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Roto-Rooter Wilmington, DE: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Wilmington, DE, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Roto-Rooter responded very quickly to our urgent issue, and fixed the problem much to our satisfaction. I very much recommend them.
Louisa M.
Tom from Roto-Rooter did a great job for me, I highly recommend them.
Steve G.
We had a weekend emergency that could have really put a damper (no pun intended) on our plans. We called Roto-Rooter and within 2 hours Robert showed up to take care of it. Robert worked with efficiency and professionalism, but the best part of his visit was that he taught my wife and I while he did it. He showed us what had happened. He told us what to watch for in the future and even how to fix a problem like the one we had. On top of that, Robert even showed us the root cause of the problem we had and gave us an estimate. There was no pressure, just information. This was one of the best experiences with an emergency service call we have had. Thank you Roto-Rooter and especially Robert!
Matthew S.
I called and less than an hour and a half later they came out. The technician was courteous and helpful. It took him less than 30 minutes to repair the toilet. This made me quite happy. He gave me his card after doing the repair and said if any problems just call him.
Pamela R.
Repair tech, Sean, arrived on time and was very friendly. He completed the job in a timely manner. Upon completion, he took the time to share with me all of the work he performed to correct our problem. Highly recommend Roto-Rooter!
Heather S.
Super service in Royersford, PA We had a large drain to be opened. Dave spent 2 hours, worked hard, had the problem solved. He was very pleasant and helpful.
Marilyn L.
Great experience. I felt the technician was honest with me. He was polite, courteous and completed the job very quickly. I will definitely recommend Roto-Rooter to anyone!
Tammy M.
Our drains had been snaked by another plumbing group the week prior to Roto Rooter arriving, but the sewage lines had backed up quickly. The Roto Rooter person came with far better equipment and approached the problem in a different way pulling out many things that clearly the prior group had missed. The Roto Rooter man (out of Wilmington, Delaware office) was very patient and listened to our history before jumping into the problem. I would strongly recommend roto rooter or at least based on this particular persons performance.
Bill E.
Friendly, efficient service. plumber got the little toy which was flushed in the toilet.We are happy with their service.
Mrudul R.
Excellent service.
Richard J.
Representative was very polite and came in a call at 9:30 at night. He did all the work required in a timely fashion and answered all my questions and made suggestions to try to prevent further disruption in my services. The 6th month guaranty of the work is great and I would definitely use again if needed.
Bev M. | Wilmington
I had to have my main trap replaced under the sidewalk of the house. Plumbers showed up at a time convenient with my work schedule to quote the work. On the day the job was completed, crew showed up on time, were professional, and finished the job much quicker than expected. I would highly recommend Roto-Rooter for any future plumbing work.
Shaun S. | Wilmington
Our Roto-Rooter technician was wonderful, professional and extremely knowledgeable. First of all I would like to give kudos to Roto-Rooter for making the technician available to immediately come out and take care of our emergency situation. When I called Horizon they could not send anyone out until Monday even though I said it was a very bad situation. I am recommending you to my clients. Great job!
Cheryl N. | Wilmington
Roto-Rooter has professional and knowledgeable workers who get the job done correctly. Tree roots grow and interfere with drainage and when this happens Roto-Rooter has always taken care of the problem. Mike W., the technician, was very impressive with his work ethic and professionalism.
Jeff C. | Wilmington
We called Roto-Rooter at 8 pm on a Sunday evening secondary to clogged drain that we couldn't unclog on our own. Within an hour Roto Rooter was at our house and had the clog cleared. Great, quick service with no extra charge for weekend visit. Would definitely use again if needed. Thank you!
Susan D. | Wilmington
We had a great service person, on time, informative, and efficient in Media, PA.
Ian R.
Roto-Rooter got our business this weekend because they were open @ 5:30pm on Friday night. They will continue to get our business because - 1. they called with up dates on the plumbers arrival time and name. 2. Joshua was kind, clean and ready to go. 3. He was professional and got the job done quickly in the freezing cold garage. We are super happy with their service and pricing.
Julie E.
2/3/15 I had a blocked kitchen drain. I called Roto-Rooter and explained my problem and they asked when I would like to have a plumber come out. I replied, today if possible. They said they would have someone there within the hour. I don't believe it was one hour before Jemal #1535 showed up. He was very professional, very neat and careful with my kitchen floor. He had his work cut out for him but he didn't give up until the problem was fixed. I have used Roto-Rooter before and have always been very happy. If I have another problem I would request Jemal again. Thanks so much for a job well done.
