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Roto-Rooter Flushing, NY: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Flushing, NY, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

Read customer reviews for Roto-Rooter Flushing, NY

I have been using Roto-Rooter for several years now. Every time I call it is because I have a stressful situation going on. They always send someone knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. I highly recommend their service.
Peggy T.
Hats off to Eric and Will... They worked in freezing 1 degree weather to fix my sewer overflow. They were polite, helpful, professional and knew exactly what to do! Thank you!!
Barbara S.
I had a bad clog in my basement and called Roto-Rooter for service. Andrew came to the house, quickly diagnosed the problem and had the repair done in no time. Great service. Best part of Super Bowl Sunday.
Maurice J.
Andrew (973) arrived from Roto-Rooter to help with our emergency. He assessed the situation and proceeded to fix the problem. He did a great job . Would recommend Andrew anytime.
Geraldine S.
Roto-Rooter plumber Frank was great. He arrived on the time I was told. He repaired my leak and was very professional. I highly recommend Roto-Rooter.
Dan P.
I had a toilette backing up into my shower stall last night. Roto-rooter sent plumber Dave over within 45 minutes from my call. Less than an hour later my main waste line was snaked out and clear. Back in business. I highly recommend this company. Also check out their $40 online coupon. Dom, Seaford NY
Dominick C.
I called the Farmingdale branch and Marc came by in 30 minutes and took care of everything in quickly. He did a great job taking care of my plumbing, and I would gladly refer to any of my friends.
John-Paul S.
I called for service on the evening of Oct. 23. The person handling the call offered to have someone there that evening, but it wasn't necessary. Scheduled an appointment for the following day. The plumber, Ed Bruzzese, Tech#7106, arrived early, was very professional and handled the job wonderfully. I hope I never need their services again, but if I do, I will call again and ask for Ed.
Carol N.
We called Roto-Rooter to help solve on on-going problem we were having with one of our toilets. We scheduled by phone on a Saturday morning and had a technician arrive by early afternoon (this was not an emergency). Our technician, Bill, was knowledgeable and professional as well as personable. He provided a couple of different options for our issue. Bill was able to get the job done efficiently and cleanly. He explained everything that he found and how it was corrected - in general he was great! I would highly recommend Roto-Rooter.
Kerry C.
My wife and I completed the purchase of our very first home in Massapequa. 5 days later our we woke to a nightmare, our basement had flooded due to a backup and I was unable to stop the flow. My first thought was to call Roto Rooter after reading very favorable reviews as to who would be the best to address our emergency. Sean McDoanld and the rest of his water plumbing and restoration crew (Bill, Tim etc) showed up immediately and addressed our issue without hesitation. They were professional, reliable, and most of important provided us with peace of mind that everything would be OK. It took days to address the serious amount of damage in our basement and throught the entire process, Sean was accessible and responsive to each question and concern I had. They dealt directly with the insurance company Liberty Mutual withouth any questions asked. From dealing with the immediate backup to removing the water, to treating any potential mold issues, Roto Rooter made me 100% confident that they are the premier company to call when you have an emergency such as we did.
J T.
3/3 Osern 2853 came cleared stoppage in bathroom sink. Also repaired sink faucet.(washer damage). Boiler not working after Damper was replaced by someone else. Returned examined everything and told me what was needed. Thermocouple installed by someone else. Boiler still not working. Osern returned and said that the boiler was not turned on. 3/15 Went upstairs to give second opinion on Bathtub hot water faucet. Said I did not need all three parts replaced. Just the one hot-water one not working. He had parts in truck. Repaired and sealed beautifully. Explained about button not fitting on new one. I used old one. He is very meticulous. Had to drain boiler because of leak due to not being on. Everything is perfect now. Explained water gallons, level and signs when to drain. Once a month. Excellent worker and teacher. Patient and understanding.
Ann Marie L. | Flushing
Very informative and friendly. I highly recommend it!
Dirk R. | Flushing
Excellent service. Situation resolved satisfactorily.
Lawrence G. | Flushing
I got to watch Mr. Dan the Plumer #1515 from Valley Stream clear my kitchen sink. He was very nice and i Hope he comes back again. :)
Natasha A. | Flushing
Ken G #3761 with Roto-rooter came to my house on a Sunday promptly. He cleaned out my sewer pipe and broke through the blockage. He then showed me where the sewer pipe was broken letting roots and dirt into the pipe. Which would clog it again in the future. The immediate problem was fixed fast, efficiently and cheaply, under 500 bucks. He gave me an estimate and recommendation on how to fix the problem permanently. Thank you Kenny! William Reitz West Islip, NY
William R. | Flushing
I would recommend Roto -Rooter to anyone with a serious clog problem. They are prompt and courteous.
Cheryl S.
This is my third time using Roto Rooter and I definitely recommend them.They have excellent customer service and the job was done really well.First time i called them was due to a clogging in... 
Johnny S.
We recently moved into our house and decided to have our septic system checked. We called Roto-Rooter and they sent a technician/plumber over to inspect it from the Smithtown office. He arrived on time, was very professional and explained how our sanitary system was built and what he would inspect for. It was a good thing I called when I did as the 12 year old system apparently had never been cleaned before by the previous owners; and with the video camera inspection, he showed us how solids had spilled over into our leach pool; and that it was full too (no longer draining water). He presented us with a series of options to solve our problems and left it up to us to decide what we wanted to do. We elected to get both cleaned and fully serviced. While it cost more money, we shouldn't have to worry about future problems provided that we maintain the septic tank every 3-5 years. The technician spent over 3 hours at our place and hauled away about 3,000 gallons. He also did minimal impact to our lawn and made every effort to answer any questions we had. Overall, we were very satisfied with their service. They did exactly as he said they would (no shortcuts were taken) and we have peace of mind knowing that our pipes won't backup for the holiday when we have guests.
