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Roto-Rooter Seattle, WA: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Seattle, WA, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Professional. Truthful. On time. Polite. Considerate. Personable. And Roto-Rootered the pipes, not just once, but until they were provably clear. �These are the people to call when you need plumbing services. The service tech's name is Peyman, and my comments also apply to the persons on the telephone setting up and later confirming the appointment. After this, I will not call another company.
Marilyn B.
Great experience - Ron K. was knowledgeable, professional, and walked us through every step of the way. Super service!
Kim D.
I had two different plumbing problems: a bathtub drain that was clogged and a dounspout that was also completely clogged. �Roto-Rooter took care of both on the same day, within hours of the time I called. �The plumber, Chad, was very nice and gave me discounts because I was doing them both on the same day. �Our shower drains again! �Thanks!
Rebecca W.
Aman Armin was very professional. He did a great job fixing our shower. He was at my home exactly at the time expected and knew exactly what to do. He provided an estimate up front and explained the entire job to us. I will definitely call Roto-Rooter again for all plumbing needs.
Pamela C.
Brad W.
Florin Regus has done a couple of projects at our house. Each time, he has done a great job. He arrives on time, is very clean, describes in advance the work he will perform, and the fee he will charge. Then he quickly gets it done. After finishing the job, he reviews what he did, along with providing a few tips on how we can perform better preventative maintenance
Jerry M.
I received excellent service from Kenny K at Rotor-Rooter. i had a leak under my kitchen sink and he came out at 8:00 pm. The garbage disposal was about 30 years old and he had to spend at least an hour banging on the old one to get it out! He even had the correct replacement in his truck. Even though he under-quoted me originally, he stuck to his estimated quote. He also cleaned out my faucet so it didn't spray all over the sink. I would highly recommend Rotor-Rooter. They are fast, skilled, professional, and very friendly!
Dyanna L.
Good , efficient service on time and the rotorooter plumber, Kenny Kim was extremely neat and efficient ,replacing piping and cleaning out our sewer line quickly .He left the kitchen sink area (where the problem was) super clean.
Ed H.
George Lopez And Rick Starostka were able to solve my plumbing issue quickly and creatively. Everyone I have dealt with at roto rooter has been very professional. I recommend them.
Michael M.
Needed a faucet repair. The scheduler and dispatcher were both helpful & friendly, and were able to schedule an appointment during the time I had available. The plumber arrived promptly during the specified time. Eli was courteous and pleasant, explained clearly what he planned to do, did a great job, and took far less time than I had expected. Complete satisfaction!
Bill M.
After trying and trying to unclog our drain using chemicals and lye, I called on Roto Rooter for their services as they've always done the job right with me in the past. They rootered my drain and double checked the line to insure a job well done. They are priced very reasonably and they are informative in the work they perform. This is a company with knowledgeable plumbers who are respectful and friendly. Thank you RotoRooter. You are my first choice in clearing my clogged drains when lye crystals or liquid drain cleaners will not work.
Raul C. | Seattle
Excellent experience. Job was explained in detail with what the costs would be before work started. Mike was very personable and professional.
Bob S. | Seattle
Avin P. | Seattle
Fixed! Minimal charge. Roto-Rooter 24/7 service. It is really hard to find experienced service professionals like this today. AMAZING!
Heidi G. | Seattle
While they could not make it out Saturday night as originally planned when they made it Sunday, they did a great job. They worked meticulously and solved our problem and even fixed the popup plug that had rusted out in the bathroom sink. It is always nerve racking to call a plumber and fear that you are going to be taken advantage of, these guys left me feeling confident that the job had been done well and fairly.
Daniel M. | Seattle
The person who came and fixed our clogged outdoor drain was super nice. He explained exactly what the problem was, fixed it in 10 minutes, and tested it with us to make sure it was working. Can't imagine a better experience!
Michael B. | Seattle
Gio did a great job of snaking out our main sewer pipe, explaining what the problem was, and suggesting several potential solutions. Highly recommended.
