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Roto-Rooter Waterbury, CT: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Waterbury, CT, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Great service from very knowledgeable technician, who took the time and effort to.correct the problem. I highly recommend Roto-Rooter
Evelyn C.
They were very quick in responding. Adam was friendly and professional, and the repairs to my leaking bathtub were done perfectly and quickly. Would use them again for any plumbing needs.
Darnell G.
Our main line was clogged on Sunday of Memorial Day 2010 weekend. Within 2 hours of calling, 2 professionals from Roto-Rooter came and power-snaked the line. They were done before the dispatcher said they'd even get to our house; the gentlemen were courteous and thorough (the service includes a chemical treatment for us to apply later on, and a follow-up endoscopy of the line to confirm the success of the job). This was about a $400 service, well worth it in my opinion. At first I was wary of calling a chain, their jingle rattling in my head, but these guys were world-class; I'd recommend them to all our friends and neighbors.
Hugh M.
Technician Orlando #689 was extremely helpful with our situation. After he fixed our tub drain, he was able to show us what caused the problem and he showed us the substance is our drain that caused our blockage. I was shocked and will definitely take his advise so it does not happen again. I will recommend Roto-Rooter to others for their plugged drains! Thank you Orlando! Regards, George Babcock
Kathy B.
I had a pretty unbelievable experience with Roto-Rooter. I called to have a camera technician look into a leak in my drainage pipe. Bob showed up, put the camera in, identified the problem and had me a job estimate in under an hour. I checked with my wife, like any good husband would do, and let Bob know we were ready to move. Literally within less than 2 hours Ron, Steve and Sal arrived at my house and got to work. It was more efficient than I could have imagined. They made it look easy. In less than 4 hours the whole thing was completed, my yard was seeded and mulched and I had no more leak. Pretty impressed over here.
Peter S.
Set up an appointment online. They showed up within an hour. They service guy was super friendly. Did a great job. I was very pleased with the service. Would STRONGLY recommend them!
Sharon C.
Water was pooling outside lower door of raised ranch with water coming into living area. Anthony came and with high pressure water hose, was able to clear a blockage rather far down the line. He was very pleasant and efficient. Knowledgeable about the issue and experienced. All and all a good experience and great professional customer service. Thank you, Anthony!!
Judith K.
David came over to clear a blockage and did a great job. Very professional on how he went about fixing the problem. Very pleased with the results.
Robert W.
Knowledgable and articulate Peter explained the problem and fixed it. I liked looking at the pipe with the remote camera after he was finished.
Carol B.
Jon was on time and did a great job. He saved the Day.
Leon C.
I wont hesitate to call Roto-Rooter again. Mike Marina was an excellent technician and did a fantastic job.
Geek185 | Waterbury
My very old bathtub (1930s) became clogged almost to a standstill thanks to hair from my teenage daughters. I tried everything from plunging to snaking on my own but the clog was well beyond the trap and I just couldn't seem to clear it. My own plumber was away, so I decided to pay the premium and go with Roto-Rooter. Franklin Trujillo showed up and did a fantastic job. Not only was he courteous and careful about any mess, but he cleared the drain quickly and spent extra time getting the cover back on the overflow--a difficult process based on the ancient pipe and recessed threads for the screws. Franklin solved my problem painlessly, and it was worth the extra $ to go with a service that would schedule any time of any day.
Jim O. | Waterbury
I had a clogged drain in my second floor bathroom called Roto-Rooter they sent someone within an hour of my call. The service person they sent named Orlando was very courteous and a very neat worker. I would highly recommend Roto-Rooter.
Lisa P. | Waterbury
Efficient and quality service in a timely manner. The technician was friendly and knowledgeable and repaired the clogged outdoor drain within less than 30 minutes.
Margaret S. | Waterbury
Had a main line blockage. The technician arrived less then 2 hrs after my call :-) Even as the blockage was more complicated to break than expected, he never gave up on me and did whatever he could to open the stoppage and get our plumbing back to normal. As someone who makes a living from giving my customers the best service possible, I cannot express enough my satisfaction from this professional service, and my enormous gratitude to the technician that never gave up on me. Great company Highly recommended Dr. Ben-Dov Stamford, CT
Giddon B. | Waterbury
I live in Bridgeport, ct and first time home owner. Needed a plumber for a clogged drain in basement ! I called Roto Rooter and within 5 minutes of placing the call someone called me and dispatched Franklin . He knew right away it was a clogged drain leading from main drain to street. He was very nice and professional. Would recommend roto rooter again .He fixed the problem in no time. Thanks again
Our Serviceman, Jon, was fantastic!!!! He arrived right on time, accessed the situation carefully (toilets were clogged), and offered a couple of options.  Although our only problem was a clogged toilet, he checked the sink and the tub, to make sure the water wasn't backing up anywhere else.  He quickly fixed our toilet, and repeated the procedure to make sure that the problem was resolved.  The toilet works better than it ever did!!! He was prompt, courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and a total professional!!! We would not hesitate to call them again, if we need them! Jon was there quickly, and if we do need their services, I would hope that Jon comes to fix the problem!! I hope Roto-Rooter knows what a valuable employee they have!! His name is Jon, his employee number is 417, and our invoice Number was 17717421.Ronnie Rock
Ronnie R.
Our Serviceman, Jon, was fantastic!!!! He arrived right on time, accessed the situation carefully (toilets were clogged), and offered a couple of options. Although our only problem was a clogged... 
Ronnie R.
The plumber that helped me out tonight was Peter from the Stratford, CT location. He arrived on time, was very professional and was able to solve the problem in a timely fashion.
Matthew B.
