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Roto-Rooter Orlando, FL: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Orlando, FL, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Service was professional and personal. Our plumbing tech (no. 1447) was very helpful and offered options that saved us money! I highly recommend Orlando roto-rooter!!!.
Roland H.
Excellent service and fast service! They were willing to send out a serviceman the same day that I called with no extra charge. They called in advance to let me know when the serviceman was on his way. The serviceman was very helpful in explaining the problem and letting me know what he would have to do to fix the problem. The serviceman went above and beyond to insure the best customer service by installing the outside water device in such a way that it would be inexpensive and easier to fix if a future problem were to occur. Reasonable prices, and I was able to use a valuable coupon that was easily printed from the website. Very friendly and helpful serviceman and staff, and I will definitely use them in the future!
Ashley I.
When I called them for free estimates, I was not sure about their work. The quality of work is amazing, kept their words, friendly and very nominal in price compared to Benjamin Franklin. Appreciate the great work done by Richard, the plumber.
Siva G.
on it and It went very well, Pete assessed the situation quickly. He explained the possible extra cost that might be incurred if the flex hose didn't work. He quickly went to work and replaced the hose after sawing off a bit of the PVC pipe. Tightened it up and tested the now hose for any leaks. Problem solved. a personable technician that I would recommend to anyone.
Robert W.
Pete Lewis in Orlando, tech #2136, did a great job!! Quick and professional. I'll request him by name next time. I'm a new fan of Roto-Rooter
Shelley D.
I called Roto-Rooter and told them about my bathroom problem and within the hour, a technician was in my Kissimme home. He was very polite, helpful, and answered all my questions. What seemed like a big disaster was promptly fixed and my mind placed on ease do to the excellent quality of service provided by the technician. People might say the are bit more pricey when compared to other companies. I found it to be worth it for the excellent service. I will not be worrying about my plumbing for a while, will take the advice given and use it. If I problem ever occurs in the future, I know I can trust Roto-Rooter.
Denise R.
Roto-Rooter came out and installed a ventless washer-dryer combo under the kitchen counter, installed a new kitchen faucet, and replaced all the plumbing under the kitchen sink. It was a big job, and the serviceman was pleasant, knowledgeable, and completed everything A+. Thanks Roto-Rooter!
Lynor L.
Claudius did a great job in fixing our sewer clog and resetting our toilet. He was proactive in trying to do everything possible to fix our clog. Our home had no electricity yet, but we were able... 
Gwen B.
Claudius did a great job in fixing our sewer clog and resetting our toilet. He was proactive in trying to do everything possible to fix our clog. Our home had no electricity yet, but we were able to bum some power from our neighbor. He finished the job at around 9:30pm. Definitely great service. i would use them again.
Gwen B.
Peter Lewis was my technician. He was knowledgeable, professional and made great recommendations to prevent future problems/ He used an auger to unclog the line in less than 5 minutes. The price point was steep for my budget but he was wiling to work with me and made an adjustment that was a win-win for everyone. Job Well Done!
Marcia M.
Although the process took most of the day, the work seemed to go smoothly. The technician who diagnosed the problem responded quickly on the day he arrived; within the first two hours of the four hour window. This being said, I had to reschedule from the day before, as they were unable to make it to my house within the original window they set, so the better part of two days was spent waiting. The tech was pleasant, professional and explained the inspection process and the results of same. The technician who completed the repairs arrived later than expected, but began work promptly and was also pleasant, professional and explained the repairs that were needed. He provided his professional opinion regarding the cause of the break in the line which I found useful to hopefully prevent further issues. The repairs were completed after he received clearance from the 611 people who approved him to dig. He kept me apprised of the progress of the repairs which was greatly appreciated.It appears that all is well with the lines currently. The tech cleaned up as much of the mess that was possible for him to clean up and provided information in case I wanted to write a review.
Sheila A.