Holly H. | Seattle
We have used other plumbing companies before and were not impressed at all. I was dreading having to deal with a plumber until Roto-Rooter showed up! Oh my gosh! We had Mike and Alex come out on two separate days and both guys were incredible. Our situation was a bit complicated because we had to deal with a landlord. Both guys were very friendly but clear about what happened and what needs to happen to get the problem fixed. Mike showed us what was happening and explained as he went. He was detailed, understanding, knowledgeable and thorough. Thank you. We will definitely be calling Roto-Rooter again for any plumbing issues that arise in the future.
Emelie K. | Seattle
These guys were great from start to finish! Arash made it to my house within an hour. He was friendly, confident and explained everything perfectly before starting the job. I've never used Roto-Rooter before, but I guarantee, should I have future problems again, they will be the first company I will call. They were neat, clean, helpful and made this nightmare go away quickly. Thanks again Roto-Rooter for being a company I now know I can always count on... Joseph R. Porter
Joseph R.
Florin was our technician today. Great Job. He was far earlier in the window of time and he went straight to the root of the problem and fixed it. I appreciated his professionalism and timeliness.
Robert C.
Ron and Pejman just left and I couldn't be happier with their services.  They came quickly, determined what the problem was and unclogged my toilet in less than a half hour.  They were very nice and friendly - I won't hesitate to call again or refer people in need of a good and reasonably priced plumber.
Cathy G.
Roto-Rooter came within an hour of our calling them to snake the drain pipes for our washer's backed up utility sink.  Florin Regus was very professional, explained the job, and allowed me to observe his work.  He answered my questions knowledgeably and provided tips that will help me in the future.  Roto Rooter may be slightly pricier than some competitors but their work is guaranteed and they provide peace of mind that is often times missing when dealing with other outfits.  I highly recommend Roto-Rooter to get the job done right the first time so that you can get back to your daily life. -Scott Muoio
Scott M. | Seattle
These guys are great I mistakenly made an unfavorable review of this company. It was actually rescue rooter who did the poor work. Lance from Roto rooter contacted me immediately after reading my review to try to fix the problem. I have never used Roto rooter but from this experience I found out they have amazing customer service.
Jesse R. | Seattle
This was my first time using Roto-rooter. I work a very hectic and unpredictable schedule so getting service quickly and on short notice was a big priority. My lower level flooded due to blocked pipe that was shared by multiple sources. Florin arrived within two hours and managed to figure out the mess and take care of it. The whole process from the first call to the end was effortless and I will be sure to call Roto-rooter again.
Nick T. | Seattle
Our experience with Roto-Rooter was excellent. We live in Bothell. Our bathroom plumbing backed up on a Sunday morning (why always on the weekend!?) It was as gross and horrible as you can imagine. Roto-Rooter was able to come out same day, no extra charge for weekend visit, and free estimates. They arrived well within the estimated window of time and got to work Our technician Farzad was incredibly clear and helpful. He walked us through what he "hoped" the problem was, what other problems it could potentially be, and was honest and upfront out the possibilities at hand. We were lucky - only a sewer line clean out was needed. He also noted and fixed two other problems with our toilet, which had been installed incorrectly. (Frustratingly, we'd had the line scoped when we bought the house two years ago and the other company never noted this major installation issue.) I would not hesitated to use Roto-Rooter again... But I certainly hope we don't need to! ;)
Tricia P. | Seattle
Our experience with Roto-Rooter was excellent. We live in Bothell. Our bathroom plumbing backed up on a Sunday morning (why always on the weekend!?) It was as gross and horrible as you can... 
Tricia P.
Our experience with Roto-Rooter was excellent. We live in Bothell. Our bathroom plumbing backed up on a Sunday morning (why always on the weekend!?) It was as gross and horrible as you can imagine. Roto-Rooter was able to come out same day, no extra charge for weekend visit, and free estimates. They arrived well within the estimated window of time and got to workOur technician Farzad was incredibly clear and helpful. He walked us through what he "hoped" the problem was, what other problems it could potentially be, and was honest and upfront out the possibilities at hand. We were lucky - only a sewer line clean out was needed. He also noted and fixed two other problems with our toilet, which had been installed incorrectly. (Frustratingly, we'd had the line scoped when we bought the house two years ago and the other company never noted this major installation issue.)I would not hesitated to use Roto-Rooter again... But I certainly hope we don't need to! ;)
Tricia P.