Louise P.
Surpassed my expectations as usual. Did not have the time to replace my leaking water heater myself this weekend, so they were able to send someone out to replace it on a Saturday. The staff and dispatchers were also top notch. Very good communication skills.
Sean T.
They were awesome and the price was fine.
Scott R.
Great experience all around - called at 8am, plumber Harley, was at my house by 9am and done with his snake clean out under my kitchen sink by 10am...quickest and most painless home contractor experience I've ever had. Thank you Mike Walsh, West Chester, PA 19382
Michael W.
My hot water heater burst early one morning and I called Roto-Rooter right away. The people I spoke to on the phone were extremely curteous, and they had someone at my house within 2 hours of my phone call. While waiting I received 2 phone calls from them to tell me the status of the technician and when he would be there. The technician was extremely professional and curteous. It was very difficult to get my old hot water heater out of my house because there was nowhere to drain it before taking it up the stairs and out the front door (there is no utlity sink in my basement, no windows that open, and no door) but he did an excellent job, only getting a tiny amount of water on my carpet. He was very up front with me that this was not going to becheap, but I didn't expect it to be. It was expensive, BUT I would absolutely use them again because I felt that the service provided was worth the price. I have used Roto-Rooter several times but they always do quality work and I have never had a problem. I also like that they can get someone out very quickly. They take credit cards too which is a big plus. The job took about 6 hours from start to finish, which again the technician was very up front with me about.
Sarah G.
Great service and super nice! Robert, who was on his way transferring to another state, made sure to come back and complete my job before he left. He also made sure to give me a recommendation for future work he saw that I may need done. I was impressed that he would take the time to look after us, even while he is not here.
Tony helped us with a clogged drain in our rental property in Wernersville. He was very polite and helpful.
Great service! We had a clog in our pipe causing water to back up from our washer. I called the Pottstown office at 2:00 and the technician was at our house by 4:00. The customer service rep on the phone was very pleasant and helpful and the technician had our pipe cleared within 45 minutes. It turns out there were tree roots from a neighbor s tree invading our pipe. The repairman was able to clear the clog,remove the roots, then gave us additional tips on how to avoid problems in the future.We were very satisfied with Roto-Rooter and wouldn t hesitate to call them again if needed!!
Rachael I.
It was early Saturday morning. My son was taking a shower in the main bathroom. I heard an unusual noise--a king of gurgling from the other bathroom. As my son s shower progressed, the gurgling got louder. Panicked, I ran to the bathroom where the strange sounds originated and found a gurgling toilet about to overflow.Something was clearly and seriously wrong.A friend of mine, a master plumber, told me he thought it might be the main sewer line and that he did not have the kind of machine required to handle a possible clog. He told me to call Roto-Rooter.I had visions of things I won t mention--sewer-like problems--infiltrating my house. When I called Roto-Rooter, the professional who answered the phone put me immediately at ease. She assured me that a technician would be on the way, within the hour. Remember, this was a Saturday.When Mike White (#0951) arrived, he immediately calmed my nerves, something I would attribute to his gentle nature and expert opinion. Mike was warm and friendly, and I felt, certainly, that he could fix this problem, and that he d do it the right way. As it turned out, my main sewer line had been blocked by roots so severe, it looked as though there were countless long-hair wigs wrapped in sludge. It was something I had never seen before--and hope to never see again. The roots created a total back up of the main line. Mike persevered and cleared the corroded line.I grew calmer. Mike was positive and energetic the entire time, and I knew that if I ever had another problem, that I would call Roto -Rooter.Thank you, Roto-Rooter, for clearing the sewer line, for your professionalism, and for sending a skilled technician who calmed my nerves and followed through professionally. A work ethic like Mike White s is something, sadly, you don t see much these days. He answered every one of my questions, and was about as patient as any human could be. You have made a lifetime customer out of me.Sincerely,Maria Hess
I had a person from Newark who is named Robert. He did work for my husband at his stores then came and did work at our house. I ve never had a guy take the time to really explain what was going on. I really trusted him and he worked a long time to get done what needed doing. We had another company called horizon give us a bunch of bs and not give us the price they said thy would. Mr Boyle was really very good and fair because he had no problem giving us discounts for doing a bunch of jobs in the house. I recommend him.
