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Roto-Rooter Springfield, VA: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Springfield, VA, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Jamaal has done work for us twice and we've loved the service both times! He was prompt, courteous and very helpful.
Tori K.
I knew I was in good hands from the instant I was explaining my problem to the Customer Service Rep. I also asked if there was a disabled Military Veteran Discount and the Rep said "absolutely" and even thanked me for my service! The Technician called before arrival and was professional, courteous and efficient. He knew exactly what the problem was and went right to it wasting no time. I would use Roto-Rooter again and would recommend them to anyone! Thank you!
Dean O.
I had an outside faucet pipe brake just in front of the valve inside the house causing water to drain into my basement. The Manasssas office dispatched a plumber, Yuan, to our residance. He was very professional, covered his shoes at the door as not to mark my floors, and within a 2 hours had the brake repaired! Wow, the guy was Awesome and gave me added advice as he explained the replaced faucet and pressure vavle. Thank you for all your help and fast service. Robert Soska
Robert S.
The plumber sent from the Manassas location was William Vasquez. He was courteous & respectful to my wife & me and efficient to his work. Our kitchen drain was snaked & flowing again, everything was returned to operable condition with no leaks, and in time for our dinner party. I was very happy with the service.
Paul H.
We had William fix a leaky tub faucet. He was professional and got the job done quickly, and that's all we could ask for! I also appreciated the professional phone representative and the follow-up phone call. Thank you!
Ellesse F.
We had a great experience with Roto-Rooter. Our technician was professional, knowledgeable, and polite. He was able to identify the problem and fix it all in one visit.
Vera M. | Springfield
Our kitchen sink was backed up and I unsuccessfully tried to drain it using a chemical drain opener and snaking the line. I called Roto-Rooter for an appointment and they had all my contact info and address in their system from the last time we used them (over 10 years ago!) which helped speed up the appointment process. They managed to get someone out to us in just over an hour or so. The technician tried snaking the line but our pipe was going to a T where the snake kept going up the air vent. A second tech stopped by and he also tried but the same problem occurred with the air vent. A third tech was dispatched (Pedro) and he used a Hydrojet snake which shoots high pressure water to clean out the line and removed the clog a good 35 feet down the line! Now our kitchen sink drains better than ever and we get the beautiful sight of the syphon and water disappearing quickly! Thanks to the Roto-Rooter dispatchers, technicians, and the Hydrojet for saving the day!
Victor D. | Springfield
While sitting at our table last night, my wife remarked that she heard something odd after one of our upstairs toilets was flushed. I responded that it was her imagination. Was I wrong. Crow tastes OK, with some honey mustard sauce. Water started pouring through the ceiling in our kitchen. We picked up the phone and called Rotorooter at 10 PM, who immediately offered to send out a technician. Thankfully, the water had stopped, and with the situation stabilized, we delayed until the next morning. Darcy arrived promptly as arranged. Also thankfully, the issue wasn't with a damaged drain...but one of the toilets was in need of major repair. He did a rapid and fantastic job rebuilding the toilet and replaced the water inlet valve, which dated from the Stone Age had no internals left. Very happy with the service. I recommend Rotorooter for you plumbing needs.
Brent C. | Springfield
Our kitchen sink keeps clogging and throws water back at you when you use the disposal. Carlos (407) came out this morning with a Hydro Jet and send that clog packing! He was courteous, explained everything as we went along and was really knowledgeable. He was able to get that drain running better than it has in years! I called Roto Rooter on Sunday night and was able to get an appointment for Monday morning. The call center was very helpful as well. I highly recommend Roto- Rooter.
Kristen H. | Springfield
The drains in my utility room, and outside my back door, needed snaked due to some water/sewage backup. While snaking the utility-room drain, your technician ran into resistance at 41 feet. He attached a camera to the snake to find a 2.5" x 3" rock lodged in my pipe causing the blockage. I watched on the monitor as he pushed the rock through my pipe with the camera, approximately 60 feet to the main pipe. He got to the root cause of my problem, for which I was very appreciative!! I have always found Roto-Rooter excellent, and this certainly makes you super excellent!! Once the drains were cleared, a couple of guys came out from your restoration services group and did an excellent job cleaning up the basement area that had been flooded. Thank you!!
April M.
Roto-Rooter of Manassas arrived on schedule after I called them about a likely sewer clog. Water was bubbling up out of my basement floor drain and basement bathtub drain. The technician and his trainee examined my pipe configuration and explained my options for clearing the blockage. I chose the high pressure water method. They uncoiled a hose from their trailer-mounted machine to my backyard and a second hose into the cleanout fitting in my basement. The technician guided the hose and nozzle down the sewer line. He was more like a fisherman than a plumber as he extended and retracted his hose in response to obstructions and bends. The water was flowing well when he encountered something that would not give way. They brought an inspection camera from their truck. A portable video screen showed the inside of my drain pipe as the technician pushed the camera cable along. At 60 feet we saw something metallic poking through the pipe. Next I will need an inspection service (also offered by Roto-Rooter) to locate the problem under my back yard. The technician explained as he worked. He easily answered all of my questions. He kept my home and his equipment clean despite the messy nature of the work. I would call Roto-Rooter again for any drain problems.