After dealing with another plumbing company's  crappy service, having Roto-Rooter come to the rescue was a blessing. Toilet was backing up into the shower and when Swp came they said they couldnt snake it because we have led piping. Well Roto-Rooter came right in and snaked it, got the clog out to. Thank you to Paul for his speedy service. For now on I will be calling Roto-Rooter. Also I called late Saturday evening and was given a 3 hour window. They called me early in the am and was here in 30 minutes. Great service all the way!  Kent, Washington
Alayna S. | Seattle
Our hot water heater tank began to leak on Sunday evening. It's in my home office in the basement so I was pretty worried.  Rotorooter sent a plumber (Cyrus? I am terrible at names) in under an hour. He got the water safely drained, explained options for replacing our old heater, installed the new heater and showed us how it works.  A few slow leaks appeared overnight (we have an old house, and anytime you do something, more problems appear). After some snafus with the schedulers, another plumber, Arash, came to our house.  He was a real pro and diagnosed the problems fast.  (He also had a very cool camera with a fiber-optic part to look inside the walls and find the leaking joint.)  The system is now working beautifully.  Arash also took the time to fix a joint under the bathroom sink and explained we'd want to replace all of them sometime, as they are old and failing.  We plan to use this company again for upgrading our plumbing. Great employees.
Nancy B.
Adrian S.
From Seattle, WA: very quick, professional, thorough, and knowledgeable service at a very reasonable price. I would recommend this service to all my friends/neighbors living in and around Seattle.
A Yahoo User
Flood in the basement...called one company who couldn't come out til after hours. Called Roto Rooter and Paul came out within a half hour! He had to run a cable through the main line from my... 
Roberta S.
Flood in the basement...called one company who couldn't come out til after hours. Called Roto Rooter and Paul came out within a half hour! He had to run a cable through the main line from my laundry room. Happily it wasn't tree roots as I was suspecting, but he noticed the Kirkland brand laundry soap and told me that brand and Charmin Ultra Soft are the worst for clogging up sewer systems because they don't break down easily. Guess what we use? I never knew that! Paul also noticed another problem that will eventually need to be addressed. He was very informative!! And he fixed the problem!
Roberta S.
(I think I have the correct Roto-Rooter office selected, but I'm not sure. The Bellevue and Lynnwood offices are closer to me, but here goes.)Today, Farzad from Roto-Rooter came out to help us... 
Janet F.
(I think I have the correct Roto-Rooter office selected, but I'm not sure.  The Bellevue and Lynnwood offices are closer to me, but here goes.)Today, Farzad from Roto-Rooter came out to help us with our slowing drains.  He was awesome!!  Incredibly knowledgeable and great at troubleshooting.  We'll be requesting him in the future if we need more help.  Totally ask for him.Here are the details: He tested the drains and seemed confused because they drained OK to him.  He asked me some diagnostic questions and guessed that our drains must've improved after we had the septic system pumped last week.  He also told me to watch how the basement toilet flushes in the future if I see issues, to rule out clogged drains and identify a problem with the septic system.  He recommended an enzymatic treatment and sold me a gallon.  I was thrilled with this outcome!Then, since he had time, I asked him to look at our garbage disposal.  He fixed that too!
Janet F.
Service date 6/3/2014. Brier, Wa inv# 21717898697I called Roto-Rooter for a clogged kitchen sink. They gave us a 2 hour window and said they would call 1/2 hour before the technician would arrive. They called back within fifteen minutes and the job was done well within the original 2 hour window. Anthony was very courteous and efficient.
A Yahoo User
We called for a Plumber from Everett Wa. Joe was very prompt and professional. He completed the job in a timely manner and all services were quoted prior to the start. Great Job!
Mark A.
Buzz showed up on-time and was extremely helpful. He brought the full range of equipment with him so he scoped our sewer, jetted it, then rooted it, then jetted and scoped it again. Problem solved. Very reasonably priced (we had an estimate for about $6,000 from another company for these same services).
Stephanie M.
