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Roto-Rooter Grand Rapids, MI: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Grand Rapids, MI, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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I like the fellow who did the work. Knowing the problems he ran into he got it opened enough for me to use my one and only bathroom. He was punctual however I think they are a little high in price and I am unsure if I will call them again because of the price. I was told that I would get $20 off for senior discount. I was charged 139 for an hours worth of labor and they took off $20. I was told their hourly rate was 110 normally but then it was the same as my discounted rate.
Pat D.
Had a problem with a clog in our septic line. The agent was extremely efficient, courteous and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Roto-Rooter.
Friendly, fast and efficient! Kitchen sink is back to normal and he gave us great advice on how we can prevent problems in the future ourselves! Awesome.
Paul B.
We had a severely neglected drain from the previous owners of our house, and the plumber that came out was on time, friendly, and even found that along with the main out pipes being over run with roots, it was also broken in the street. The city of Grand Rapids had to pick up the tab for the broken bit in the street, but the plumber stuck around to help us if the city asked us any questions. Thank you for such great service!
Brook B.
Prompt, professional and informative; i will use them again, Nate was wonderful and a true blessing from God. He wears his faith well and I love that
Tracy B.
Nate was a rad dude and got the job done right! - Grand Rapids, MI
Chris M.
We had flooding on our basement last March, they ran the roto rooter device through the pipes, cleared out some roots and the problem was fixed. They showed me everything and explalined how/why the problem started. It was an easy quick fix. HE was at our house for about 1 hour. Good work.
Andy P.
When I called the lady answering the phone was pleasant and explained everything well. Dennis called before showing up and showed up when he said he would. I initially asked them to replace my shower valve, however when Dennis looked at it he explained to me that he could repair it and take much less time. He saved me the cost of a shower valve and about 2 hours of labor with his honesty.
Guy L.
George called me 20 min before showing up as asked and was on time considering it was 5pm and traffic was probably not so good. He came in was very professional friendly and explained how he was going to fix the problem. Didn't take him long at all to complete the task once set up. He ended up pulling a sock out of the bathtub drain. I was very surprised when I saw the sock but him not so much. He's been with rotor rooter for 18 years and has seen it all from what he says. I would probably use them again but the price was a little steep would be my only complaint. I've had other similar jobs done for less by other companies.
Elias S.
Josh was on time and talked me through what he was doing since I was interested in the process. This is the second time I have used Roto-Rooter (once for an emergency plumbing issue) and both times I have been very happy with the level of service and professionalism.
Scott H.
Fast, friendly, customer-focused service with reasonable prices.Used RR to fix a "running" toilet in my rental house. The service technician called both me and the tenant to confirm their arrival time. They arrived on time to the house, diagnosed the issue, and ordered a new part to fix it that same day. The part arrived quickly and they came back out to the house to repair promptly. They did not charge a diagnose/trip fee and did not charge me double for going out twice: I was charged only for the labor and time to put the new part in. The bill was correct and arrived promptly to my attention. Tennant said the technician was friendly and comfortable to work with while at the house. Will be using them in the future for plumbing issues!
Amanda L.
Fast, friendly, customer-focused service with reasonable prices.Used RR to fix a "running" toilet in my rental house. The service technician called both me and the tenant to confirm their... 
Amanda L.
We had a sump pump that failed over the weekend. 2 plumbers came to our home. They were kind, knowledgable and efficient. I greatly appreciated their work.
Kim C. | Grand Rapids
Timely, thorough, pleasant
Christine A. | Grand Rapids
The individuals who came out to take care of my issues were proficient, polite and very helpful. They did a wonderful job!
Chastity B. | Grand Rapids
Very easy to schedule on-line and excellent quality service.
Barb K. | Grand Rapids
Have used Roto-Rooter for several years and have always been happy with their service and integrity.
Barb K. | Grand Rapids
Very quick call back and next day service. Will hire again for any plumbing service.
anthony s. | Grand Rapids
Levi loves what he does for a living and it shows in his workmanship, disposition and attitude. He shown excellent customer service which is very rare to find these days. Levi deserves a raise and or a promotion as it is so refreshing to see an employee takes so much pride in his work. We need many more like him servicing in our communities - Excellent work indeed!
Jo Ann W. | Grand Rapids
very quick with a answer to our problem and responded immediately with what to do
Shirley D. | Grand Rapids
I had the drain from the kitchen to basement cleaned out for my mother in law Helen Jones. Levi the technician was very polite and helpful. He took the time to explain exactly what was going on and how to prevent the build up in the future. I know if I owned a business I would be proud to have Levi on my team. Thanks again for the fast service. We will use again in the future if needed.