Joel S. | Springfield
These guys are awesome. We had an emergency situation at our house when the connection to the city sewer was completely clogged. It was a Sunday afternoon, we called our regular, trustworthy plumbers, unfortunately all we got was an answering machine with no option for emergency service. I called Roto-Rooter and within an hour David arrived at our house, diagnosed the problem, and fixed it. Granted, it wasn't cheap but the prospect of not being to use the shower, water, or toilets for a day or two, especially with guests in town, was unthinkable. David was extremely polite, professional, and courteous.
Nelson J.
Excellent service. The technician arrived on time and was able to diagnosis the problem and make the repair. I would definitely call Roto-Rooter again.
Joy G.
The service person was very efficient, polite and fast!
Denise O.
Quick response time. Kept me informed of any delays as they occurred. First-rate service. Knowledgeable of the task. Educated me on how to keep the drain flowing normally. Courteous and concerned.
Toni P.
We started off a bit rocky but ended with a bang.  I would not hesitate to recommend Devon Holston, our service technician, to anyone who asked.  The reason I say we started out rocky was that we scheduled an appointment for 5 to 7 and they were not able to show up and again they were late the next day (though I will say that it was one of the worst traffic days in DC in a very long time).  First day, we had Diego Diaz show up.  Nice guy, knows what he is talking about.  He knew it was more than a clogged mainline and we kind of thought so too but he confirmed it.  He scheduled Mr. Houston to come back later that day.  He showed up on time and as my sons says - holy macaroni and cheese - did he work hard.  He is a credit to the company.  I am completely serious when I say this and I am pretty much hard pressed to compliment people.  My husband tells me that I have an issue with everyone , yeah OK but I couldn't help but like this gentleman because he really does know his stuff and he works his tail off.  He worked from 1:30 to 8:30 and he had to stop him because our kids needed to go to bed.  He told me he would be back the next day at 8 am to finish the work and he was waiting for me at the door.  I cannot say enough good things about him.  What a great guy and a really hard worker.  He is easy to talk to and he explains everything very well.  Thanks, Devon.  We appreciate the work you did.
Christine T.
Grafton came in and got the job done quickly and cleanly.  Good natured with a positive attitude - made for a job well done.  Many thanks!BTW - found him using Yelp and got to use their Yelp coupon.  Turned out to a great deal:)!
Mike E.
Roto-Rooter Service 11/22/10 When our washing machine started draining through our toilet we knew we had a problem no ordinary plunger could fix. I called Roto-Rooter in Leesburg and they were there within the hour. The plumber, David, was very professional and friendly. He was able to clear out our sewer line within a half hour and had us up and running again. We were very happy with his service and would definitely recommend Roto-Rooter to our friends. Thanks!
Jenny D.
the gentleman that came out to my location was very professional listen attentively to what I had to tell him told me what he was going to do executed it quickly and then showed me exactly what he did great all-around service would recommend and hopefully don't have to use again LOL
Derek S. | Springfield
I so appreciate the quick response to my service call and the complete resolution of the problem. The plumber was courteous and hard working. I'll call again when I have plumbing needs.
Robin L. | Springfield
you got here less than an hour after I called. James couldn't have been more professional or helpful. Very good experience considering the circumstance. will definitely use and recommend your service to others
Kyle Y. | Springfield
Your technician was great. He kept everything neat and clean. Explained my problems to me.
Margaret M. | Springfield
Carlos Vargas did a great job. He was professional, knowledgeable and explained all of our options. I would recommend him to any other customer.
Stuart C. | Springfield
After I called, a technician arrived 3 hours later. He was courteous and informative. He was able to take care of the problem and advised me on how to possibly prevent future problems. With heavy rains predicted, I was appreciative of the fast service.
Martha J. | Springfield
I always call Roter Rooter. Have for years. They always send the best service person and my problem is always solved. And, they come quickly when needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julie t. | alexandria
Roto Rooter of Manassas had someone out to me before I could get settled in from making my first call. The tech was quick courteous and professional which is more than I can say for the folks through my home warranty. Thanks again!
Crystal M. | Centreville
I did not need service at this time, only ordered 2 gallons of drain cleaner which was delivered to my home as promise. However, past services from Roto-Rooter were excellent.
Monique P. | Springfield
Pedro did an excellent job. Our house is over 50-years old. We have lived in the house for over 30-years, and had no idea the mainline had never been flushed. Pedro found a huge clog in the mainline and jet flushed it out. An excellent job, We will certainly use Roto-Rooter again. Thank you for a job well done.
Marion C. | Springfield
Mayfri Batista was conscientious and capable. Very impressed.
Max L. | Gainesville
Tech was on site within 30 minutes of my call. Job was done quickly and without incident. Thank you
Aaron B. | Stafford
Diego Diaz provided excellent service, he diagnose the problem determine the best course of action and completed the job satisfactorily. Mr. Diaz also provided helpful hints to keep drainage systems running smoothly.
Cedric p. | Manassas
The service man was very polite and thorough. He kept working until the issue was resolved.
Deborah B. | Haymarket
As always, Roto-rooter provided professional, quick and clean service, solving a problem in 20 minutes that a "professional" plumber couldn't fix in 4 days.
Chris C. | Alexandria
The plumber was very friendly.
Donald W. | Alexandria
Calvin Williams

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