Excellent customer service from beginnning to end. Chhaylee Khat was our service technician - he identified the problem and fixed it within an hour. He is professional, polite and knowledgeable. I'd definitely call them again!
Elizabeth T. | Seattle
The Technician, Alex Mahdiani, was so knowledgeable and professional, that I was really impressed. I called for him specifically a few days later with another plumbing need.
Trevor P. | Seattle
He unplugged two outside trench drains under gutter pipe.
Roger E. | Seattle
Our technician was excellent. He arrived as promised and resolved our issue immediately.
Gail W. | Seattle
RR Seattle employee Ron Kazemain was wonderful and got me going after lots of work. Your dispatch sucks!! Phone message while waiting Friday morning says 24/7 service but dispatch cancelled my 7 to 11 pm window Thursday night at 8:20 pm - 2.5 hours short of the window, then had to plead with dispatch - and messages not being red - and get lucky to get Ron to arrive Friday am. Service is great, but as far as Chicago dispatching for Seattle, all I can say is at least it not from India!! You can use my testimonial - but only if in whole.
Michael B. | Seattle
Awesome quick response Thank you
Robert W. | Seattle
Response to my initial call was professional and responsive. The technician was knowledgeable, thorough and efficient.
John H. | Seattle
From the moment I called until the moment the Service was finished, your management and employee personnel were truly outstanding. Brett came out here for a seemingly easy task but ended up having to do an enormous amount of unforseen work to resolve the issue here at our home. Not only was he knowledgeable about the issues that he faced but he was extremely kind and very understanding and we are so grateful for his help. I want to thank the management and Brett for their perseverance and hard work in getting this issue resolved. Truly amazing.
Maureen F. | Seattle
Ron worked very hard to get our drain open and showed us where the drain is slipping and further work needs to be done. He was friendly and professional and we appreciated his advice.
Laurie F. | Seattle
Alex was great. He explained everything he was going to do, was impeccably neat, fixed the problem (blocked main drain), and was pleasant throughout. All of this on a Sunday afternoon. He left without leaving a trace he'd been there, other than drains that worked like new. Thanks. -John
John D. | Seattle
The technician Ken was very nice, courteous, explained everything, and cleaned everything up very well. Price was totally reasonable.
John H. | Seattle
The service was on time and on budget
Tim K. | Seattle
Sunday AM replacement of ejector sump pump. Courteous, prompt customer service. Technician arrived on schedule. Problem solved.
Matt T. | Seattle
**This is a correction to my recent review that was typed in error, sorry Jamie Browning. What I meant to say was Jamie's professionalism and thoroughness makes Rotor-Rooter look very GOOD!!
Geraldine K. | Seattle
Jamie Browning was our serviceman and was very professional and thorough. If we ever have the need for more service, we would want Jamie to come back. He definitely made Roto Rooter look bad.
Geraldine K. | Seattle
We have been using Roto-Rooter to keep our main drain clear for several years. Scheduling always goes well and we are always happy with the service and the results. We always ask for the same technician partly so that he can let us know if our situation is changing. Vladimir is professional, courteous, and informative. Thanks!
Deborah T. | Seattle
Wow, Sergey Yakovlev #6896 come to check for a leak around our toilet. He was very professional & started by confirming there was water damage by using a water meter to start with. There was so he pulled the toilet. WE are in process of taking up the vinyl flooring to let it dry out before having Sergey back to put in a new toilet. He was very nice making sure no water got on anything in our home & took the old toilet outside. Very professional with a great personality to help the situation seem better than it is, plus inquired about Roto-Rooter in LV for me where our kids need water damage help, plus called someone from water restoration to check on the damage so we have a better idea what needs to be done. Went above & Beyond what I'd expect. I'm sure you can't get any better employee than Sergey--it did a great job.
Linda P. | Seattle
Florin (#2464) did a great job. Answered all my questions. He was polite. Cleaned up very well. Explained how to use the drain cleaner fluid. In and out in 20 minutes. GREAT JOB!
Robert B. | Seattle
The service was fast and the technician was polite and extremely helpful and thorough. And best of all the plumbing issue was solved!