After crawling under the house numerous times to patch a piece of copper tubing that had, over the years, developed several holes, I called Roto-Rooter. There were some communication problems to begin with. I told them the opening to the crawl space was small, but they sent two technicians who had large shoulders. On the third try, a slender worker showed up. I showed Richard a photo I had taken of the area to be fixed. Instead of just replacing the 6-inch piece of pipe, I asked him to redo the whole area, which included connections to two toilets, two sinks, and out the front of the house (two feet away) to a hose connector. He went under the house, double checked what he needed, and got to work, finishing in about an hour. Richard was knowledgable, courteous, and proficient. He was also patient with me with all my questions about new types of pipe, connectors, concrete patch material, and other things that amateur handymen want to know about! He had quoted me the price ahead of time and it seemed a little high, but I guess for what I asked of him, it turned out ok.
Barry P.
Service over the  phone was polite and informative! Our plumber Larry was very knowledgable. He knew exactly what was going on and how to fix it! We are extremely happy with Roto-Rooter and the service we received!
Carrie D.
Great Job on day after Thanksgiving with kitchen sink clog! Bill the plumber was friendly and very competent.
Vincent G.
WoW! Another great experience with this company. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. We had a slab leak the day before July 4th. They sent someone out right away and he was able to verify that the leak was below the floor. Unfortunately, their leak detection expert that was on duty couldn't come out until the next day. Ceaser came out on July Fourth, no extra charge, and went to work to make sure of exactly where the leak was. It took him an hour or so but when they pulled up the tile and jack hammered through the slab, BAM, the leak was right there! Nice thing was the detection and the repair were pretty much a flat rate so we knew the relative cost up front, no suprises. His repair and patching back up the concrete were meticulous and he made sure we saw the work at each stage along the way. Definitely call these guys if you have need of plumbing services.
Bill T.
WoW! Another great experience with this company. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. We had a slab leak the day before July 4th. They sent someone out right away and he was able... 
Bill T.
Job well done by tech 3122. I will use Roto-Rooter again in the future.
Michael M. | Orlando
Wonderful Service .
Mary A. | Orlando
Hyppolito did an excellent job explaining the process that he was going to do and what were the next steps if the initial step did not work unclogging the toilet.. I would highly recommend him to do work again in the future and for any of my neighbors. He was very punctual when he said he would be here and very well mannered.
JOSEPH M. | Orlando
Saturday afternoon, waiting on company to arrive and guest bathroom clogged up. They were here less than two hours later. Fixed the problem. Great service! Very polite and professional
Alicia . | Orlando
Great plumber at my house the same day I called. Knowledgeable and professional.
Charlie R. | Orlando
The gentleman who came was very professional and knew what he was doing. I was impressed with his concern and interest in my problem. He went to work immediately on it and gave us good service. I will definitely use you again.
Frank B. | Orlando
Great service, our technician was professional and very thorough. He found the problem and took care of it, no more backed up, clogged pipes!
Angela M. | Orlando
I have used Roto-Rooter for a very long time. I have always been pleased but this service call was exemplary. Tom and Michael were both personable, professional and very meticulous. Today was the first time I didn't have to wash all my floors and hose off the porch after the drain was cleared. Highly recommend them both!
Janette K. | Orlando
Nice, well-trained service employee who found the problem quickly and resolved it.
Marilyn B. | Orlando
Where do I even begin.... Literally the best service/experience I have EVER had with a company. I can't stress that enough. We were living a nightmare, and our Roto Rooter team went above and beyond to help us get our situation under control and fixed. I honestly don't know what I would have done without them. We moved into a home and within a month, we were having major plumbing issues. I called Roto Rooter around 8 a.m.-- someone was at my house by 9:45 a.m. They are very professional-- used cameras and took the time to explain each and every little detail to me from the first day til the very last day they left. I won't bore you with my terrible situation, but what I will say is that Trey (Willis) is the man. The communication they kept with me about every little detail was beyond what I could have ever expected. Richard did our actual plumbing (We have to have our floors ripped up)-- which is terrible-- but Richard and another staff member did it in record time and with as little mess as possible. These guys are heaven sent-- awesome, honest, and experienced team. Again, I would be totally lost without their help and expertise. These guys work long hours and don't stop til the job is completed. What more could you ask for? Thank you all for such great and wonderful experience.
