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Roto-Rooter Newark, DE: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Newark, DE, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Great service, price not too bad. Excellent customer service. Will use them again if needed. Newark, DE
Excellent service.
Richard J.
After a brief mix up about who was showing up and when, they came through with the highest professional manner, made a difficult job easy, and did go above and beyond, within the scope of money asked. Never requested more money, never said something may cost additional....just delivered!
Sandra W.
Great experience. I felt the technician was honest with me. He was polite, courteous and completed the job very quickly. I will definitely recommend Roto-Rooter to anyone!
Tammy M.
I called Roto Rooter at 0815 on a Saturday morning by 0915 the repairman was at my house and by 1000 had resolved the issue. Polite, courteous, informative on how to prevent a reoccurrence, provided me with his cell number in the event there was a problem, cleaned the area on completion, explained in detail the warranty service. He was the epitome of what one would call outstanding service and he guaranteed my return to Roto Rooter if needed in the future. Nice job!!!
Charles B.
The tech Isaiah #289 was professional and quick. He did a good job,and I would recommend roto rooter.
Richard L.
This is the second time we have used Roto-Rooter. The first time we called them for a second opinion. That call saved us over $2,500.00 in un-necessary work. Because of their honesty and integrity, straightforward/fair pricing, convenient hours of operation, excellent communication, swiftness of diagnosis and completion of job, we will always call them FIRST without hesitation. Thank you Kevin L !!
Super fast service....the technician was there within 2 hours on a Saturday night! Very friendly and clean. The only company I call when I have a drain clog.
Excellent service. Was at my house in under an hour. Clean and courteous.
I am thankful for roto rooter plumbing and I called them and they were there within 2 hour time frame. I definitely appreciate the service they provided I had a backed up tub and water in my basement, come to find out I had 2 different drains clogged. Thanks to Gill he worked hard to get it taken care of I very much appreciate the great service, would definitely use there service again if need be Thanks Again EXCELLENT
I dealt with a plumbing issue from 8AM to 4PM this past Saturday. After pulling both toilets, using my own auger on both lines, running an old garden hose down both lines, using a shop-vac to clean out what I could out of both lines (and constantly putting the toilets back into place to test to see if they clog was freed), my heart was broken by mid-afternoon.For the life of me, I could not free the clog.I must have thrown two dozen buckets of very hot water and liquid soap down into both lines--still nothing.While, no water was backing up into my lowest drain (a utility tub in the basement), I had to explore the possibility of a septic issue.So I dug up the lid, too a look...even experimented with switching drain fields (I have two) as I thought one may have stopped perking...we have had some decent wet weather recently.Still nothing--both toilets continued to overflow.After walking away from it for a bit, I really hesitated calling a plumber. It was a Saturday. And after all I had done, including dozens of phone calls to my father and a friend in the construction business, I gritted my teeth and called Roto-Rooter. I already lost an entire day and did not want to lose a second because, quite frankly, I was out of ideas.The first person I encountered on the phone was very friendly--it was a little after 5PM at this point. She said they had someone on a job in the area and said he could be there within the hour. Their plumber would come and provide a free diagnosis of the problem.Within 20 minutes, I received a call from Roto-Rooter stating their plumber was still on the other job and might a bit later than the initial estimate--I came to understand and appreciate why. Every person is professional and courteous and capable of giving you an answer. Even when I called back as the clock ticked past 7:00, the dispatch was able to explain where the plumber was and when he would be by. The way they handled me--someone who had already been through a frustrating day, really eased my anxiety.At approximately 7:30pm on Saturday night, plumber Mike White arrived at my home.He greeted me with a smile. It was the first thing I noticed. He was clean, pleasant, and positive. Mike followed me around my home and listened as I described the problem and all of the steps I took to resolve it  throughout the day.I found Mike thoughtful and considerate of my frustrations with the problem as he asked good questions to help him diagnose the possibilities. He did not mind my hanging with him as he went through the paces to diagnose the problem--he welcomed it. We talked plumbing and he answered my questions no matter how rudimentary or basic.One of the things I though about Mike as he worked with me was that he is the kind of guy you'd love in your business, no matter what you sell, build, or fix. Mike represents himself and his company well. I'd hire him to work with me in any company I owned--there is no doubt in my mind.Among the steps Mike took with me: we walked the basement and tapped pipes--we went into each bathroom and flushed so he could see how each handled the flush--he let me pull the toilets myself to save a few dollars (and honestly I had pulled each about ten times already, so I was like a Nascar technician by the end of the day)...eventually, he climbed up onto my roof and checked the vent--and at each step of the way he explained what he was thinking, and what certain symptoms could mean.Never in a rush, Mike spent 2 1/2 hours with me and solved the problem--by 10pm we had two running toilets. I came to understand that he truly wanted to solve this issue and was not built on abusing a customer's wallet.The issue was that the clog was a bit hefty and was buried in a location that I could not reach with my equipment, and it was rooted within a "Y" in the stack line between the two bathrooms. By checking the vent from the roof, he could see that there was water in it. Since I only had one vent for all of the components of my bathroom, it helped him zero in on the location.In the end, I found the price very fair and well-worth the quality service. Roto-Rooter charged me $355.00 and I gladly wrote that check. When I need service again, I will save myself the day of frustration and failure, and will call Roto-Rooter (and hopefully Mike White) as they have not only earned my business but they have earned my confidence and trust.
