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When you need experienced plumbers in Redwood City, CA, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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It was pretty late in the evening. And we set it up online and within 30 minutes they came to fix our problem. On top off that the guy was super friendly and gave us suggestions and helpful. Overall experience was excellent. Will definetely use them for the future. Bonus: Military discount
Maria H.
Friendly and efficient service. These guys come with all the right tools and technology to ensure that the job gets done quickly and well.
Stephan V.
Excellent service. I even called the service technician's manager to compliment him on hiring such a capable, professional service technician: Jerry Gutierrez.
Lise O.
We have used Roto-Rooter a few times in the past with excellent results. A recent issue came up and after 8 years we were happy to find out the same technician Ryan Sanderson was available to service our issues again. He is the best technician - professional, courteous, can troubleshoot the problem accurately. Once the problem is fixed, it's fixed for good. We highly recommend Roto-Rooter.
Adr S.
Matt did a very good job fixing my clog. He explained exactly what he was going to do and provided helpful tips going forward. He came the same day as when I submitted a service request, which was much needed. Thanks again Matt!
Tom M.
I could not have been happier with the service provided this evening by Frank Torres. He was very professional and determined to solve our backed up line. Even though our trap was hard to reach and caused Frank to work at a difficult angle, Frank kept a positive attitude and never gave up until the line was flowing clear! Once he figured out what was going on, he made recommendations for keeping the lines clear in the future. Thanks Frank - really appreciate you sticking with the problem and getting such a great result. Fantastic job!
Benjamin G.
We highly recommend Jesus from Roto-Rooter. He was courteous, professional and very pleasant to work with. He patiently explained what caused the blockage in our drains and what he proposed to do. We are very pleased with his work.
Linda F.
Oh YES, another happy Roto-Rooter customer am I !! Had two drain problems that were giving me trouble. I tried to clear the problems a couple of times but had limited success so called Roto-Rooter. Well within a few hours the drain problems were gone. Their service man, Bill was his name, was there within an hour or so and had both of the drains cleared and tested within an hour. It was especially reassuring to know that his testing showed both problems were completely solved. Hooray for Roto-Rooter , and thanks Bill !!
John K.
On a Sunday afternoon, Phillip arrived on time and cleared the blockage in our toilet. He did this the most effective way, saving us time and money. We are pleased with his service.
Gary E.
A positive experience with a real mess. They came very quickly to a retail establishment and had us back in good shape incredibly fast. Very pleasant and polite fellow. I highly recommend them if you have the need.
Pam V.
As usual with Roto Rooter servicing Menlo Park, the service was complete and timely.
Tom P. | Redwood City
Services was great.. Jesus is knowledgeable and courteous, always good to have the same Service tech.
Tan P. | Redwood City
Murphy's Law-Went into the basement Christmas morning to discovery a sink overflowing and family coming for dinner. Called Roto-Rooter the next day and found no extra charge for weekends. Scheduled a time slot for Sunday, and they called at 7:300AM that morning to say the driver would arrive in 30 minutes. Michael showed up on time, gave me a quote and then cleared the drain. When he left the area was cleaner than when he arrived. You can't ask for anything more than that type of service.
John K. | Redwood City
Jesus was fantastic. Late night New Year's eve main line backup was handled professionally and Jesus was very personal. Easy to recommend!
Judy O. | Redwood City
Our shower/garbage disposal was clogged; we are in an older home in Midtown. Roto-Rooter was the only service with availability to come in the middle of the night. The technician was fantastic. Put on booties to protect the floors, understood the issue and got right on it. He was very friendly, professional and thorough. I highly recommend this service/company. Five stars.
Cynthia P. | Redwood City
Sewer was backed up in the morning. We called and they came out within an hour, fixed it, and everything was taken care of. No mess, no fuss. Happy to have it taken care of!
Brian M.
We had a horrible drainage problem for the whole house. Called Roto-Rooter and they were able to come out within an hour. Jay was our service tech. Very pleasant to talk to. Very professional... 