Chelsea T. | Orlando
Repairman was great, did a quality job
Darrell G. | Orlando
Great service. Fast, efficient, and left no mess. I would recommend to others.
William L. | Orlando
Great service, tech show on time and very professional!!!!
Savino G. | Orlando
Hypolitte, my plumber, did a great job! He was friendly and very knowledgeable. I would definitely use this company again. Hopefully they would send him out again!
Barry F. | Orlando
Tom was very professional, informative, and made the referral to the water extraction division. Tom is a great asset for your company and should be considered for increased compensation and/or promotion.
Robert W. | Orlando
Tom was very professional, informative, and made the referral to the water extraction division. Tom is a great asset for your company and should be considered for increased compensation and/or promotion.
Robert W. | Orlando
Juan Pablo did a great job restoring flow to clogged shower drainpipe and was very amicable and friendly.
Hubert L. | Orlando
Very friendly and professional, I would recommend Roto-Rooter to my family and friends. If I ever need this type of service again Roto-Rooter will be the first company I will call. Thanks!
Phyllis M. | Orlando
Justin was wonderful. He took care of a huge problem and he was so kind to me. It is hard to have this plumbing problem but he assured me not to worry. Thank you
Pamela R. | Orlando
Very professional service, and the plumber came in with manners and great assistance. This is the way customer service is supposed to and should be.
Pauline M. | Orlando
The technician arrived on time. He explained everything thoroughly to me and finished up in record time.
Toya W. | Orlando
Norbert was a great service technician.
Errol G. | Orlando
I initially had an appointment scheduled for Friday between 12 noon -2 pm & did didn't find out that the technician was running late until I called. I reluctantly rescheduled for Saturday between 2pm-6pm. Kareem showed up on time & ready to work. He was COURTES, CLEAN, THOROUGH & DILIGENT! What a hard worker! He deserves a raise!!! Thank you Rotor Rooter & Kareem! P.S. Never underestimate good customer service.😊👍
Iris D. | Orlando
Technician 3122. Knew what he was doing. Took care of the problem in no time.
Edward H. | Orlando
Justin was very professional, knowledgeable, and kind! He answered all of my questions and completed the job in a timely manner! I would request for him every time !
Sarah R. | Orlando
Justin did a great job snaking the drain and explaining the issues that might have caused the problem. Friendly and knowledgeable
Tammy R. | Orlando
Very prompt service and knowledgeable technician.
Edward H. | Orlando
Tom was my tech. He was on time and very professional. He fixed my problem in a timely manner. I am very happy and pleased with the job. If I need to have another job done I will be calling Rotor Rooter
Melanie C. | Orlando
Great service on a holiday. Service Technician Jose Perez was professional, courteous and very informative.
Shirley E. | Orlando
José explained everything and worked quickly.
Obed M. | Orlando
Was great service and fast
John R. | Orlando
Excellent service. Pipe Shield delivered. Thank you.
Bernice C. | Orlando
Great, fast resolution to kitchen sink plumbing issue.
pat g. | Orlando
Justin Tech-3530 came out and cleared a major clog that caused water to backup into the house for 3 hours. Although we're still dealing with the after effects of restoration I am very happy we got Justin as he represented his employer extremely well.
Walter L. | Orlando
Hyppo is the man. He came out to my house at midnight and was in a great mood. Not only did he correct the problem that we were having but he literally educated me about the entire working of my plumbing system and how he knew my problem right away.
Timothy C. | Orlando
Pleased with the service provided & work completed.
Noel C. | Orlando
My technician Jaun Paublo was very knowledgable and informative,he resolved the issue quickly and professionally.
Kenneth R. | Orlando
Your tech. William, was on time, personable, professional and informative. He performed the repair in a timely fashion and explained what he was doing.
Albert G. | Orlando
The first gentleman that came out worked with us but the quality of his work was not that good. I had to call for warranty work because the fixture was leaking. Mr. Robert Stanton came out on the 2nd and 3rd time and did a terrific job on fixing the problem. He was punctual, considerate and caring about getting the job done right . He put a lot of effort to do a good job.
