong. Here are a few laundry room issues that you can easily avoid:

1. Poor drain placement

If your washer drain happens to overflow, you need somewhere for that water to go. However, if the floor drain isn't located correctly, it could cause major headaches. Make sure the slope of your floor heads for the drain to ensure that the room won't hold water or that excess water won't damage the walls, subfloors or ceiling. The drain will carry excess water to the outside of your home and minimize the cleanup required in this instance.

2. Inconvenient shutoff valve

When something goes wrong, you'll need to make sure that the shutoff valve to your washer is readily available. This way, if you notice that something's gone awry, you have immediate access to stop the water and reduce the potential damage. If you can't find the valve, you may need to open up the walls to see what your plumbing looks like.

3. Cracked hoses

Washing machine hoses don't last forever, so it's important to continually check older hoses for cracks. It's important to replace these hoses to prevent leaks and flooding in your laundry room. Your local Arvada Roto-Rooter plumbing professional can help you identify any issues that may exist with your hoses or your machine to prevent other problems from occurring in the future.

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