Mike C. | Grand Rapids
I called for a technician at 12:00. A technician was at my house by 2:00 and done by 3:00.
Mike A. | Grand Rapids
Fantastic service from Jason and the Roto-Rooter team. I called to have a free estimate and with in a hour Jason was at our house. I needed an outdoor drain issue resolved as when it rained hard, the drain was backing up and causing issues with water coming into our garage. Jason was very knowledgeable and explained my options, and what he could do. He took care of the problem and within a 2 hours of placing the original phone call, my issue was resolved. Great service from Roto-Rooter. Highly recommended.
Dave R. | Grand Rapids
Great job. Great Guys that preformed the service. Best money I ever spend.
Kevin H. | Grand Rapids
Chris did a awsum job putting in new water heater would hire them again
Greg S. | Grand Rapids
Quick and efficient! Job well done!
Tom S. | Grand Rapids
George was prompt and did a great job! Recommended things I can do to prevent clogs in the future! Excellent service! (But I hope I don't see you again for a while! Haaaa!)
Jackie S. | Grand Rapids
Our toilet was leaking after our drain had been cleaned out . The technician that came the second day pulled the toilet and found that the seal was off center (covering half the hole) and that the bolt had been over tighten pulling it thru the plastic flange. The technician took the time to fix the problem and correctly set the toilet. We are very satisfied with the technician and your customer service. Thanks.
Dan O. | Grand Rapids
Thanks for getting out so quickly and thanks to Nate for doing such a great job fixing another plumbing company's mess.
Ginya S. | Grand Rapids
Great service,friendly professional technicians
Dan S. | Grand Rapids
jill S. | Grand Rapids
I want to rate you a 3 but it wouldnt let me. Nate was very honest & helpful. Very refreshing now days. Very efficient also. Did the work quickly, took time explaining what he would need to do to fix the problem. Very nice man! If I need you again, I want Nate!
Patsy C. | Grand Rapids
Thanks for the fast and superb job. You quickly made a stressful experience disappear!
David B. | Grand Rapids
Dennis and Levi were very friendly and helpful. I was surprised with how quick they were able to fix the problem. Very happy with my service.
Allison G. | Grand Rapids
Very happy,did a great job. I would use you again
David C. | Grand Rapids
We were please with the terrific service we received from Roto-Rooter. Nate was so friendly and helpful. He came out right away when we had an issue and was quick to pinpoint what needed to be done. We had to change the time of our next appointment and Nate and Dennis were happy to accomodate our request. They completed the job and everything was put back together like nothing had ever happened. They were fun to work with and their knowledge and experience made us confident that everything would be and was done perfectly and efficiently. We can't thank them enough. Root-Rooter Rocks!
Christine P. | Grand Rapids
I was really impressed on how quickly someone was able to come by to give a quote and then do the installation. I had a new fridge delivered on Thursday and called Roto-Rooter that night to see if I could set up a service to have a water line set up for the fridge. Levi, the plumber, was able to come by Friday evening to give a free quote and he was able to do the installation on Saturday. The plumber was very professional and did a great job. The water pressure is extremely good in comparison to the saddle valve we had set up with the old fridge. The shut off he put in is also a lot quicker and better then the one that our saddle valve had. I definitely know who I'm calling the next time I need any form of plumbing done.
Nathaniel V. | Grand Rapids
Matt the plumber did a great job fixing our sewage backup. He was professional, knowledgeable, and proficient. I am very pleased with Roto-Rooter and will be using them in the future
Lee M. | Grand Rapids
I called Roto-Rooter when the sink started dripping. Roto-Rooter sent someone out quickly (within 20 minutes) to address the problem. Levi, the service worker, was fantastic. He was polite, friendly, and was quick with the service. He fully explained the issue and described how he solved it. I would highly recommend Roto-Rooter for plumbing services.
Derrick F. | Grand Rapids
The initial free estimate was much appreciated. Levi was courteous knowledgable and identified a few other issues that needed to be addressed. Levi took the time to show us exactly what was done, the manufacturer parts that we needed to safeguard for future maintenance. He was pleasant and a pleasure to work with.
James S. | Grand Rapids
The technician, Dennis, was very courteous and informative. He showed us with the camera what the issues were, and how to fix them. He proceeded to alleviate our problems which were roots in our sewer line and did it in a timely fashion. He was very careful about keeping our home clean and also cleaned up after himself before leaving. I am very happy with the service we received from Dennis and Roto-rooter.
