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Roto-Rooter Florence, OH: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Florence, OH, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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We live in the West Chester area. The handle for our bathtub broke and was gushing water and Roto-Rooter was able to come out the next morning and fix it. It was easy to make an appointment, and they were communicative and punctual. Our tech Jarod was very friendly, and his work was fast and clean. He even gave me a few tips on a problem we had not called him out for but he happened to notice while he was here. I would not hesitate to call again.
Lindsey C.
They were friendly, clean, professional, and did a great job. Matt #2719 was wonderful.
Jane K.
I had a good feeling everything about my service call was going to be OK when I got a human on the phone, late on a Sunday afternoon. The dispatcher was courteous and thorough in her interview; gave me detailed appointment information, letting me know the approximate time that a technician would come to my home, and that I could expect a call half an hour in advance. I was lucky enough to get Mike (#3492), who immediately set about diagnosing/confirming the nature of my blockage. We discussed price, and Mike set about solving the problem right away. It only took about two hours, but in that time not only did he take care of the blockage, but gave me good advice about preventing future problems. He was extremely courteous the whole time he was in my home, and did a great job cleaning the area he worked in before he left. I live in Cincinnati, OH, and typically do jobs like this myself; but with a free estimate resulting in a reasonable price, I decided to leave it to the pros. Thank you Mike, and thank you Roto Rooter!
Our technician John G (#3463) worked tirelessly for 4 hours on a nasty 40 year old sewer line with roots 30, 50 and 75 feet out. He was thorough, explained everything in easy to understand detail and was very personable. The cost was excellent for the work provided. I was also given suggestions on maintaining the line and communicating with the sewer department on issues he found at the main line. He made sure I had contact information in case we needed to take any further action. Excellent customer experience!
We called three other plumbers before Roto-rooter. The first said to call the second, the second to call the third and the third said he would come yesterday. He never came. We scheduled our 2 hour window online, Kevin arrived on time, fixed our issue quickly and professionally. We will be calling Roto-rooter for any future issues and asking for Kevin!
Rachel N.
I called Roto Rooter early in the morning to schedule the cleaning of a drain in our basement since the laundry tub and washing machine were not draining properly. The dispatcher was polite and professional and told me to expect a call with two hours from a service person who would then be within 30 minutes of being at our home. The young man, John G., arrived promptly, evaluated the situation and went to the truck to get the appropriate equipment. In addition to putting booties over his own shoes, he also put them on the wheels of the drain auger and proceed to resolve the problem. The clog required a good amount of time since it was deep down the line but everything was done perfectly. I have a future maintenance issue that I will definitely have Roto Rooter handle in the Spring. What made me call Roto Rooter was the strength of the reviews. Other plumbing companies had very spotty reviews and I was unwilling to take a chance with a company that did not consistently deliver excellent service. Roto Rooter exceeded my expectations, the service person was most excellent.
We had a blockage in our main kitchen sink line and Roto-Rooter not only fixed the problem but actually made it a painless and easy process. They were very professional and enjoyable to do business with. Andy, the technician, was very personable and knowledgeable. I am extremely satisfied with the experience and will use Roto-Rooter again and recommend them to others as well.
I had a sewer back up in my basement and had to have Chris and Dave from Roto-rooter (Montana Ave. location in Cincinnati, OH) come and rot my main line. I had already had this done twice before and the clog was not cleared. Chris and Dave were able to clear the clog and get my house back to functionality in no time. They were friendly, courteous and had answers for all of my questions.
Heather M.
Chris provided excellent service. When I found out a pipe in my recently purchased home had broken, I was a little stressed. Chris was polite and professional. He explained all of my options. I will call him again.
Amy G.
Scheduled for 4-6 and arrived on time at 4. Guy was very nice and helpful. Got the job done clearing out my sewage drain. thanks roto rooter
Rob E.
Thank you Roto Rooter!!!!MY SINK DRAIN WORKS AGAIN!!!!!!I made my appt. online  and they gave me a call the morning of the appointment. It was Sooooo Easy!!!!   Joe was polite and efficient. He made SURE the drain was clear before he left. He tested it twice. My drain is working exactly the way it should be thanks to Joe!Thank You Roto Rooter you are my Number One Plumber!
Rebecca A.
We had used Roto-Rooter in the past to clean out our main sewer line, and have always been satisfied. This time, I decided to try and save some money, and called another big local company who was offering an $87 special. Well, that was $87 literally down the drain. Dude was nice, but had no idea what he was doing. Took out 2 tiny roots and then got his snake stuck and called it a day. The Reds broadcaster was wrong about those guys.So I literally had Roto-Rooter in the next day, and Andy cleaned it out to perfection. Learned my lesson. Always call an actual plumbing company for your plumbing problems. Roto-Rooter is tops.Yelp has a $50 off offer, and if that ever goes away, search the internet and there are $40 off coupons out there too.
Jamie M.
We have used Roto Rooter a few times and are always pleased. Today was another great experience! From the initial phone call to Dave showing up to repair the shower. Everyone was professional and the problem is solved!!
Leslie H.
