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Roto-Rooter Youngstown, OH: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Youngstown, OH, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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This is Lisa, Tom's mom. Tom's toilet was clogged. I plunged about a hundred times to no avail, and my husband used a snake to try to unclog it. We called last night and got on the schedule first thing this morning. Ken arrived and was done in a half hour by using a 6' commercial grade snake. He was clean, professional and polite. The toilet runs, and I didn't have to disinfect the considerable mess. He gave me a seven day guarantee. I highly recommend RotoRooter of Youngstown.
Thomas R | Youngstown
Called and was able to get a technician to help with a drain clog within a couple hours with a reasonable price. Very professional (Chris #133) and he was finished within a matter of minutes and him as well as the dispatchers were all very friendly and helpful
Andrea D | Youngstown
Chris was very helpful and professional in identifying the issues with our drainage system. He proposed several options for remedying the problem and was quick to get the repairs done, leaving the work area spotless when completed.
Gerald G | Youngstown
Chris and Ken were courteous and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions, showed me the worn out parts, explained the process of repairing the water heater. Overall a great experience!
Adak Island | Youngstown
Service technicians personable and conducted themselves in a professional manner. Satisfied with results-would use Roto Rooter for any future problems.
Steve Lynn | Youngstown
Our service technician, Chris (technician 133) was polite and professional. He got to our house quickly and got the issue fixed efficiently.
Donald Lehman | Youngstown
We had an issue with our well pump. Chris technician #133 was able to come out and diagnose the issue being the pressure switch. It was replaced quickly and professionally. Would recommend th m to anyone.
Joel Kithcart | Youngstown
Great service. Professionalism exhibited. Repairman seemed genuinely concerned about my satisfaction with his work. Replaced my defective toilet cut-off valve and the section of pipe right behind the valve.
Nathan Jones | Youngstown
The technician came out and was able to fix our problem same day. It was nice seeing that kind of service for a change.
Michael Hogue | Youngstown
Just had a visit from Chris (Technician # 133), quickly diagnosed the issue with my hot water tank and repaired within the hour. Very friendly and accommodating. No Hot water with 3 ladies in the house would have made for a long weekend...haha
Brian Poland | Youngstown
Excellent and friendly service. Ken and Chris were sharp and accommodating, offering the most cost effective solution possible. Hope I don't need to call a plumber ever again but if do I know I'll be in good hands.
Ola Z. | Youngstown
I purchased a gas dryer and when it was brought to my home, the deliveryman informed me that my gas line was no up to code and the he could not connect my dryer. I called Roto-Rooter and received same day service. Xavier and Scott showed up at my home within an hour and explained the type of gas line I needed a “dog pipe” and that it has to have a residue box. In addition, I had my water pipes re-routed to better service the washer and utility tub. They did an excellent job, my gas line to the dryer is up to “code.” All the work is safe and I have peace of mind. Also, Xavier and Scott were professional, informative and when they left, the job site was clean. Thank You Roto-Rooter!
Carla M.
I had a problem with sewer coming up in the floor drain in my home. I called Roto Rooter and they came right out within an hour. They eased my mind that they could fix my problem and could do it right then and there. They ran a cable and unclogged it. They also put a camera down the line and showed me what my lines looked like, which was very interesting. I've never had this problem before and knew nothing of what was going to happen. I was impressed with how friendly and professional they were. After they left, you could never tell they were even here and they went above and beyond to clean up the mess. Thank you.
Jamie S.
Imagine yourself on Christmas Eve a little bit before 7:00 p.m. living in a small ranch house with approximately 40 relatives who have gathered to your home for a Christmas celebration. You go down to the basement to bring up more beverages and you see that sewage is seeping up from your main drain and that of your station tubs. That was me a few nights ago. I felt like Clark W. Griswold. I called a few numbers and left messages. I got through to Roto-Rooter immediately. They said that they would have someone out to my home within the hour; it was ten minutes. Mike, their technician, also from my hometown came. He was friendly, courteous and most important to me, was confident he could solve the problem. It just got better from there. First, he suggested that if I had an outside clean out (which I did) to start there so he wouldn't have to come inside, interrupt the party or make a mess. He ran the snake into the house taking only a few minutes. He looked at the toilets and saw how the water was running in the drains. He spotted the problem with one of the toilets that filled very slow and deduced that with a house full of people the toilet was probably flushed too many times before the tank was full. He said without good pressure even a little bit of toilet paper could clog up a drain. The last thing he did was run his snake to the sewer to make sure there were no clogs that way. From phone call to Mike leaving the house, the whole thing took about one half hour. The celebration continued and unlike Clark Griswold, my house is still in tack. Thank you Rotor-Rooter!
Andrew K.
I was very pleased with my Roto-Rooter experience. They were very efficient and their work was quality! Plus, they cleaned up the mess thoroughly. They answered all my questions and explained each step so I could clearly understand what was being done. They very friendly and courteous and made me feel like I was being taken care of. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a pipe repair and cleaning. Carolyn Merrifield (using my daughter's account because I have no Internet access) October 23, 2014
Sue K.