Kenneth K. | Grand Rapids
Nate did a great job and went over and beyond expectations.
Maria K. | Grand Rapids
I'm having a washer and gas dryer installed next week and was told by the installation company I needed a plumber to come adjust the shut off valve on the gas line before they'd install. Roto-Rooter was able to come out the same day I requested a plumber and better yet they did evening appointments which I think is pretty hard to find! Nate and Dennis came out, were extremely kind and courteous and were in and out promptly. I will absolutely use Roto-Rooter again!
Kelly H. | Grand Rapids
I have been using Rotor-rooter for my jetting line services and they mentioned they do plumbing so I started to use them for other services. I have been very happy and satisfied with anything they have done for me.
Donna W. | Grand Rapids
Hot water heater went out on a Sunday. Technician was able to locate a replacement and replace it that day for us. Technician was nice and professional.
Lauren D. | Grand Rapids
We had timing issues and Roto Rotor was very accommodating.
Brian L. | Grand Rapids
The plumber Chris was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I found the experience to be very positive.
Joe R. | Grand Rapids
I would highly recommend the services of Roto Rooter. The service was outstanding! The plumber was knowledgeable and got the clog out of our drain. He was very polite and personable. Good Job Levi!!.
Patricia C. | Grand Rapids
I had the 6" main line from my home to the city system collapsing due to roots, time, and numerous cleanings. I was quoted the best case scenario and the worst which were about $1200 apart. They ran a new 4" PVC line inside the existing line. It took 2-3 guy, and a backhoe the better part of a day, but they got it done and it passed city inspection. Great guys which didn't surprise me since all of my other interactions went well in the past. The final tab was the lower of the two quoted even though we ran into one or two small issues. I have been and continue to be impressed with Roto-Rooter, would not hesitate in the future to use them, but don't anticipate the need now, Thanks to your whole team on a job well done. Ty Coon
Ty C. | Grand Rapids
I had the 6" main line from my home to the city system collapsing due to roots, time, and numerous cleanings. I was quoted the best case scenario and the worst with were about $1200 apart. They ran a new 4" PVC line inside the existing line. It took 2-3 guy, and a backhoe the better part of a day, but they got it done and it passed city inspection. Great guys which didn't surprise me since all of my other interactions went well in the past. The final tab was the lower of the two quoted even though we ran into one or two small issues. I have been and continue to be impressed with Roto-Rooter, would not hesitate in the future to use them, but don't anticipate the need now, Thanks to your whole team on a job well done.
Ty C. | Grand Rapids
He was on time and was very helpful in fixing my plugged shower drain. It now works perfectly! Thank you for all your work.
Brent C. | Grand Rapids
So impressed with service & how professional technicians were. Matthew & Dennis were awesome and kept us in the loop about everything. They were knowledge and fielded my many questions. They stood by the estimate even though the work took longer than expected. I can't say enough positive things!!
Ellie B. | Grand Rapids
Nathan arrived on time and completed the work in a timely fashion. Great job and would recommend.
Tim N. | Grand Rapids
Send came out and quickly solve our water leak and was willing to replace a toilet seal within the original quote. I'm quite relieved!
Steve C. | Grand Rapids
I had a date with Nate, and I must say, my date was GREAT! Nate was able to arrive even sooner than originally scheduled, which worked out very well for me. He was fast, efficient and tidy. He went the extra mile and I was delighted with the service he provided.
Karla H. | Grand Rapids
They are always there when you call and ready to help out in any situation! We had our water heater go out and needed help installing a new thermocoupler and showed up at 8pm to help us out. Couldn't ask for better, first rate service!!
Paul R. | Grand Rapids
Nate and Derrik were not only on time but earlier than I expected which was a blessing since I had water all over the basement floor. They were two of the nicest and politest people I've ever met. They replace the sump pump and fixed a leak I didn't even know I had and were done in under a hour. Yeah, I can use my washer again!
Paula Y. | Grand Rapids
George took the time to get my sewer working.
Gary D. | Grand Rapids
We had an emergency plumbing issue this weekend and Dennis was phenomenal! He got here so quickly, was so friendly and efficient. We are a wedding venue and having a plumbing issue is a serious problem and we were just so lucky to have Dennis come out and help! He is wonderful!