Chad M.
Very HONEST!! I called these guys out today because of slow running drains and backed up toilet. Luis was here within an hour and was friendly and knowledgable. Turns out, it was a problem that... 
Nicola C.
The service was quick and reasonably priced. The plumber Richard was very efficient.Great service, will highly recommend it !!Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Sumanth R.
I was skeptical at first about the quality of employees and work (compared to a plumbing company) but man was I wrong! The dispatcher I spoke with on the phone was extremely helpful and pleasant.... 
Jessica B.
Had Brandon install our new water heater on 4/30/14.  He did a great job - was on time, fast, clean and also gave my husband and I a rundown of how it worked, and safety precautions on what levels to NOT set it to unless we wanted the possibility of some serious burns.  Took away the old water heater and all the packaging for the new one as well, leaving us with the booklet in a handy dandy envelope attached to the side of the new heater.  No surprises on the bill either - kept within his estimate.  Another great experience with Roto-Rooter. :)
Stacey W.
Hot water stopped running in one of the two sinks in my bathroom. Scheduled an appointment online and they called to confirm. Then they called an hour before they arrived and Brandon actually showed up on time. After having lots of horrible service calls from other companies that are supposed to deliver / fix / install / etc, this was a nice change of pace. He even didn't knock very loud and I have an infant so that was awesome and he was friendly to my dog. He fixed the problem in about 30 minutes and gave me a quote to replace my super old water heater too. Very informative and super nice guy. I know some of the other reviews say it's pricey, but I'm tired of looking for low prices and only getting crappy service / products. Happy to pay a little more for someone who is knowledgeable, prompt, and nice. And he totally didn't make a mess either like others have said. He was conscientious about wearing the booties and the bathroom is just as clean as he found it. So happy. :)
Stacey W.
My old water heater died and RotoRooter did a fantastic job replacing it quickly and efficiently.  My serviceman was Tony Cardona and he was very knowledgeable.  I asked him about different replacement options, and he carefully described each option and discussed the pros and cons of each.  In the end, I decided to go with another 50 gallon tank water heater.  Based on our needs and water usage, this is the best option for us.  Thank you Tony for taking the time to discuss the various options with me.My old water heater was not installed by RotoRooter and had many code violations.  The lack of viable options for placement of the new water heater, plus the many issues with pre-existing piping in my house made the installation job very challenging.  This was a tough job!  Tony took the time to install everything correctly and to meet all current safety codes.  Tony did a great job of telling me about issues as he found them, which gave us an opportunity to discuss options for resolving them in a cost effective manner.  I am VERY HAPPY with the final installation.  Tony Cardona is an excellent service representative for RotoRooter and I would highly recommend him for any plumbing job.  He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and took the time to do the job right.  I will use RotoRooter again for any plumbing repairs.  Thank you Tony!
Stephen T.
It was excellent. He came out on time fixed the problem. I works now. We live in San Mateo CA. Jordan Dolgoff
Jordan D.
we had our bathroom toilet leaking and making a smelling mess so my wife and I called rotor rooter and they said they will send some one over in about 2 hours which made me worried because the leak was not stopping even when I cut the water supply for toilet. Luis arrived in 30 min which was great and got to work right away and explain us the situation and said that our sewer clean out was clogged and he snaked it and clean it and recommend some future options to help prevent the situation from happy again. I highly recommend Luis and rotor rooter they were professional on time and honest
Octavio B.
Very timely, courteous and helpful service by Luis today! He arrived on time, was very polite, completed the service carefully and added clean out of another drain stack at no extra charge. He provided tips on how to better maintain our drains so that we can go longer between needing service visits! Really appreciate your help Luis!
Peter G.
I called their switchboard and they had the details from my last call 2-3 years ago. It took less than two minutes to set up an appointment. John came on time, gave me a good deal, and did everything in less than 45 minutes. Amazing how well they do things.