Matt S.
This week we had a problem with our main line backing. We called Roto-Rooter and we were told they would be ere in less than an hour. As promised, their tech, Marian was ere in about 40 minutes. He conducted himself in a professional manner and cleared the line. He discovered we may need additional work and will schedule a follow up visit for a camera. He was very thorough and cleaned up after himself. i would highly recommend their service.
Graciela K.
Great service. I have had a variety of plumbers work on my house since it is an old place with very old pipes, a little bit of a plumbing nightmare. The guy we had today was by far the best. His name was Marc and he is tech#331 if anyone wants to know. He not only fixed the blockage he actually took the time to take apart the pipes in a few problem spots to make sure there was no chance of build up. He even found some shoty work from the plumbers before and fixed it. He ran through all the pipes again before he left just to make sure. A very thorough job. Didn't feel overcharged as I have with other plumbers who've spent less time on less complicated tasks.  I was very pleased with almost never happens anytime a plumber or handyman comes over.
Mike A.
I am completely satisfied with the level of service provided by Roto-Rooter of Smithtown. They responded quickly to my call, and the technician who worked in my house was extremely professional, courteous, and amiable. He explained every aspect of the work he did from beginning to end and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of its services.
Can I tell you about this place? One of their plumbers -- his name was Alfred -- showed up at my freezing cold house to fix the heating pipe this evening.  It's high season for the heat repairmen. I didn't think he would appear at all. Or anytime this week. If he was available maybe it was because he was no good.  But I put my faith in Yelp and picked the 5-star plumber, and I was not disappointed.  He had all kinds of little bits and pieces you need to do a job properly. He was honest.  He was competent.  He was friendly.  My husband is one tough customer, but that didn't matter to Alfred.  He took care of business and he charged a fair price -- then he pitched my husband for a new heating system, pointing out -- and trust me, my husband needed to hear this from someone besides me -- that the boiler was installed in 1974 and we are wasting a lot of money with a boiler that is not efficient.  We will call this place again, I guarantee it.  Thank God I checked Yelp.  This was a great idea and this Rotorooter number sent us a great plumber. We'll be sleeping in a warm house tonight -- if I can stop jumping for joy. Yayyyyy!
Catherine B.
Hi,I called this brand name sewer specialist on a Sunday morning. Peter arrived about one hour after my call.  He was professional, fast and shared lots of information about how to prevent the problem in the future.  They accepted a discount coupon and charged about $150 less than the first plumber who fixed the same problem about 15 years before.  Good work.
Milagros V.
We were in need of a plumber when our sump pump went, but were not expecting anyone to make it quickly or even the same day due to the 10 inches of snow that just fell. We called Roto-Rooter in Smithtown and were relieved when they informed us someone would be over within the hour. Surprisingly, within 30 minutes, Ken G. and his helper were at our door! After about an hour of work the job was done! Thank you Roto-Rooter for such prompt attention and for Ken and his helper for battling the storm and slippery roads to get the job done! We will definitely recommend Roto-Rooter to anyone in need of a good plumber!
Maria L.
Our recent search for a plumber brought us back again to Roto-Rooter for the 3rd time. We live in Centereach and the plumber was based out of Smithtown, NY. He was professional, punctual, courteous, and clean and if the need arise for a plumber or a recommendation for one we would definitely suggest Roto-Rooter.
Jennifer C.
Technician came precisely on time. Snaked the bath tub and got the drain unclogged. Technician was extremely helpful and professional. Explained costs and warrantee. I would definitely call them again.
Ellen D.
Anthoneil was great!
Tara E. | Flushing
brian 1779 ; was absolutely excellent in every facade of the service needed...
steven s. | Flushing
brian 1779 ; was absolutely excellent in every facade of the service needed...
steven s. | Flushing
My name is Stanley, Mr. Anthoneil (0256) was very polite and extremly empathetic and professional. He described to me exactly what the problem was and how it occurs. He was very educational to his unique profession. I am extremly thankful and grateful to him as well as the company. He was very quick and did not waste any time. His work was very fast and clean. He was on the level and square with his estimate. He is a credit to your company and i wish him the best. thank you very much again for a job very very well done.
stanley p. | Flushing
I was very pleased with the gentleman who did the job.He was very polite and nice. He did thee job very well.
Thelma R. | Flushing
service arrived quickly. Service man was quick and complete. he told about a free tv inspection of the drain pipe. How long can I wait before I have the inspection done?
robert t. | Flushing
Alex, Tech#53 seemed quite professional. he was very apologetic for the lack of professionalism rotorooter has shown in the fact that this was the third time service was called out for the exact same repair. He was neat and tidy and took the time to effect the repair and test it.
Christopher M. | Flushing
The service I recently received was professional and courteous. I always call Roto Rooter for my plumbing needs rather than an individual contractor or private plumbing company because I trust them to do the job properly and professionally. They are always reliable and dependable.
Patricia S. | Flushing
Very satisfied with the team that completed our repair. Their quick response was Excellent - they scheduled and completed our repair On-Time and to our expectation. Thanks to the crew - Mike 3107, Rich 7157, Glen 2396, Greg 6943 and Newsome 8542. A Job well Done!
Steven D. | Farmingdale
Extremely friendly and knowledgeable serviceman.
Viola H. | Riverhead
Michael Fisher

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