Jenna S. | Grand Rapids
Roto-Rooter did a great job! Called in the morning & they were here in the afternoon. Nate was fast & friendly and had the drain cleared in no time. Will definitely call on them again for any future needs & refer my family/friends. Thank you
Angela T. | Grand Rapids
I assume a 3 is the best rating. Yr service person was fast courteous and Knowlledgable
andre g. | Grand Rapids
Dennis and Matt done a GREAT job!!!!
Cynthia W. | Grand Rapids
Your people were great! I had a plumbing emergency to deal with. The woman who answered your phone was very professional. I explained my problem and she promised a plumber in two hours. Less than 90 minutes later, Chris showed up at my door. He pointed out that I had not one, but two problems, called Jeff and he arrived 15 minutes later. Long story short: less than three hours after my call, both problems were solved. I never used Roto Rooter in the past, but now you are at the top of my list. Thanks again!
Rod K. | Grand Rapids
Very professional and personable service! I highly recommend this service!
Derek S. | Grand Rapids
We were hesitant to call, as it was a Sunday morning. We had sewage coming out of a pipe & spewing onto the basement floor. The "u-rent-it" business locally was closed and my husband had surgery on his hand recently, so there was no roto-rooting it ourselves ! When we called and gave our information, we didn't really expect much.....but, within about an hour, Nate pulled in and had just come from the Wayland area, which is quite a distance from our Allendale area home. Anyway, he was able to diagnose the problem almost immediately and we are able to take care of the rest ourselves. We would not hesitate to refer Roto-Rooter and use them again ourselves..... Thank you !!
Lyle S. | Grand Rapids
Our sewer line was backed up and Roto-Rooter sent Nate out within about an hour. He was extremely professional and explained everything that was going on and what had happened. The amount charged was very reasonable and we would most certainly advise people to call you for any plumbing needs. Thank you very much!
Patricia H. | Grand Rapids
Dennis 301 was the technician that came to my house. He was very down to earth and cleared out the roots built up in my main sewer line right away. He was thorough and didn't mind taking the time to answer all of the many questions I ask b/c I'm curious and want to understand everything. He's an honest person and I felt so grateful in the decision I made to call your company. If I have other issues in the future, I'm your customer.
Katie C. | Grand Rapids
We have been very pleased with Roto Rooter. They respond quickly, and are very pleasant and professional!
Patty W. | Grand Rapids
Professional & friendly service.
Rebecca B. | Byron Center
As always, your service people are polite, listen to the problem, and does the job well. Clean up is always top notch.
Mary S. | Grand Rapids
Nate came out, between the time that was given and did an awesome job. He also informed me on a future piping repair that needs to be handled. I thank u for the service and hopefully I won't have to call again. (Wink)
Krysta H. | Grand Rapids
Fantastic customer service from the person on the phone when I called to the technician who did the repair work!
Katie G. | Grand Rapids
Matt was quick informative and professional
brent a. | Grand Rapids
My experience with Roto Rooter was excellent from the initial phone contact, to the completion of the job. I highly recommend the company. Dwayne was my plumbing technician. Thank you, Dwayne, for a job well done!
Barbara O. | Grand Rapids
Had a blocked drain and was fixed in less then an hour. Unfortunately a valve got stuck open and we experienced another back up but Dan was great and came back at 11pm and fixed the problem.
Shane S. | Grand Rapids
Super fast and thorough, even explained what I could do to prevent my drain from being clogged in the future. 5 stars! Well done!
Bob E. | Grand Rapids
Dan did a great job.He was so efficient even back track when one drain was working quite right. Thanks again
rosalind s. | Zeeland
Roto rooter will always be my go to plumbing and drain service because of the quick response time free estimate and quick and correct work they do. And my plumber was the coolest person ever. Dennis you rock
Kendra B. | Grand Rapids
We had the best experience with roto rooter. Fast response time and quick and perfect work. I loved the our plumber Dennis he was respectful and patient... I will be recommending roto rooter to everyone now.
Kendra B. | Grand Rapids
The gentleman was experienced, had the right knowledge to do the job well and quickly. I have confidence in asking for him if I need your services.
richard l. | Grand Rapids
Very impressed, especially with the extra care of protecting my floors. Dennis had a messy job to do and came prepared. He had feet booties and brought card board to protect my floors. Did a fast and wonderful job.
Rick V. | Grand Rapids
Prompt and very professional. Service Technician was friendly and courteous. Very pleased with the service.
