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Roto-Rooter SeaTac, WA: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in SeaTac, WA, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Sam from Roto-Rooter did a great job fixing our clogged drain quickly and provided good guidance on how to keep it unclogged.
Sami T.
We have used Roto-Rooter 5 times, most recently a cracked copper pipe. They are always on time, helpful, courteous, clean up their work and get the job done as quickly as possible. The first time I used them the guy who came out did everything he could to make sure we didn't have to pull our Shower out for him to do the repair. As he said, good thing he has small hands! I recommend them to anyone needing plumbing help who wants good quality service.
Christine L.
They provided excellent service. Showed up on time and very helpful. Would use again!!
Danielle L.
I needed someone to come out and fix my sink in the middle of the night when i was not able to reach the management of my complex and also they needed to find someone to come out to Tacoma first, they were there and fixed it. No problems. No complaints that Greg was stuck with the work until midnight and super friendly. I'd call you guys again any time i need help you are awesome!!
Silke C.
Mike and Paul were great. Very nice, tidy and through with instilling our new water heater. Would totally call for Mike again if we needed any work done.
Samantha A.
had a water leaking from the garage ceiling at 3pm. I made an phone call appointment easily, the receptionist guided me to turn off the water valve to the whole house. At 9:30am next morning, Mike showed up on time and cut open the garage ceiling, then cut open the 2nd floor bathroom wall. Within 45 min, he found the problem--- due to wall trim nail entered the pipe at the 2nd floor. Mike explained to me it happened when the house was built. After 15 years, the nail finally got rotten and pipe started to leak. Mike pulled out the trouble trim nail, replaced the defect part of pipe, within 1 hour and 15 minutes, the repair work was done. Very professionally! Mike also suggest me doing the water damage restoration to prevent the mold. The restoration crew came in the afternoon, cut open the wet drywall in the ceiling, remove the insulation material, and install the air mover and dehumidifier. It will take 2 days. Thanks!
Chunfang Q.
Ryan took care of my plugged sink on July 31. He was informative and effecient and continued working the problem until he was satisfied. I would have no hesitation is having him again. Did a wonderful job of cleaning up.
Penelope W.
I had amazing service from Roto Rooter in Kenmore, WA today. I called for an appointment to have roots cut out of our sewer line just before noon. Minutes after getting off the phone, our technician, Florin Regus, called to say he was already on his way. Less than 30 minutes later he'd set up his equipment and was already cleaning the sewer line. He did an excellent job and was fun to talk to. He knew a couple people I knew and was very pleasant. I've had this done a few times (or more) and Florin was perhaps the best yet, super efficient and a great person, with fantastic service. In no time he was done, honored the coupon from the RR website, and was on his way. I If there was six stars I'd give him an even higher rating!
Cary W.
Called today and a technician was out within less than an hour. The drains were cleared and the job done in less than 2 hours. This is the 2nd time I've used this service and, if needed, it won't be the last.
Jason C.
Excellant, no complaints ., Giovanni quickly found the problem was and quickly fixed. Our sewer was back usable in less than 6 hours, and the entire problem was fixed and passed inspection the next day. I would recommend Roto-rooter to others
Maurice C.
we had leaking water heater in middle of night and the guy was quick to get here and help solve the problem. The bill was no fun, but not unreasonable for our situation.
Teabobaya | SeaTac
Great service! Our service provider Farahd, was such a gentleman and very honest! Guess who I will be calling again if I need plumbing help?!!!
Alexzandra D. | SeaTac
Fast and friendly service! Very personable and helpful.
Brenna D. | SeaTac
This is the second time we have used Roto-Rooter and are still extremely pleased with the service. The service is easy to schedule, the technician calls before arriving and the service is efficient and professional. Questions are answered and also love that we get the pipe shield to prevent further issues. We recommend Roto-Rooter to all of our friends.
Sue O. | SeaTac
Silly me.  I dropped a shard of glass down my garbage disposal...needless to say the garbage disposal didn't work anymore and was leaking water.  I didn't want to wait until Monday so I easily booked an appointment for the next morning (although I was impressed that I could have had someone in my house with 2 hours if needed). Their dispatch called 30 minutes ahead of time and Farzad showed up right on time.  He quickly analyzed the problem, went over the possible fixes and it was determined I needed a new disposal.  He quickly and efficiently installed it.  Tested it afterwards.  Farzad was also a complete pleasure to deal with.  As this was my first plumbing problem that I have ever had to deal with, Roto-Rooter made the experience far less stressful and took the fear out of it for me!
Jerry S. | SeaTac
Yesterday 12/31 /14 was a bad day until I called Roto-Rooter....Paul Warner came right on time and assured me that he could fix my plugged up kitchen drain....One hour later the job was done..He had bought in drop clothes to cover the area. The day turned out to be good after all Thanks to Paul..                            Charles Starkovich
Tony S. | SeaTac
In the middle of a kitchen remodeling project when we had a 'duh' moment, forgetting that we needed a plumber to reconfigure the tapped water line under the house for the ice maker in the fridge.  Couldn't finish the floor without this being done!  Our normal plumber couldn't make it on a Sunday (too busy and not an emergency!) but Roto-Rooter was able to get the job done.  And, recommended braided lines instead of the copper lines that were prone to leaking.  Kitchen is now complete and ice maker is hooked up again - just in time for the holidays!