Erin W. | Seattle
Paul was friendly, courteous and professional. He is the most knowledgeable plumbing professional I have ever had the experience of working with. Roto-Rooter emailed me a confirmation of the time for my service immediately upon making the request by phone. Great job!
stuart y. | Seattle
The service team was quick and extremely responsive to our needs. It was a late weekend night when our problem surfaced. Every person involved was courteous and well informed. When the decision was made to replace most of our aged lines, an accurate timetable was produced and followed precisely for the excavation, placement, inspection and back fill. I was especially impressed by your excavation team of Tyson # 1527 and Brandon # 4676. They were hardworking, knowledgeable and kept us informed of the entire process. Thank you!
Ronald M. | Seattle
Marin Cabo was polite, efficient and a great representative of Roto-Rooter. He was very respectful of my home, covered the area of concern, was efficient, and excellent at explaining the problem and solution. Thank you.
Karen K. | Seattle
Mike was friendly, helpful and did a great job. I appreciate him taking the time to educate me about my sewer line, make a recommendation for adding an exterior clean-out and show me where that clean-out would theoretically go. I'll definitely request Mike next time we need the roots cut out.
Kevin B. | Seattle
Giovanni cleared my side sewer of roots. He was quick, courteous, friendly and tidy. Best of all my very small backup was cleared before any damage was done. Thanks, Giovanni and Roto-Rooter.
Christopher R. | Seattle
Like always, Roto-Rooter is the best. Great service!
Dan N. | Seattle
Paul was great. Even though he was the on call person the night before and got home late he was full of energy. Professional and treated my home with respect. Had a great sense of humor. Most importantly worked the issue to conclusion. Folks I called in the phone were very polite as well. A great experience .
Wayne N. | Seattle
Arrived on time, very knowledgeable and helpful. l felt confidant in their expertise to diagnose and correct the issue.
Sophia C. | Seattle
Our tech, Reza tec#0884, was simply the best. Very knowledgeable, very fast, very kind. He even had great suggestions for avoiding drain plugs in the future. I'll be calling again if I have more drain problems.
Richard B. | Seattle
All work was done in a very satisfactory manner. We would use your company again.
Bob & Nita E. | Seattle
Friendly and dependable service.
Chad S. | Seattle
Very slow to get here. Once here Brett with correct equip. Did a great job.
Erwin D. | Seattle
We called late in the day for someone to come to unclog a drain for us. Roto rooter immediately scheduled a time within the hour. What great service!. Kenny Kim came right on time. He was very friendly and found out our needs. Then he got to work, and had our drain cleared in no time. We are so grateful for his excellent and professional service. We will be recommending him to all our friends who need plumbing service. Roto rooter is the best! Christine H.
Christine H. | Seattle
We called roto rooter late in the day to come to unclog our drain. They immediately set up a time to come fix the problem. What great service! Kenny Kim came right on time. He was very friendly and eager to help us in any way he could. He got right to work, and within a short time, had our drain cleared and working fine. We are so grateful for his quick and very professional service. We will recommend him to all our friends whenever they need plumbing service. Roto rooter is the best! Christine
Christine H. | Seattle
Unclogged my kitchen sink quickly
Victor F. | Seattle
Very professional. Quick service. Left everything nice and clean.
Peter H. | Seattle
Quick, informative, polite.
pat d. | Seattle
Ron was courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. We would certainly have him back to do more work.
Crai B. | Seattle
Sayed provided exceptional service. He was courteous and communicative about our situation. He clearly went beyond our expectation in dealing with our situation and we are following his recommendations to the letter. We could not have been more pleased.
Crai B. | Seattle
First class service.
Robert M. | Seattle
Sergei has been to my home several times now. He is my "regular plumber". He is patient, explains everything, does;t recommend anything that does;t need to be done. He is awesome, I will be calling him again soon because I just bought a "new" older home.
Dan Q. | Seattle
Giovani came and helped with our main sewer line. He snaked it and then told us what the issue is. He was very thoughtful and we appreciate his service in our time of need.
Christine B. | Seattle
Easy to schedule appointment; received call to confirm plumber on way; plumber was on time, explained everything well, cleaned up work area.