The service guy (Mike) showed up about an hour after I called him (on a Sunday morning). He was very prompt, smart, professional, got the job done (leaving no mess behind), and was even a cool guy to boot. He even dealt with the "home protector" insurance company (a plan came with our house when we purchased it), and he even corrected their math for them. Not sure if all of their guys are as good as Mike, but I'd definitely try them again.
Stephen C.
They did a wonderful job when they came out. I needed to have my drain routed in a new direction from my washer machine because it was flooding my basement. They were professional and very quick the guys were so nice and friendly when they were here working. They stuck around until the job was finished which was rather late and after closing hours. I would give them A's on everything and I would use them again in the future if I needed too.
Evelyn C.
Wow, what a day... What started out as a twist of my tub knob turned into a blown out valve and water spraying everywhere... I wasn't able to get a hold of any plumbers on a Friday at 5pm after... 
Andy M.
Wow, what a day... What started out as a twist of my tub knob turned into a blown out valve and water spraying everywhere... I wasn't able to get a hold of any plumbers on a Friday at 5pm after going through the yellow pages - not a single one picked up (mind you, water is GUSHING from the pipe - through the house and down two floors).... Until i finally found roto rooter number. Wish I had found their number first... Jim (our serviceman) was here in a jiffy and took care of everything. In a situation that was awful and scary, Jim was able to get the problem fixed right away.  While I wish I never had to meet Jim, I was thankful for the great service he gave and all the follow-up instructions he gave (we need a new valve and some fixing to drywall, etc)... I recommend this particular plumber to anyone. Thank you and we would absolutely recommend it!!!
Andy M.
We had a "lovely" experience with our basement filling up with raw sewage last night. The plumber who came out, Jim, was a pleasure to have to fix the problem. He was honest, answered all of my questions (and there were a lot), and explained everything he was doing at the time he was doing it. Him and my father-in-law talked like they were old friends (my father-in-law is also into doing his own plumbing with the equipment he has, so they talked plumbing talk while doing the job). The prices were actually considerably lower than what I had expected as I was told that plumbers are expensive. Not only did he fix the problem, he also cleaned up the problem and disinfected the basement when he was done. We have been living in our first house for less than a month now and are happy we were able to find a plumber that we can trust.
Melissa K.
It was excellent. They did it at the best cost possible without skimping on the quality of work. They did what was necessary.
Jan F.
When we called them they came out with in an hour and got the job done right and fast. There service man Jim was awesome would deff call them agin!
Zac O.
When we called them they came out with in an hour and got the job done right and fast. There service man Jim was awesome would deff call them agin!
Zac O.
Scott and Shaun did a great job with the assessment of our old water heater, choosing a new economical one for purchase, and installing. Very knowledgable and polite. Thank you for a job well done. Plumber, Youngstown.
Kelly R.
Aaron and John did an amazing job. Thank you very much!
David K. | Youngstown
Kid who came out was very knowledgeable and fixed the problem
Dawn M. | Youngstown
They did a good job cleaning out the salon drains.
Robert R. | Youngstown
Had some serious work on a shower drain. It might seem like an easy job but the plumbing was completely inaccessible. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner. Xavier and Cris from the Youngstown Oh.
William W. | Youngstown
The technician was very professional and kept me informed about replacement parts. Ha showed me the old pieces and explained why they don't work anymore. Great job..
Brian K. | Youngstown
as I am in the process of selling my home and I'm trying to get it in the best shape I go to the basement and I am in a panic because of a lot of water called rotor router they came out right away explained my options and they did the job as soon as I decided what I wanted done the service person most extremely compassionate I would recommend her to anyone
Joan c. | Youngstown
Tyler and Aaron were very quick and polite. They explained everything thoroughly and got the job done.
Belinda B. | Youngstown
The two men that came to my house were very profession and helpful.
Lisa L. | Youngstown
They arrived when expected. Called before showing up. All options for the problem were explained. They stayed until I was satisfied with the job.
Michael R. | Youngstown
These guys did a great job, they were in and out within a hour or so. The tech had no problem explaining what was wrong and showing me on his camera. My main drain had roots growing into my drain pipe. He removed them and told me how to keep them from coming back. I will gladly recommend them to any of my friends.
James H. | Youngstown
He was friendly, knew what he was doing to solve the problem and cleaned the area after he was finished.
George L. | Hubbard
I had a clogged sewer line. Two technicians came to our home and unclogged the line, including the sludge backed up inside the house lines and the clog at a belly outside. The technicians were very professional and seemed well-informed. They were very courteous. They liked our dog, which wins big bonus points. I score them very high, but I do have to say I was disappointed that the technicians did not wear disposable booties. How gross to walk through the sewage and then through our kitchen. They wanted to replace our outside sewer lines. But I don't wish to reward them for being inconsiderate.
Jeff N. | Youngstown
prompt service. knowledgeable technician.
Phillip B. | Youngstown
Very personable, quick and professional service. Thank you so much!