Peter S. | Orlando
Dave was wonderful, very knowledgeable , professional, quick, I recommend you give him a salary increase. Very satisfied by his work
Dawn F. | Orlando
Jacob did an outstanding job of locating and correcting my plumbing issue. He was friendly knowledgeable and worked quickly to resolve problem. Thanks Jacob for a job well done!!
Steven S. | Orlando
Very fast and efficient. Showed up within an hr of making the appointment. The gentleman that was here was very knowledgeable. I would recommend my tech. Anyone. I think his name was Steve #1272.
Jeff L. | Orlando
It was very Good and i am glad i call
Juanita S. | Orlando
larry [the plumber] extremely confident with a professional attitude.my compliments to you in your choice of employee
harold o. | Orlando
The technician was great! He was very professional and he worked very hard for several hours to make sure everything worked properly.
Chris T. | Orlando
Noel did a great and professional job
Richard A. | Orlando
The technician was very knowledgeable, informative and professional. He did not cut corners. He was timely and efficient. Roto Rooter provided me with a fair and free estimate in which I felt no reason to challenge with a second opinion. Thank you Roto-Rooter. You will always be our choice.
Kevin M. | Orlando
It was a pleasure meeting Richard! he conducted himself in a completely professional and kind manner. I only wish all of my service providers were like him!
Kim W. | Orlando
Service Tech arrived during requested time period. I explained the plumbing situation to him (this was an under the sink dialysis line hook up that had been partially installed, but not completed). He immediately noticed couple of errors in the partial installation and fixed them. The remainder of the installation was completed, with no further complications, in a timely manner. Tech was very cordial and professional with his assessment and work. Thanks Roto-Rooter!
Donald P. | Orlando
Fast, affordable and courteous. More importantly I trusted the work and the suggestions on keeping the lines clean.
Tara S. | Orlando
I am quite pleased with the service Roto-Rooter provided. The water restoration team worked well into the night to start the drying process. The plumber (3870) quickly found and repaired the problem pipe.
Richard A. | Orlando
Job was done quik and clean
Jorge K. | Orlando
The Tech was very professional. He explained everything that was going on and made suggestions as to my next steps.
Monica I. | Orlando
Wilfredo was excellent. He never stopped until he found the problem. He was a pleasure to work with.
Bill P. | Orlando
Prompt and courteous. Very professional and pleasant. Identified problem and left us with instructions. Will definitely use them again.
Pat N. | Orlando
Quick response. Knowledgeable, friendly, and skilled plumber and tech team. Reassuring and accommodating.
Rick A. | Orlando
Kareem was our technician and was awesome, our plumbing service was restored immediately! Great customer service!
Cheri N. | Orlando
I received very fast, courteous, professional service, and the problem was fixed quickly. They made it very convenient by working directly with my landlord over the phone.
Erin P. | Orlando
Very nice service. Mr Juan Oritz very nice Technician and very help fullman.He fixed my leak.Thanks To Mr Juan.
Jayendra R. | Orlando
Friendly and professional. A pleasure to work with.
Gina S. | Orlando
Great friendly service
Alexandra S. | Orlando
We discovered a plumbing issue around lunch time Sunday and called in for help Jay arrived promptly and began diagnosing our problem he needed help and another machine and called in for reinforcements . Larry arrived within 15 mins and between them offered a solution. Both these guys were fantastic a credit to Roto-Rooter. We need a sewer pipe replaced and they will be here first thing Monday. Gr8 personal service highly recommend.
Ken B. | Orlando
Larry did a great job!!! He was very personable, professional Straightforward & honest. He really knows his stuff! Allana is terrific also, she surveyed the water damage & handled everything so I didn't have to do anything. Larry & Allana are two excellent representatives of Roto Rooter.. When they left my house - I felt relieved & confident that all was taken care of. My brother-in-law recommended Roto Rooter & I will definately be doing the same. Thank you!!!
Judith B. | Orlando
I was completely happy with my service.
Joseph M. | Orlando
They were fantastic. They were referred to me by my neighbor after I had a bad experience with a different plumber. Rotorooter found the problem immediately and had a solution and fixed it. I would highly recommend them.
