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Roto-Rooter Woodinville, WA: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Woodinville, WA, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Great help - told me a lot about the clog pipe
Aaron W. | Woodinville
We hired Roto Rooter to clean out some long-term problems in our (private road) neighborhood drains. It turned out to be a nightmare for them--the infrastructure was done in the 70's in unincorporated King County, and the more we dug into it, the more we found that was not done....properly...the first time. It got complicated quickly, but David brought out others, and a 2 hour cleaning became 3 days of figuring out what was going where, and we finally made sense of what had been done. And then we got charged...for just the two hours of cleaning. They didn't make any money off us, but they are now our go-to guys for all future work. Thanks, David!
Denise N. | Woodinville
The guys were great. They arrived within an hour of me calling the dispatch and my blocked drain was cleared within 20 minutes. Mike was super personable and very informative. The service was excellent. That being said I think that $425 is an excessive charge given the limited amount of time involved. It doesn't make me want to refer others to your business. I think $199 would be a fair charge for 1 1/2 of total time including travel.
Emma D. | Woodinville
I think your dispatch team needs to improve communication with your techs in the field. I was expecting arrival between 3:00pm and 7:00pm. I never received a call from dispatch, I made the call. The tech didn't show up until 8:25pm. When Frank arrived he was awesome, his customer service was excellent! Very impressed with the tech but not dispatch!
Lisa E. | Woodinville
Gary Robinson

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