Brian K.
The technician, Dan, did his job quickly and effienctly. He was courteous, professional and most helpful. Please give him a nice holiday bonus! Thanks so much. Jerry
Gerald S. | Newark
After moments of panic after our sewer backed up, I called Roto-Rooter after my local plumber failed to even give me a call back. Chris Cannon (3349) showed up late on a Saturday night and was the most helpful plumber I have ever had in my house. After unclogging the blockage, he discovered that my old cast iron pipe had blow out some seals around the toilet. Chris was very forward with our options and help us decide what was the best one, which was to replace the entire sewer line in the basement. Chris explained this all to my insurance agent which was also very helpful. We were able to get the claim moving quickly. Today Chris brought another tech Josh (0650) to help get the job done, and they were both extremely efficient and adamant it was all done right. I'll admit I was always one to call the local plumber before a big company like Roto-Rooter but I can assure you now Roto-Rooter has won me over with its service! Thanks a bunch!
Ryan G. | Newark
Tom was professional and was instantly able to fix the problem. He also gave us some helpful advise to avoid the problem in the future. Thank you!
Katherine c. | Newark
Your guy was on time,polite, professional. Cleaned up, fixed our problem in under an hour! Easily explained the problem, showed me the video & how to permanently fix the problem from reoccurring. ( as the has occurred before, none previously had suggested the video) Justin (tech# 2576 )is an asset to your company! We know we need to replace the sewer line. When we do, I hope he'll be on that team!!!!
Marianne H. | Newark
Response time was almost immediate. Your service person, Tom, was very prompt and pleasant. Thanks
Fred S. | Newark
Response time was almost immediate. Your service person Tom was on time and very pleasant. Thanks.
Fred S. | Newark
I would like you to know the gentleman that came out today for my plumbing issue was wonderful. He explain everything that he needed to do. He was very thorough and understanding. I would definitely recommend you to others.
Nicole S. | Newark
We were very pleased Roto-Rooter was able to come to our house the day our toilet/line overflowed (Wilmington, De). The technician was courteous, explained things along the way, and stuck with the nasty job, even though it took hours to get it all cleared. Great work.
Barb C. | Wilmington
your service tech (Bart) did a great job & was very professional.
John R. | New Castle
Our service technician did a great job and gave me detailed explanations regarding our problem and made suggestions for care.
Susan D. | Wilmington
Employees of Roto Rooter are the most caring, Have excellent Communicating skills and are one of the few companies that really care about their customers in their time of need. Thank you for your excellent service.
Bob V. | Newsrk
Tom was awesome. He did an excellent work within no time. I am 100% satisfied with his work. Charge was so reasoable. I appreciate your work and service.
Rakesh N. | Newark
Service person Harry was articulate, highly professional, wasted no time analyzing and addressing the problem, and left the area clean after he resolved the problem. This was my third visit from Roto Rooter; should the need arise, there will be a fourth.
Pat H. | Wilmington
Great tech & service
Joann R. | New Castle
Jemal was very pleasant, knowledgable, and informative throughout the entire process. It was really a great experience and I will definitely recommend Roto-rooter to anyone with plumbing issues. Thank you Jemal!
Crystal M. | Newark
Mike White ${esc.hash}0951 is an extremely pleasurable technician not only does he do a great job but is also very courteous, very neat and very thorough.
Donald C. | Newark
Mr. Dennis #0678 I will recommend all my friends when needed to call ROTO-ROOTER. if all of your technicians, are as friendly, professional and clean as Mr. Dennis there will never be a need to call Horizon.
Patricia J. | Wilmington
Marty Smith
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