Dave W. | SeaTac
Our hot water heater tank began to leak on Sunday evening. It's in my home office in the basement so I was pretty worried.  Rotorooter sent a plumber (Cyrus? I am terrible at names) in under an hour. He got the water safely drained, explained options for replacing our old heater, installed the new heater and showed us how it works.  A few slow leaks appeared overnight (we have an old house, and anytime you do something, more problems appear). After some snafus with the schedulers, another plumber, Arash, came to our house.  He was a real pro and diagnosed the problems fast.  (He also had a very cool camera with a fiber-optic part to look inside the walls and find the leaking joint.)   The system is now working beautifully.  Arash also took the time to fix a joint under the bathroom sink and explained we'd want to replace all of them sometime, as they are old and failing.  We plan to use this company again for upgrading our plumbing. Great employees.
Nancy B. | SeaTac
Quick turn-around; worked to find reasonably priced solution.
Rebecca N. | SeaTac
Called early Sunday morning and a service tech. was out early and had the job done in half an hour.  It was so easy and the tech was so nice that it made my day!
Diane B. | SeaTac
Called early Sunday morning and a service tech. was out early and had the job done in half an hour.  It was so easy and the tech was so nice that it made my day!
Diane B. | SeaTac
Roto-Rooter saved the weekend! It started on Friday evening, I was washing a load of laundry and when the washer drained - the path of least resistance turned out to be the bathroom. Water was cascading out of the toilet and up from the bathtub! Disgusting!! After turning the washer off and using every towel in the house, my boyfriend and his buddy spent a few hours trying to locate the clog and remove it. This included an evening trip to Lowes for a plumbing snake and industrial Drano. Unfortunately they were not successful. I remembered Roto-Rooter's commercials and how they don't charge extra for evening and weekend calls - so I gave them a call. I was quoted a window of time and told they would call when they were on their way. I appreciated this because I have a two dogs that would need to be put in their kennel before allowing an unfamiliar person into the house . Kenny, the technician, arrived shortly after the warning call and was very professional. He identified the clog location after asked a few questions he quickly got to work. He was very respectful of our floors and made sure to put down a tarp and towels as to not make a mess. i think it took Kenny less than an hour to break up the clog and test all the drains. Needless to say, I had a lot of laundry to do so I gave everything a good test too! Its now been a few days and everything is working perfectly! Thank you Roto-Rooter!!Lynnwood, WA
Erica H. | SeaTac
I'm a fan.Picture this: It was a Sunday afternoon and the family was preparing to attend a wedding. I was the second shower while the wash machine was going when everything started to back up in both bathrooms. Being on septic, we instantly panicked. My husband spent 4-5 hours in the septic and trying to snake the lines while I tended to the newborn twins and stressed about them not being able to need anything involving water for who knows how long. After hours of work, we identified a clog in the lines but still couldn't get to it. It was now Sunday night, aka the worst time to call for plumbing assistance. After I called a few local plumbers that were either rude or wouldn't see us for over a week, I called the Roto Rooter. They seemed pleasant enough, and made me feel relieved when they said there was no extra charge for weekend/evening, and the service tech would give us a hard estimate before beginning the work. They could also have someone out within three hours and would call about 30 min prior to arrival. Maybe 10 min later, the phone rang and the gentleman was on his way.Once he arrived he assessed the situation, I went inside to grab bottles for the babies, and he was done. Seriously. In the time it took me to walk inside and grab milk from the refrigerator. Amazing. I learned two things that day. 1) Don't spend 5 hours and miss a wedding, call Roto Rooters right away. 2) Postpartum hair loss will destroy your plumbing.
Siobhan W. | SeaTac
Excellent, quick, expert service.  I call them now that I learned they do all kinds of plumbing, not just unclogging drains.
Patricia M. | SeaTac
I called roto rooter today (6/18/2012) and told JoAnn about our current drain problem. She told me that somebody would be at our home within two hours. I got a call shortly thereafter and was told that Joe Thompson was on his way and that Joe was top notch and with the company for 19 years! Joe arrived and fixed the problem !!! There was water backing up into the laundry tub. He cabled out approximately 10 feet to clear the drain out -- and 40 feet as maintenance. He tested the water and checked for leaks. He carefully explained to me what the problem was and what he was doing to repair the problem and to keep it from happening again. There is a 6 month guarantee. Joe told me that if the problem reoccurs, to call him. He is topnotch and I would call him again if needed. (He gave me his card). He is an Engineering Supervisor with Roto Rooter. I have full confidence in Joe Thompson and Roto Rooter and I would recommend Joe Thompson and Roto Rooter to anyone who has a similar problem. As you can tell from this review, I am very happy with the results. .... Shirley Guterson
Shirley G. | SeaTac
Pleased with the prompt, friendly service. Joe was very helpful with information to prevent future problems.
Mal | SeaTac
Roto-Rooter Service 5-27-10When I called them to come make a quote on a basic air gap install for my kitchen sink, the technician was quick to point out a short cut the previous plumber had made when he installed the dishwasher. This short cut had lead to gunk build up in our pipes and an ineffective dish washing system. He offered to fix this problem for free while he installed the air gap. He was honest and clearly told me what was needed vs. recommended. He also gave me helpful hints to troubleshoot any future problems before having to make another service call. I'd recommend them to anyone that wanted the job done right the first time.
Juliet | SeaTac
Our Service Guy Daniel Brentwood was very professional, polite, and knowledgeable.
Jacqui B. | Lynnwood
great job, very efficient
Shauney M. | Sumner
Our plumber was very patient, quick and came prepared.
Jean H. | Seattle
Gary Robinson

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