Every year or so, we require a plumber to help clear our sewer drain because of tree roots that get in the way and clog everything up. We've usually turned to Roto-Rooter, but one time we went with a competitor for their introductory special. Yesteday, we decided to call that company again (they advertise heavily and have a hall-of fame broadcaster doing some of their ads) but when they got there they wanted my mom and I to pay the full regular $340 rate, so they went packing. Decided to go back to Roto-Rooter, which we've been happy with their service. Not only did they want $100 less, they offered an online coupon for $40. And they sent Andy, who seemed very experienced, and friendly, and worked to make sure everything was done right, and helped to clean the mess. Next time we need the work done (always a pain, right?) we know for sure who to call here in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Tom A.
I appreciated the work Tyler (2092) did at our house. We have a backup in our sewer line. Tyler was very polite and was very knowledgeable. I did not know if we had a clean out section or where it was so he doubled checked before he had to decide to go through the toilet area. Tyler was very careful and thorough. He replaced our toilet and cleaned up everything. I appreciated the work he did. Very find young man.
Marla K. | Florence
Of course the drains clogged on Thanksgiving Day. Chris, our technician, arrived at 11:30 PM on Thanksgiving evening. In 20 minutes he got the drains running freely. He did an incredible job, was very efficient and professional. We highly recommend Roto-Rooter.
Sharon M. | Florence
Great customer service. Came in time we were told. Fixed our problem fast and was gone. Would call them again.
Mark P. | Florence
I had the plumbing done first which took care of my problem in a timely and efficient manner. Then the water restoration tech came in and cleaned up the mess and smell, also efficiently and timely manner. I was grateful to have this all cleaned up so quickly. thanks
Patricia L. | Florence
The technician was very knowledgeable and helpful. Matt was efficient and got the repairs made in a timely manner.
Patricia L. | Florence
My technician was great, and very accommodating. He was prompt and professional. My particular problem was a clog in the main drain in the basement level of my home, which was causing a backup in the upper level of my home. I have arthritis, and cannot run up and down the stairs a lot without significant pain, so the technician did the running up and down the stairs to check the water flow, which was so helpful. He was very thorough in checking and re-checking the water flow to make sure the clog was not going to recur. Great job.
Lorraine D. | Florence
Very professional. Everything was explained to me
Sarah M. | Florence
Excellent efficient service, extremely polite, nice, and knowledgeable!
Alison W. | Florence
We had a service rep named Matt come to our home to help us. He was very courteous and went into detail on what the problem was and what solutions we needed to fix the problems. Matt was very quick, knowledge and seemed most willing to explain what the problem was and how he was going to address said problem. He is a good example of what I would want in an employee if he worked for me. Keep this young man as our favorite rep for any future service we may require, he represents your company very well. Sandi
Terry C. | Florence
Technician was very honest and helpful and did the work in a short amount of time
Rose Ann A. | Florence
The plumber was extremely courteous. He kept me informed every step of the project. He was neat in his work and clean up. He got the job done all in the same day ( which a competitive company didn't even attempt to do). His work was appreciated.
Melanie T. | Florence
I had 2 service calls in 2 days and they both were great. Please do not contact me. Thanks.
Sebrena H. | Williamstown
I loved that when I called to set up an appointment I talked with an actual person and not a robot. I loved that 2 technicians came to my house that night and fixed the clogged main drain in 45 minutes and they were funny and friendly.
Felicia R. | Florence
All work was performed promptly and professionally
Ken S. | Erlanger
Chris came to the rescue and tried his hardest to mitigate my stopped up sewage line only to find my pipe was broken. He used the camera to find the exact spot the pipe was broken and scheduled an emergency repair right then. Roto-rooter has a great employee Joe
Joe n. | Florence
Technician was very nice.
Larry I. | Independence
Totally impressed first time ever calling RR and from the receptionist taking my call on Sunday afternoon to the service. Really well done!
Michael M. | Verona
Chuck was very professional and was friendly, very happy with the service
Cheryl m. | erlanger
the tech was very good letting me know the cost and to answer any questions . the service was fast and good.
Terry c. | ft thomas
the tech was very good letting me know the cost and to answer any questions . the service was fast and good.
Terry c. | ft thomas
Chris (1727) and Dave were polite and professional. they went right to work and even help clear away and replacing shelves and boxes that were blocking access to the main sewer clean out. The succeeded in clear the blockage and restoring full service. They got here at ~10:45 and were done with clean up and left within two hours. Thanks again. John Lipppitt
John L. | Errlanger
Thank you for the prompt service and amazing help
Tamara T. | Newport
${esc.hash}2120 (can't read his name) came to door, wiped his feet and smiled. My wife Elaine asked me: "Can't you learn to do that sometimes?" He was friendly, had the parts, and did a good job. He also cleaned up after himself. My wife Elaine asked me: "Can't you do things in a timely manner, smile, and clean up like he did?" We paid him, used a coupon, had it all explained to us, along with the 1 year guarantee. My wife Elaine asked: "Can't you be nice, timely, neat and efficient like he was?" I will be applying for a job with RotoRooter as soon as the divorce is final. Blake Baird, 859-384-6624.
Blake b. | union
Matt was very polite and professional.
Kathy C. | Independence
Joe Frank

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