A Yahoo User
It was Thanksgiving Day and you were able to provide an emergency call due to a pipe that broke from the outside. We had to shut water off to the entire house with 20 people coming for dinner. The gentleman that came out was very polite and fixed the issue to the best of his ability with everything being closed. I am very grateful that he came out to do the repair.
Teresa T. | Wilmington
Fast, clean, polite. Job well done.
Greg G. | Wilmington
We had a stopped up sewer They showed up within 3. Hours from my call. One hour and a half we were back in business Thanx.
Michael B. | Wilmington
Dennis was here in 20 minutes. He assessed situation quickly and was done with 25 minutes. I had a vacation day today so quick and efficient service allowed me not to waste time on something that would have been a project.
Katie W. | Wilmington
Your technician, Michael, was totally professional. He was efficient, polite, took care to not make a mess and just to be sure, cleaned up with Simple Green (just in case). He arrived in the promised time window, and was pleasant to work with. Oh, and the sink is just fine, now.
Richard A. | Wilmington
The technician not only unclogged our drain, he diagnosed the problem.
Marsha M. | Wilmington
Chris did an excellent job! Very happy!
Faith F. | Wilmington
Technician congenial, efficient, informative and answered all questions.
Mary H. | Wilmington
Very polite and efficient
Andrew F. | Wilmington
Service needed was provided earlier than anticipated. The technician was very personable and did an excellent job!
William G. | Wilmington
Don't know what this box is for
Michael T. | Wilmington
I do not understand what is required in this space
Michael T. | Wilmington
Service was prompt, friendly and effective.
Mary M. | Wilmington
Justin and Mike fixed our problem. The toilet was making a loud noise every time it was flushed. We found out the air vent had a blockage. Your men were very pleasant and informative and did a good job.
Joan S. | Claymont
Harry was very courteous and helpful !
Cal M. | Wilmington
Our kitchen sing drain became completely plugged on Friday afternoon. When the dishwasher ran, water from the dishwater backed up into the sink. We spent the weekend trying to clear it ourselves with drain cleaner, plunger, removing the disposal, and trying to auger the line ourselves to no avail and got the auger stuck, We called Roto-Rooter Monday morning and a serviceman came out that afternoon, removed our stuck auger, and augered the line. We poured some water down the line and thought it was open. But Tuesday we ran the dishwasher again and it drained very slowly. Roto-Rooter sent another man out right away at no charge and augered the line twine and got it free flowing.
JOHN G. | Wilmington
My drain had backed up and I had to have the outside piping replaced and they would jet clean the part that was inside my house.. My house was built in 1920. They let me look down the pipe with them to see the tree roots that had grown inside the pipe and that the terracotta piping had moved and separated. I knew right then that I would have to replace the piping because it was so bad. I was able to make the appointment within two days and they explained everything to me and made sure I understood what needed to be done. It didn't take them very long and now the pipes are running clear. There service men were very considerate and informative.
Lynn L. | Wilmington
Your response so quickly was much appreciated. Shawn did an excellent job and was very polite. I do have one question........how do the roots get into the PVC piping? Are there holes in the piping? I really do not know. Sounds silly but I am really curious. Marilyn Whorl
Marilyn W. | Wilmington
Michael was wonderful. He was on time, very respectful of my home and listened to the concerns I had when we discussed accessing old pipes in my home to clear a sewer line. I was very happy with the service he provided - he was excellent!
Jennifer R. | Wilmington
Excellant service right on time - thanks
Joe S. | Wilmington
Root-Rooter should be proud. Best customer service I have received in a LONG time! Easy to schedule an appointment (very courteous), no cancellation, called ahead of the visit just as they said they would. Employee (Bart) was fantastic. He actually seemed to care about me as his customer and was an expert at his job. I have total peace of mind knowing he did the job right. I will highly recommend your company to anyone. Thank you.
Trish K. | Wilmington
Nate Edmond is very professional and courteous. He did an outstanding job.I will recommend Roto-Rooter anytime. Thank you Nate!
Elizabeth A. | New Castle
The technician (Jacopo Vasile) was very professional and provided excellent explanation of the problem and recommended solutions that we can use to avoid further blockage incidents.
Marco D. | Wilmington
He was polite and went into detail on what needed to be done. Would definitely use again.
Karen C. | Newark
Crissy was courteous, explained everything easily, was competent and fixed it all quickly. Can't ask for more.