Andreas R.
Roto Rooter Plumbers Service Date 7/26/2011This review is for Steve(who covers Sunnyvale to Brisbane), who we met a few months back when we had trouble with our tennants line. After we fixed that, because of Steve's guidance, we thought we'd be back up free for years....however our line to our house(we own a duplex) decided to back up. Our guest bathroom, laundry and sink all connect under the house and run out on one main line. When we would do laundry the tub started to back up, yummy. It happened sporadically so we just let it be. Well, then it happened again and because we are just tired of the pipe drama we said let's fix it. Now because I married an awesome guy, who worked and learned a bunch from Steve a few months back because of our other back up, my husband crawled under our house, cut off the old cast iron pipes and replaced them with 4"PVC, and while the line was open he used his "home depot" snake to clean out the line. Well guess what?  He got a few roots out. So, he hooked everything back up thinking it should work and then we could just flush some root killer down the toilet. Well it wasn't that easy.  Then our toilet started to back up, as well as everything he went to A-1 rentals and paid $200 for a 2" industrial snake....not long enough, so we still hadn't solved our problem!We finally decided to bring in the big guns and called Steve who we waited for for 2 days because he was just starting his 2 days off. HE IS WORTH IT! Steve is prompt, professional and experienced. He also doesn't BS you, he will tell you exactly what the issue it, and take care of it, time and time again because you get a 6 month gaurantee on residential issues!!  And because my husband already had the toilet off and everything ready for Steve, he gave us a discount. We have learned so much about drains in the last year of home ownership. "miles D" is saying that the city would have cleaned out his line, that is not true. The city only cleans out the city lines. If you have a blockage in  your line, you have to push it to the city line first. Also as we have learned if you have roots in your line, you might eventually have to replace your line altogether, it could be cracked, and there could be break in the line. These issues only arise if after the line has been snaked it keeps backin up, this is all indication of a more serious problem.I don't think giving 2 stars for some of these issues is fair for Roto Rooter. If the guy came and unplugged your drain he did his job. There is also a 6 month gaurantee on most of their services so JUST CALL THEM BACK if it still backs up! Geesh read the paper you sign dummy!
Jennifer T.
Our plumbing backed up on a Sunday afternoon.  We called Discount Rooter and $205 later, still had no plumbing! Monday came and went with a call to the city and another call to Discount Rooter with no luck. Discount Rooter kept raising the price to fix the problem.On Tuesday we called Roto Rooter for a second opinion.  Clearly this should've been our first call.  JJ and Kelvin came out and in less than 5 minutes, they had the drain cleared!! They did in 5 minutes what the city and the Discount Rooter couldn't do in 2 days and several hours.  The guys were really friendly and even gave us a 6 month guarantee, something the other company couldn't do!  We definitely got the Roto Rooter number by the phone should this happen again. Thanks JJ and Kelvin! You saved the day!!
Leslie G.
Roto-Rooter Service: 3/11/11This is the second time in the past 9year I have needed plumbing service. The house we live in getting close to 70 and there is still a  lot of original fixtures and plumbing. The main sewer line backed up, fortunately it was the washing machine that triggered it so the driveway flooded with sudsy water. I called Roto Rooter and they picked up immediately and dispatched someone within 30 minutes. Our service rep Octavius was great. He cleared the main line, added root remover, then cleared all the line in the house. He discovered the P-trap on one of our sinks had almost totally disintegrated. He had to cut the pipe and rethread to match the old pipes. This turned into a big service call, but he completed the entire job in 3.5 hours. A discount was offered on some of the labor because of the size of the job. I continue to call Roto Rooter because I have been impressed by the quality of customer service they provide. I highly recommend them!
Keith J.
We called 3 service providers and perhaps given it was Thanksgiving weekend and a rainy day, only Roto-Rooter had technicians availabile. Ryan (team leader) was utmost professional and knowledgeable! He explained to us clearly and patiently how the process works and everything worked out beautifully and expeditiously ! We can not be happier with the service and the result!! Highly recommended!!
