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Roto-Rooter Waukegan, IL: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Waukegan, IL, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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What we thought was a routine unclogging turned out to be a major outside drain replacement. Tim and Brandon were great and had everything including village permits, inspections, line locations completed the same day. In addition, we had just finished installing new flooring and were concerned about the equipment. How grateful we were when once the guys left you would never had know they were there. Would have rather not had the problem to begin with but we're glad we called Roto-Rooter to fix it.
Jim B.
Quickly diagnosed the problem and resolved it very quickly. Very happy with their service.
Alex J.
Danny and Justin were one in a million! Great customer service! Will definitely use Roto again because of them! Thank you!!!
Kelli W.
The service was great, and the tech, Danny (2153)was fast and friendly!
Robert S.
The service went great. He checked out the problems and went to work on unclogging the drain and toilet repair. Johnathan Winn #1279 answered all my questions and solved the problems I had. I will use Roto-Rooter plumbing service again in Lansing, IL
Sheila A.
Technician #1470 was awesome! I woke to a loud buzzing and my first floor vibraiting...I had absolutely no idea why. So I called and the person that answered the phone was patient kind and understanding. I am single and to be honest I am.always nervous about being treated poorly or scammed as a woman. I was so pleasantly surprised! Technician # 1470 was very good about explaining the job what was wrong and why I needed to replace the part. He was also great with my puppy Maggie Luhu my 8 month old Labradoodle...she loved him!
Tracey C.
realized I had a sewer back-up. Phone contact very professional with service set up for 10am. Service personnel James #2638 arrived on time with professional attitude and I could tell I was in good hands. James got to work making sure what the problem was and set up to keep everything as clean as he could. James explained all procedures and what he was doing even with me feeling I was in his way. When I finally expressed that I thought I was in his way, James assured me that it was my home and if I wished to be by him that was no problem. James finished with everything done as he reported it would be. Clean up was small with a wipe of a paper towel and check given me time to go back to work.
Adrian P.
Came within specified time and explained procedure thoroughly. Was very diligent in fixing the problem. Very nice guy and will recommend in the future. ( Tech 3271 Jeff)
Technician #1470 was awesome! I woke to a loud buzzing and my first floor vibraiting...I had absolutely no idea why. So I called and the person that answered the phone was patient kind and understanding. I am single and to be honest I am.always nervous about being treated poorly or scammed as a woman. I was so pleasantly surprised! Technician # 1470 was very good about explaining the job what was wrong and why I needed to replace the part. He was also great with my puppy Maggie Luhu my 8 month old Labradoodle...she loved him!
Tracey C.
Great customer service with really knowledgeable plumbers. I'm all the way in Brookfield,IL and they came right out on time and gave me a courtesy call 30 minutes before they arrived. I am extremely pleased with the service and respect that Jonathan #3403 provided. He gave me other recommendations on how to prevent future breakdowns. I will recommend him to everyone I know, thanks again.
Luis R.
We called this morning and someone came out within 20 minutes. The guy was quick, clean and very nice. Couldn't have asked for better service.
Corinna M. | Waukegan
I contacted Roto-Rooter on a Monday the 31st of August and was able to get a tech out to me on Tuesday September 1st. Great response time. My tech Chris #Hmy tub which was plugged up and also had to go through the trap as well. I have very old pipes in my house Chris advised me about the solution to put down my pipes from Roto Rooter going forward to keep them clean. Chris also advised not to use chemicals on the pipes. He handled my situation and fixed it. Chris is very courteous, professional and attentive to a customers needs. I would definitely contact Roto Rooter again and request Chris tech# 3393 if I have an further issues. Thanks again Diane H.
Matt H. | Waukegan
My husband and I are very pleased with the service we received. Our service was scheduled for noon to 4 pm yesterday. I received a phone call at 11:20 am. Our technician was running ahead of schedule and I was asked if it would be ok if he arrived in 20-30 minutes. I was thrilled I hate wasting all day waiting for repair people to arrive. When Joe arrived at my home, I explained the problem and my concerns. He quickly determined what was needed. While the job was more involved and therefore more expensive than I had hoped, he did a great job and I feel confident the problem has been fixed.