Meghan R. | Seattle
Roto Rooter sent Paul Warner over ahead of schedule (which I appreciated). I was notified out of their dispatch office about 45 minutes before he arrived. Paul knew what he was doing and cheerfully got going right away. After a false start ( the snake started going uphill, not downhill) Paul got the clog (tree roots in this case) cleared thoroughly. He & his apprentice were very polite, considerate and completely cleaned around the area when they finished. I would be happy to have Paul back for a regular sewer line cleaning.
Doug H. | Seattle
The technicians were professional, and quick. I had a great experience with them. Thank you.
David K. | Seattle
From the first telephone call to Mickey in the front office to watching Paul Warner do his magic then pack his truck upon completion the customer service was as prompt as it was great. The USMC has a term used for exemplary performance, "OUTSTANDING", as was Paul throughout his challenging job to unplug our main sewer/drainage line...And all in a Sunday afternoon too...Oh and did I mention he saved us the inconvenience and expense of a night in a hotel. Many, many thanks, Paul...Gary & Marilynne Frizzell
gary f. | Seattle
Giovanni was great. He was professional, quickly figured out the problem, and took care of it. He provided helpful advice after he was done. I would not hesitate to call him again! I highly recommend him and will request him if I ever have to use Roto Rooter again!
Corey R. | Seattle
excellent help - friendly and quick!!
Pamela H. | Seattle
Miles was very professional, courteous and informative. I had a leaky faucet and a garbage disposal that was not working. Miles diagnosed the problem with the disposal which had a spoon that had dropped down inside the drain. I did not have to replace it!
Patricia A. | Seattle
Eli just came and did an assessment. He's actually been to our property before and he's really great. He's helpful and informative and takes the time to make us feel comfortable with what's going on and with recommendations.
sean c. | Seattle
Your plubmer was quick to respond , fixed our plumbing issue and did a great job explaining what was wrong and how to do prevention maintenance in the future.
George G. | Seattle
Great experience. Ron Kazemian was a really nice helpful guy, super friendly and was commited to solving the problem. He was a pleasure to have around.
Justin P. | Seattle
Professional experience from start to finish. The scheduling agent got us set up with a service window quickly, and we received a call in the first hour of the window indicating we could expect Roto-Rooter technician Alex (technician 2349) within about 45 minutes of that call. He appeared 30 minutes later and did an excellent job of explaining the work he would be doing. He was careful with equipment and used shoe guards and tarps etc. to keep floors protected and clean, and gave several updates throughout his work so we knew of new developments and had a good idea of the time he would need to finish the job.
Don N. | Seattle
Great service, prompt, helpful.
Catherine F. | Seattle
Keep up the good services
Joyce G. | Seattle
Giovanni was early, well-kempt, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.
Denise C. | Seattle
It was the first time that I've ever had to call a plumber, I had knocked over the water tank of my toilet and it wasn't working anymore. I called on Sunday night, and they were able to send someone on Monday morning. Great service, Brandin was efficient and removed my 16-yr old broken toilet and replaced it with a new one. I hope I don't need a plumber again anytime soon, but if i ever did, i will definitely call rotorooter again!
Rochelle A. | Seattle
Efficient, clean and done. Appreciate the recurring professionalism.
Kai A. | Seattle
Great service. Gio the plumber was on time, thorough and efficient. He was finished and we were back in business within an hour on a Saturday morning. He also took time to explain what was happening and what we could do to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem. We are satisfied customers.
David R. | Seattle
Another company came out prior to your visit and could not clear the clog in the kitchen sink. The other company also damaged my floors. Your guy, Seyed, trouble-shooted the situation and got the clog removed. He also cleaned up after himself. Thanks!
Charles G. | Seattle
The tech, Miles, that came out was awesome! He was extremely knowledgeable, diligent and professional. He explained every step of the work done so there were no surprises from beginning to end. I am very thankful for the work done and the manner in which it was done.
Dillon A. | Seattle
Reuben was very polite and he did an outstanding job of fixing the clogged drain. He cleaned everything up and went the extra mile to make sure the job was perfect. I appreciate his professionalism and pride in his work.
Janet B. | Seattle
Good and quick service!
Greg T. | Seattle
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