Cynthia S. | Youngstown
Randy was incredible, extremely professional and knew all the answers to my questions. He was very polite and I will use this service again because of him. Thank you all and Merry Christmas. Lisa Lattanzio
Lisa L. | Youngstown
Randy was very courteous and polite and very knowledgeable
Darrington S. | Youngstown
The service people that took care of my outside drain were excellent. It was a hard, muddy job, working around tree roots and digging a trench 3 feet deep. Although It is not raining yet I have full confidence that my problem is solved. Thanks guys!
Brenda B. | Youngstown
Anthony was a no nonsense and friendly technician and explained the process as he cleared the line. Being able to examine the line with the camera was very interesting. The service was performed at my mother's residence and she was very grateful as it was two days before a family Christmas gathering.
Ethel R. | Youngstown
I used to be reluctant to call Roto Rooter because I believed their prices were too high. Price is important but compared to the service that I received from your company, it was phenomenal.(awesome). I would use them again and refer them to other people that I know. Thank you and God bless your company. Continue to do the good work that you do in serving our community.
Brenda P. | Youngstown
Anthony was very professional and well experienced and knowledgeable. He was polite and cleaned up after the job was done! We always used this company and have been very happy with the service we have received. We will continue to used them! Xavier is always very professional as well. Keep up the wonderful work! Thank you, Management of West Side Merchants.
West Side M. | Youngstown
Xavier and Anthony were extremely professional, informative, and courteous. They fixed our drain problem within an hour and we haven't had a problem since!
Erica W. | Canfield
Everything went great. The technicians came to my house within an hour of making the appointment. The technicians were very polite and professional. The job was done in a timely fashion and to my approval.
Ryan R. | Youngstown
Randy was great. I would make sure to ask for him if I ever called again.
Doug G. | Cortland
Everything went very well !!!
Leroy E. | Canfield
service guys were really knowledgeable even though they looked real young & did an excelent job finding the problem.
Marie y. | Warren
The technicians were fast, professional and very aware of the stress that this issue was causing us... they worked in a timely manner and we couldn't have been happier... considering the circumstances ;)
Melanie W. | Youngstown
Today I had Ken and Randy out to my rental. Ken came out first and was on time and had the problem diagnosed before I got there. He explained my options and gave me advise. Once I was ready for them to come back it took less than 30 min after I called for them to arrive. Ken and Randy were very nice and sent extra time with me to make sure the problem was taken care of. I cannot express how satisfied I am with these guys. Hopefully I will not have any issues going forward. Thanks for the friendly and timely service.
Dan W. | Youngstown
The service tech did a great job.
Nicholas D. | Youngstown
so happy he came so quickly. within an hour
Marlyn w. | vienna
This is the 2nd time I've used Roto-Rooter recently. I asked for Anthony by name because of his professionalism and calming manner during my Sunday morning sewage emergency. I will continue to use Roto-Rooter based on his effectiveness and courtesy.
Barbara F. | Youngstown
We found a hole in our water holding tank at around midnight and had no idea what to do. After randomly calling three other 24-hour emergency plumbing services and getting voice mail, we reached a real person @ Roto Rooter who put us through to Anthony. He was willing to tell us what to do to get through the night and was here the next morning. We have a new holding tank.
Gloria B. | Canfield
We loved dealing with the service men. They were able to answer all of our questions and they were very knowledgeable of what they were doing.
Robin D. | MASURY
After a somewhat questionable situation, I had Dan and JB out for another service. I am so happy to report that their service and courtesy were way over the top. I would recommend this franchise to anyone if you have plumbing or drain problems. Thank you, Lonnie, for your prompt response to each of my calls.
Dolores V. | Youngstown
They were very quick and professional.
Amy C. | Youngstown
Randy Z. M. was AWSOME... very patient, understanding and respectful. He explained everything in detail and completed the job quickly. I would recommend him highly! THANKS for everything! : )
Rosalie C. | Newton Falls
You service person was polite and knowledgeable. He explained the process and the results. If I ever have plumbing or sewer problems again I would not hesitate to call Roto-Rooter!
Sylvia C. | Youngstown
The guys did a GREAT job. Fast efficient quality work. Excellent comunication and did the littke bet extra to make sure the job was done right and stayed done right
Eric H. | Warren
so happy he came so quickly. within an hour
Marlyn w. | vienna
Anthony and Mark did a great job. Our job required a lot of diagnostic and trouble shooting before they could fix the problem. They took time to answer our every question
ALLEN R. | Niles
very friendly and helpfull, will use them again when needed.
mike m. | Girard
The workers were very courteous and fast. They knew what needed to be done, and did it quickly. The extreme cold busted the water pipe in our house that my father lives in. They were there as quickly as they could be, even though there was a lot of frozen pipes because of the extreme weather. The charge was in line with what we expected to pay. It was well worth it for the convenience of my dad and his wife having their water back. I would most definitely recommend Roto Rooter to anyone.
Deborah R. . | Youngstown
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