Holly D. | Waukegan
After the many rain storms we've had and a recent, complete bathroom renovation project, my new bathroom sink began backing up, badly. My house is a 100 years old and while in amazing shape, I totally understood why the previous owners never bothered to update the master bath; who wants to mess around with 100 year old plumbing? "If it ain't broke" as the saying goes... Well, I did mess with it (out of sheer modern necessity) and it did break. I could not believe this! Not only had I just endured a hellish (and expensive) bathroom renovation, but now, I might have to incur even greater expense to unclog a main pipe in of all places, the wall behind the sink and the toilet - OOOOOHHHH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Needless to say, I was ready to kill myself! Then my boyfriend, who is not only home improvement savvy, but a guy who knows how to get outta fixin' this type of mess, suggested "why don't you call ROTO-ROOTER?" Roto-Rooter? Are you kidding me, I said? "No" he said; "here's the number, they've got a special on as well." So I called, and got the main dispatch center; I exhaustedly explained my problem (in the same long-winded detail I'm writing this story / review), and the lovely lady on the other end said, "Don't worry Ms. Cooper, I understand; we'll get someone out there to take care of your problem tonight." Wait! Did she say "T-O-N-I-G-H-T ? "LORDY-LORD! Somebody pinch me 'cause I must be dreamin"! That means that I might actually be able to wash my face in my new sink for the very first time without an issue, and go to bed with a truly clean face without worrying about "backwater back-up"! Something could actually go in my favor! HAL-LE-LU-JAH! The Roto-Rooter guy Pete 709, showed up (after previously tussling with yet another tough clog at another job), ready to kick "backwater ass"; and eventhough he was tired and hot, he got right to it. He tried a few things and nothing worked, because this was the GODZILLA, THE MOTHER OF ALL CLOGS - at least I thought so... So he said, "well, I'm going have to bring in the heavy artillery now, since my previous strategies didn't work and if this doesn't work, you may have to break through the wall after all." "You've got a clog of animal hair, people hair, leaves, twigs and other debris as big and as old as Moby Dick himself, and it's positioned at a weird angle in the piping." He didn't really say all that, but that's how it sounded in my dust laden brain, and my already defeated heart sank further down than a tiny diamond in that sink of dirty water... "But, he said, it just may work; I usually have great luck with this procedure and it almost always works, but it may take awhile. "Frankly, I thought, I didn't care if it took the rest of the weekend and he slept over - just please "UNCLOG MY SINK!!!" A few hours and tons of loud noise later, one sweaty, smiling Pete emerged from the battle victorious; "it's done, he said and you'll never have a problem again, at least not in your lifetime." (Hey! I may be old I thought, but I hope I got a lot more livin' to do...). Anyway, I wanted to kiss that man! He presented me with the bill and coming on the heels of the renovation, it was a bit more than I expected - "BUT WORTH EVERY PENNY!" He even gave me a solution to keep things running smoothly in this and every other drain in my house - I was literally delirious with homeowner joy! As he packed his gear to leave with his smiling, cherub face, I found myself singing a song in a commercial from way back in my long ago childhood: "Call ROTO-ROOTER, that's the name, and away go troubles down the drain, Roto-Rooter.." That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Beverly C. | Waukegan
great people to deal with. although a pick issue they handled everything professionally and courteously.
Margaret H. | Waukegan
I called Roto-Rooter today and boy was I surprised!  Giovann, tech #2910,  showed up and diagnosed the problem very professionally. I had tree roots in the  line that was allowing water to back up into my home.    He was mindful of my 2-year old napping and took great care not to damage my furniture with his equipment.  I'd always seen their vehicles,  but never gave them a call until now.   I highly recommend Giovann if you want professional service.
Stephen V.
Tech was right on time. Explained the problem and the cost to fix. Completed the job !
Bryan N.
Basement floor drain replacement involved removing linoleum flooring and digging up concrete. Someone came out same day I called, and field supervisor Greg Austin (#2957) came out same day. Work was done next day and everything completed within 2 days. Very efficient and extremely neat work by the serviceman. Greg was responsive to our need to have the flooring cut out and relaid. You can hardly tell we any work done in the basement. 5 stars! (it should not show up as 4.5 stars)
Don L.
Our sewer had backed up and Roto Rooter arrived within less than 2 hours. Danny #2153 was excellent. He explained everything like a teacher and asked permission with each step of the process. The price was fair and there was a coupon making it a good price. Danny was a real professional and our problem appears to be solved. We would certainly use Roto Rooter again for any kind of problem.
John T.
I've used Roto-Rooter twice and had a great experience in Hoffman Estates. Clogged drains are a nasty job for anyone, but they professionally and promptly fixed my drain. Clean, prompt, very knowledgeable service technician. I really appreciated the phone calls to let me know the tech was delayed and the notification of when he would arrive. Very helpful. I'd use them again and recommend them highly.
Lori C.
We noticed a leak in the main sewer line outside the house. We called Roto-Rooter. They arrived promptly, evaluated the situation and provided a reasonable proposal that we accepted. By the end of the next day, we had a new main line to the septic and the old mess was cleaned up. They aren't cheap, but their service is worth the cost.
Kirk V.
very professional and knowledgeable. Only took about an hour to complete the job.
Matthew S. | Waukegan
I am very grateful , that one of your very courteous, professional , friendly (local too), came to our rescue, very promptly, he gave us peace of mind. What could have been a disaster, turned out to be a memorable Thanksgiving, we won't forget. Thanks again for your services. Marie S.
Marie S. | Waukegan
Jimmy was very helpful and worked diligently to solve the problem. I appreciated his service. I had an appointment for yesterday and kept getting pushed back. It was very inconvenient and discouraging. I had to reschedule, for today.
Jamille H. | Chicago
Service man was very knowledgable and explained all the options. Over all I was very happy .
Clif J. | Lincolnwood
Salvador Tech ${esc.hash} 1794 was the best. He is very professional and knowledgably. I will recommend him to anyone. He made the experience very enjoyable. I wanted to sign in on Yelp so he could get a chance to win ${esc.dollar}500 but I don't like those social media sites. I wish there was another way to enter so he would have a chance.
Thomas S. | Aurora
Poor Bob- he had a terrible kitchen smelly sink blockage problem to solve- he was patient and determined to solve the problem- I am so very appreciative !!!A true pleasure to work with -thanks!
Alison D. | Elmhurst
We ended up having 3 techs come to our location, all were polite and professional. Kelly 1910 was the last tech who actually found our problem. He was knowledgeable and made us feel secure with our decision to use roto rooter. I would recommend them to anyone and will of course use them for any future plumbing needs. They made a bad experience tolerable. Thanks guys!
Janet W. | Chicago
Technician ${esc.hash}1181 not only fixed a draining problem we had been having for two months. He also gave us great advice on how to keep our drain healthy longer.
Samantha B. | Hampshire
Paul Cecil

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