Don T. | Grand Rapids
The guys who came to the house where amazing. They made me feel like I didn't cause my issue and it would be an easy fix. Also informed me on how to keep up with plumbing. Because of them I would come back to Roto- Rooters! Thanks Dennis and Nate :) Invoice -103304
Kaitlin R. | Grand Rapids
Had some water backing up from the sewer into the basement last night. Called right away this morning and scheduled a main line clean out. Scheduled for between 6 and 8 pm, we got a call about noon that a truck was available in only half an hour. Nate arrived and had the drain cleared of roots in less than an hour. He was very polite, personable and cleaned up when he was finished.
Betty J. | Grand Rapids
The two technicians, Nate and Dennis, were very personable and a real joy to have in my home while they worked on clearing out a massive clog. They arrived on time, got to work right away, and did not leave until all the drain lines were working properly. The clog that was in the drain pipe was really big and Nate and Dennis worked really hard to get it taken care of. I would recommend Roto Rooter to anyone who asks me about plumbing services in the future. I would also tell them to ask for Nate and Dennis.
Brady J. | Grand Rapids
My main sewer line was backed up and I gave a call to Roto Rooter looking for help. Nate was able to fix my line and unclog the roots that had grown in it. I have never went through this before as I am a first time homeowner and Nate was very informative. On top of being on time, he explained everything that he was going to do was very helpful through the whole process. After he was done, he was able to provide me with preventative maintenance tips. Roto Rooter was definitely a good choice and the best choice. I would recommend them to anyone and will also be using them in the future!
Jason K. | Grand Rapids
Friendly, quick and rofessional. Will use roto Rooter again in the future!
Blair S. | Grand Rapids
Dwayne and Dennis were professional, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to get our drain issues solved. During the 2+ hours they were in our house they kept me posted and took time to explain what they were doing and gave me opportunities to ask questions. I will definitely be calling them for any future plumbing issues!
Jodi L. | Byron Center
Dwayne and Dennis were professional, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to get our drain issues solved. During the 2+ hours they were in our house they kept me posted and took time to explain what they were doing and gave me opportunities to ask questions. I will definitely be calling them for any future plumbing issues!
Jodi L. | Byron Center
I am very pleased with the work Derick did at our home. He was professional, kind, polite and worked hard. He also is great with dogs.
Jody D. | Grand Rapids
Outstanding service. Very friendly technician. Gave me some invaluable information moving forward. Great experience. Will look forward to working with Roto Rooter again if all employees are this good.
Rinke S. | Grand Rapids
Derek was wonderful. Extremely knowledgable as well as extremely personable. The time spent working on the issue was a pleasant experience thanks to Derek's professional and personable demeanor. Also, the problem was resolved in a very timely manner! Thanks for the great service!
Jeremy S. | Grand Rapids
I was so afraid to call a plumber. Roto-Rooter was beyond explanation excellent. I have had many costly experiences with plumbers, I now know who to call, without fear. Great job Great and fair price. All I can say is, Thank You
Richard G B. | Grand Rapids
We had Nate come out to fix a drain issue, he was probably the best, most knowledgeable pumber ive ever dealt with. He was extremely friendly, and I would highly recommend him anytime you have a plumbing issue.
Jeff D. | grand rapids
Dennis came in and gave us a quick estimate on our clogged sewer drain. He got the job done right then and there and within 20 minutes the clog was clear and problem resolved. Thanks!
Cameron B. | Grand Rapids
Nate was very pleasant and I wouldn't hesitate to have him back for any plumbing problems. Very knowledgeable. Thanks
Paula W. | Grand Rapids
Thanks for a job well done !
David C. | Holland
We were originally scheduled for 1:30-3:30 but it sounded like a number of technicians did not come in, so he missed that window---not anyone's fault, in my opinion. We rescheduled for later that day, though, and he was on time.
Kelly M. | E. Grand Rapids
Without a doubt Nate saved us a sewar pipe replacement. He would not give up trying to unclog the pipe. We feel as though anyone else would have given up and recommended replacement. The house hadn't been lived in for many years and therefor the line not maintained. Nate worked harder than anyone else would have and we have a clean free pipe. There are good people out there who want to work hard to get the job done!! To us Nate is one of them.
Melissa M. | Grand Rapids
Over a period of 5 days (including one 2AM call) Roto Rooter technicians came 4 times to resolve the sewer water backup in my rental house. In the end it was Dennis, the licensed plumber, who removed the toilet to root out from there to finally clear the 3 connected lines so the waste could run out properly. He stayed for 2 1/2 hours on his final visit and wouldn't quit until he discovered the problem and took care of it. And he did all of it cheerfully. He's a stellar employee and Roto Rooter should give him a truck with a lift (for that 270 lb. machine) so he can work for them for a long time!
Jane J. | Holland
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