Penny S. | Orlando
I was very satisfied with the service Roto-Rooter provided me this morning. Juan Oritz was very courteous and answered any of my leak questions. Greg Covell from Water Restoration was vey helpful as well. He told me just what to expect to rectify my problem and was helpful with the insurance questions.
Betty Z. | Orlando
I have had 2 separate plumbing issues in about a month and I called Roto Rooter each time. The technicians that were sent out were first rate both were knowledgeable and efficient and resolved my issues very quickly. The service people were very pleasant and courteous.
Merritt D. | Orlando
I had an overflowing toilet and the plumber was able to get it fixed. He laso gave me advice on procuring a new toilet.
Juan S. | Orlando
Very pleased with the service. The plumber put in extra effort to do the job right. I would use Roto Rooter again and recommend to friends.
Peter B. | Orlando
The technician that came to our home was awesome, you could really tell he took a lot of pride in his work. He even cleaned the area where he worked and the job was done in a timely manner. We appreciate the professionalism he showed. Thanks,, The Sparrow Family
Tameka S. | Orlando
William was very professional. He was prompt to respond and maintenance clean-up was excellent. You have a great representative in William. Thank you, and if we have another plumbing problem, we will definitely contact you.
Stan A. | Orlando
Plumber Donald Stephens was very knowledgeable and Professional....
Audrey J. | Orlando
Once again, I called Roto-Rooter and they delivered!! They arrived before the time that we expected and the technician Will was GREAT!! Very friendly and helpful! I am so grateful that we had our issue resolved so quickly on Christmas Eve!
Katherine T. | Orlando
The service tech, Don Stephens, was excellent in assessing the problem, cutting out root blockage of my main drain, and restoring toilet, shower, and other water-related operations all in abiut 20 minutes. I'm a very satisfied customer!
Kevin M. | Orlando
Your Service Person was professional, friendly, and thorough in repairing our plumbing issues. He anwswered all my questions and did an excellent job. I will refer and have your company take care of all my future plumbing issue. Thank you for sending Pueblow to take care my issues. He is definetely a great asset to your company. All of our plumbing problems were resolved. Merry Christmas. Elson Hogan
Elson H. | Orlando
They came very quickly. They send you a email to tell they are soon. The tech was very nice. Professional.
Edward D. | Orlando
The service was completed in a timely manner by a very professional technician. Very pleased with the service.
Sue C. | Edgewood
I have a complaint! On Nov 9th your employee spent two hours busting his butt digging outside the house to unclog a line inside the house. The charge of $250 was reasonable. But he explained that we needed a new clean-out installed outside the house( it was now part of the code). It could be done for $750. On Nov 10th two employees came to install the clean-out. One was standing around every time I checked. The other employeed installed a PVC pipe with screw cap. then replaced the dirt. They were here less than an hour which included me signing all the SMA forms and getting the invoice. My comlaint? I feel that $750 for the clean-out was far too much. In fact I think it was $500 too much. Frankly, I feel really ripped off. Now let's hope this feedback gets to other potential customers.
John S. | Orlando
what I liked the most was the promptness of sending us a plumber. We had a clogged line and even though it looked good on Friday when Don came we called back on Monday and Kareem was able to fix the problem. Both were gentle, friendly and professional. I would use you guys again. thank you.
Alberto C. | Orlando
Your plumber was awesome!!!! He did a great job and was very pleasant, friendly, and professional. If I ever need a plumber again, I want him. He was great!
Joan J. | Altamonte Springs
Michael Chastain was extremely helpful and courteous. Problem was much more complicated than first expected. He explained everything and was helpful in determining the best solution.
Karen E. | Winter Park
was promised from 10-12, Arrived at 1420. Excellent service. courteous and personable.
Angelina M. | Orkabdo
Cake in the City is our business name. We were very happy with Steve's service and knowledge of plumbing. We look forward to us completing this plumbing problem soon.
Michelle C. | Orlando
William has above Excellent customer service very knowledgeable I give him 5 star plus
Lizbeth l. | Altamonte spring
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