Tom g. | wilmington
Bart Albrecht was very professional and provided excellent and efficient service. We would recommend Mr. Albrecht to our friends and neighbors.
Kristine W. | Wilmington
technician was very professional & kind. He answer all my questions & provided very valuable information concerning my new water heater. A very pleasant person.
George f. | newark
Quick and Effective service from a knowledgeable worker
RON S. | Bear
I had a clogged sewer line. The technician was named Jamal. He was courteous, friendly and professional. He is a credit to your company.
William M. | Wilmington
We were impressed with the prompt response to our call as well as the professionalism and thorough attention given to our emergency need. The team was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain each step taken as well as what to expect.
Helen H. | Wilmington
Did a great job, on time, and made sure I understood exactly what was going on
Kimberly M. | New Castle
Robert #1570 was very professional and personable. He fully explained the situation. After clearing out the problem, he made suggestions for maintaining the drains. I would recommend him in the future.
Marie H. . | Newark
The technician was wonderful. He was kind, quick and cleaned up. He did a wonderful job.
arthur F Z. . | newark
Excellent professional service technician
Roy G. . | Newark
The technician was extremely courteous and very careful to not make a mess. I would definitely ask for him again!!
Brenda k. . | Newark
Was very pleased with all aspects starting with the phone call to the completion of the work. Service people were 1st class.
Patricia Y. . | Newark
Invoice # 75-17560663. Tech: Jemal #75-1535. Jemal was awesome! Very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and super nice!
Dawn M. . | Bear
Service Tech was outstanding and continued to look for the problem until he found it. Awesome work by Mike White! Greatly appreciated and I will refer you guys all the time going forward!!!! Thank you!!!!
Rosemary M. . | Newark
Jemal was awesome! Will definitely use Roto-Rooter in the future!
Dawn M. . | Bear
Our technician arrived and immediately identified the problem. It was fixed in a matter of minutes!! Great service!!!
Dominique F. . | Middletown
Harry was courteous, knowledgeable and respectful.
Darlene C. . | New Castle
experience better than expeceted
sidney c. . | Middletown
The best, quick service and a better job than the budget rooters. Always happy with Roto Roooter
Robert F. . | Wilmington
Mike was very competent and friendly.
Charles W. . | Wilmington
Phil arrived on time, was professional, friendly, and polite. He thoroughly explained the source of the problem, which he discovered right away by lifting/checking several sewer lid covers on my street before performing work on my home. Turned out, the problem belonged to the County. I highly recommend this company.
Elaine J. . | Wilmington
Memorable customer service stories usually sound dramatic and not realistic. However, they do share common components that have made those companies successful. On 01/23/2014, the Roto-Rooter phone operators (including the call back operator) and Harry, the serviceman managed, analyzed, and completed all work to our complete satisfaction. Thank You.
Keith M. . | Newark
Service person was very experience and did a wonderful job in very little time and cleanup was great.
Elizabeth A. L. . | Wilmington
Technician was on time and got down to the root of the problem quickly...took the time to explain the problem fully. Great friendly service experience.
Dave S. . | Wilmington
the technician was great very professional and the work he did was also great.. I was pleased with the call back about when and about what time the technician was going to be here... very pleased overall..
David G. . | Elsmere
Excellent response and service and professionalism.
John F. . | Wilmington
Tech was very friendly HONEST and punctual. Would definitely use them again. The plumber i have used would have taken til Monday sometime. RotorRooter was at my house 3 hrs after i called on a Friday evening. I am very pleases!!!!
Charlene C. . | Wilmington
The tech was very friendly , punctual, and considerate of our needs and budget. Would recommend to others. Very satisfied from start to finish...,
Charlene C. . | Wilmington
The service tech -Sean- arrived within the stated time frame and got to work on my clogged kitchen sink immediately. He was able to clear the line in a short amount of time while keeping me informed as he went. Sean was able to fix this problem without having to cut into any pipes in my basement which other plumbing companies we have used in the past have done. He was extremely professional and left my home as clean as he found it. Making this even more remarkable was this all happened on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks Roto-Rooter and especially to Sean.
Jason N. . | Wilmington
Although I knew up front the cost of the job and was willing to pay it for the service which was excellent, I would probably get other estimates when conditions are different and I have more flexibility.
benita e. . | wilmington
Marty Smith
Wilmington, DE

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