Elaine Y. | Redwood City
Fast, efficient service.
Wilson G. | Redwood City
The plumber who came to my house was professional, knowledgable, and respectful of my special need to keep the cat out of the basement :-) He kept the area clean and did a great job!
Susan L. | Redwood City
He called ahead of time, and showed up when he said he would. He answered questions and did the hard to get to pipe in the garage. He was courteous and forthright in what he was doing, and he made friends with my cat who was annoying him.
Gina T. | Redwood City
Ryan Sanderson is why I gave this the top rating. He is excellent and has been to our house on more than one occasion to resolve our plumbing issues. He is courteous, professional, explains the issue and resolves it quickly and efficiently. Even after several years, we ALWAYS request this technician anytime we need something fixed. He is always reliable and we trust him.
Adrienne S. | Redwood City
very satisfied customer
stephan g. | Redwood City
Everyone connection with the work did an excellent job, great follow through
Bill G. | Redwood City
Lorne was helpful nice and honest!
Eric F. | Redwood City
Luis came out to help remove a nail wedged in my garbage disposal. From the time I place the first call to when he arrived was less than 2 hours. Once again a very courteous and professional person arrived and did a very competent job. I tend to ask questions, to learn something, and Luis was very agreeable to answering my questions. Plus, I learned more about the proper use of a garbage disposal. I know that when I call Roto Rooter I will get the job taken care of and a solid warranty back up the work. Thank you!
Laura S. | Redwood Shores
When I called, I asked for an experienced person, since in the past plumbers have had trouble getting the cutter going uphill, and both sides needed to be cleared of roots. I was tremendously impressed when Jesus called to say he could come two hours early. He ran the cutters through and concentrated on the areas where he thought roots were present to do a thorough job. I don't know yet if this will last, but I was impressed with his early arrival, and the ease with which he did his job. I told him I was very pleased that evidently I got Roto Rooter's best plumber. And I didn't have to wait all evening to get the job done. My original time block was 4-6 p.m. and he arrived around 2 p.m. which made me very happy.
Carol M. | Redwood City
Fast excellent service. James diagnosed the problem and had it fixed within an hour. It took that long only because he had to move equipment into place in order to clean out the sewer line. I will certainly use RotoRooter again and recommend them as well.
Lyssa L. | Redwood Shores
Tim was super professional and very knowledgeable. He arrived very quickly from when we contacted RR and was thorough in taking care of our problem. Best, janelle
Janelle F. | Redwood City
James was great to work with. Very informative.
Holly Y. | San Mateo
Phone answered by Vickie or Jackie, both good service
Allan N. | Mountain View
Q. Wilson did a Great Job, answered All My Questions, walked Me through everything I needed to know. I have never been unhappy or dissatisfied with Roto-Rooter's Work, It's Always Top-Notch!
Bruce H. | Sunnyvale
Service person was polite, knowledgeable and had good customer service skills and attitude. He is a asset to Roto Rooter and his Company.
William A F. | Palo Alto
I am completing this survey to enter drawing for a Refund. I refuse to give out my REAL phone number and be bothered by more calls If you send me unsolicited emails I will treat them as SPAM. Do not abuse me with unwanted calls, emails.
Marilyn J. | Belmont
Serviceman went far beyound my expectations.
Carole H. | Burlingame
Very professional and informative
Liz T. | San Carlos
Very Fast and Great, Friendly Service
Treena K. | San Carlos
Scott Sylvia came 1/2 hour after I called to unclog my toilet. He was so helpful and nice and did a great job. I will highly recommend Scott and Roto-Rooter. Great job!!
Lori B. | Redwood City
Joaquin was excellent. He described every aspect of what he was doing, and made sure that I was comfortable with each step in the process that was necessary to resolve our issue. I highly recommend his services!
Chris K. | Redwood City
Mike Fitzgibbons

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