I recently found myself with a clogged main drain. I attempted to clear it myself but had no luck. I called many local plumbers and was told it would be a week before service or just flat out “we can’t help you”. I called Roto-Rooter and had someone at my house the next morning. Kevin from Roto-Rooter came in and explained very clearly what he had to do and what it would cost before he performed any service. I agreed to have Kevin clean my main drain. He had the drain cleared in a couple hours despite the severity of the clog. Overall Roto-Rooter provided excellent service and I wouldn’t hesitate to make Roto-Rooter my FIRST call if I ever find myself in the same position again.
Patrick H.
Recently we encountered some drainage issues at our home and after I made failed attempts at fixing the problem I contacted RotoRooter. On Wednesday Sept. 12, the Roto Rooter truck pulled into my driveway and I met a technician named Darley (#90). After some brief conversation he set out to correct our drainage problem. Not too soon thereafter he had the problem under control and had cleaned up to go on to his next appointment. That evening my wife drew a bath. While I was working downstairs at my computer I heard my wife release the drain in the upstairs bath. Suddenly the toilet in our downstairs bathroom began to over flow. Convinced there was more to our problem I again set out to see if I could correct it. After more of my futile efforts I called Roto Rooter on Saturday Sept. 15 and explained that we were still experiencing drainage problems. Another appointment was set up for Sunday the 16th in the morning between 9am and 11am. At 10am, the truck arrived and a different technician introduced himself as Matt (#640). By this time both my wife and I were beside ourselves with what could be the problem. Add to that the thought of bringing in a plumber ran through our minds along with the added cost. Matt got his equipment out and began to snake the drainage line with his camera. Fascinated with his monitor both my wife and I learned that although Darley had somewhat corrected the problem, there was residue left in the line causing the downstairs toilet to again over flow. We learned later that Darley was a new technician and that he didn't have a camera snake as of yet. Within minutes of Matt showing us the problem, he was successful at correcting the problem and made my wife and I very happy that we could use our toilets, shower and washing machine again! I apologize for being so long winded but I wanted you to fully understand what those four days of hell were like for us and to know just how much we truly appreciate the quality work that both those technicians provided. Darley and Matt need to be recognized not only for their excellent work but I want to point out the professionalism they exhibited. Both of these gentlemen exemplify what excellent service should be all about. We are very grateful for the work Roto Rooter provided and extremely happy that we had the opportunity to have met both of these gentleman.
Gary C.
Very fast service from Stratford,CT Roto Rooter! After trying to unclog my kitchen sink myself, I finally surrendered after 3 days. I called roto rooter and they were here same day within a few hours. The plumber was polite and finished the job quickly and neatly. Thanks so much!
Lindsey C.
Louis from Stratford Roto-Rooter arrived to find us with a kitchen sink completely disassembled, galvanized pipe clogged and leaking, spraying water all over our basement. Although we are pretty handy, this one called for some professional help. That's exactly what we got when Louis arrived. He explained our options and quickly set to removing 35 feet of pipe from sink to sewer line and installing new pvc and cleanout under the sink. Louis also gave us some good advice on our sump pumps.Two years ago Terrence came to the rescue clearing tree roots from our sewer line. I was very impressed with the professionlism of both gentlemen, and consider this company our on-call plumbers!
Lolly H.
I called Roto- Rooter on Sunday December 5th to schedule an appointment to check my house piping bc I could not flush my toilets due to a clog in my drain system. I called and spoke with the representive and set up an appointment for the next day to see what needed to be done. The worker cane to my house and diagnosed the problem right away. My total experience with Roto-Rooter was great, the worker was very knowledgeable about the job. Unlike other places that do the same work, Roto-Rooter does not charge to diagnose the problem and most importantly you can speak with someone directly 7 days a week to speak with a REAL PERSON. GREAT JOB.. GOOD WORKERS
Karen K. | Waterbury
Exceptional service from Peter who arrived on time. He went above and beyond even managing to save the old cast iron pipe for our insurance company. Can't say enough about how nice he was during the service call. My mother is very happy with the job done and so am I. I would recommend your company based upon Peter and Penny from the previous day's call. Thank you,
Denise S. | Waterbury
Friendly, fast service. Honest technicians. Job well done!
Trisha N. | Waterbury
Adam was very professional and knowledgeable. You are lucky to have such a great employee. My husband was very impressed with his expertise.
Marian C. | Middlebury
The technicians that came out were professional friendly and made me feel very comfortable with the services that they provided. ThanksRoto-Rooter.
Catina H. | Waterbury
I called at 12:15 pm and had someone at my house before 5 pm. Franklin was professional and explained everything he did clearly and completely. He gave us bad news but did a great job in clearing our clog for a quick temporary fix, and set up a follow up visit for further evaluation of the problem.
Thomas A. | Waterbury
I called at 12:15 pm and had someone at my house before 5 pm. Franklin was professional and explained everything he did clearly and completely. He gave us bad news but did a great job in clearing our clog for a quick temporary fix, and set up a follow up visit for further evaluation of the problem.
Thomas A. | Waterbury
I called at 12:15 pm and had someone at my house before 5 pm. Franklin was professional and explained everything he did clearly and completely. He gave us bad news but did a great job in clearing our clog for a quick temporary fix, and set up a follow up visit for further evaluation of the problem.
Thomas A. | Waterbury
Very convenient service. Have used them in my previous home and will use them again in my new condo. Thanks!
Carla R. | Stratford
Technician was able to solve the problem without too much effort. Thank goodness for emergency service.
Kim G. | West Haven
Anthony was an excellent worker. Arrival time was late. It would be great if you could narrow the windows.
Finley H. | Old Greenwich
Steve Parker

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