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Roto-Rooter Everett, WA: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Everett, WA, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Our small church had a bathroom sewer blockage, and Seyed came out promptly and done a wonderful professional job in clearing the blockage with the snake. He was courteous and shared much knowledge and provided suggestions on how to keep the sewer line cleared. THANK YOU!
Simon T.
Great experience with Sergay who came to our house promptly and worked professionally to fix our kitchen drain. Thorough and clean; he got the job done. Thank you!
Elizabeth F.
I needed help with a toilet install, so called Roto-Rooter. �They had a man (Sergey) there in about an hour. �They're not cheap, but the young guy knew his stuff - showed me what I'd been doing wrong, then fixed the problem quickly.
Roger B.
Had a good experience with Roto-Rooter. Only had to wait 30 minutes from the time I called and Gio was extremely informative and professional. Would use them again.
Marc L.
We had a sewer backup and Roto-Rooter had a man to our home in a very short period of time who rapidly diagnosed the problem and then fixed it. We would definitely call them again.
Joanne R.
These guys were great from start to finish! Arash made it to my house within an hour. He was friendly, confident and explained everything perfectly before starting the job. I've never used Roto-Rooter before, but I guarantee, should I have future problems again, they will be the first company I will call. They were neat, clean, helpful and made this nightmare go away quickly. Thanks again Roto-Rooter for being a company I now know I can always count on... Joseph R. Porter
Joseph P.
Florin was our technician today. Great Job. He was far earlier in the window of time and he went straight to the root of the problem and fixed it. I appreciated his professionalism and timeliness.
Robert C.
Excellent service. Friendly and efficient call center. Same day appointment. Plumber was extremely efficient, professional, and solved the problem quickly. I will use them again.
An O.
Fast and friendly service! Very personable and helpful.
Brenna D.
we had leaking water heater in middle of night and the guy was quick to get here and help solve the problem. The bill was no fun, but not unreasonable for our situation.
I scheduled on-line for a blocked drainage pipe. They had someone out within an hour and it was handled quickly.
Bob M. | Everett
Phil was an excellent representative for RotoRooter, very professional. He never gave up on a difficult job. He persevered on a tough plugged pipe line from the kitchen sink. He was very informative and kept me apprised of the condition.
John E. | Everett
My husband told me to call RotoRooter for our problem. GREAT experience using RotoRooter for our plumbing issue. Main sewer line backed up, turned out to be tree roots growing through old concrete pipe. This part of home ownership can be stressful, but Mike and Jaime got us through it with a smile on my face! The guys were knowledgeable, professional, just great. Will always call RotoRooter from now on for all our needs, thanks again you guys! My heroes !!
Frank H. | Everett
Roto rooter came within an hour of calling them at 8pm. Kenny was our plumber and he was very friendly and trustworthy; two very important things when we are welcoming someone into our home! We will definitely use roto rooter for all of our future needs!We found a $50 coupon online after booking our appointment and just had to show it when Kenny arrived!
Maria L.
Roto-Rooter came within an hour of our calling them to snake the drain pipes for our washer's backed up utility sink.  Florin Regus was very professional, explained the job, and allowed me to observe his work.  He answered my questions knowledgeably and provided tips that will help me in the future.  Roto Rooter may be slightly pricier than some competitors but their work is guaranteed and they provide peace of mind that is often times missing when dealing with other outfits.  I highly recommend Roto-Rooter to get the job done right the first time so that you can get back to your daily life.-Scott Muoio
Scott M.
This was my first time using Roto-rooter. I work a very hectic and unpredictable schedule so getting service quickly and on short notice was a big priority. My lower level flooded due to blocked pipe that was shared by multiple sources. Florin arrived within two hours and managed to figure out the mess and take care of it. The whole process from the first call to the end was effortless and I will be sure to call Roto-rooter again.
Nick T.
Roto-Rooter saved the weekend! It started on Friday evening, I was washing a load of laundry and when the washer drained - the path of least resistance turned out to be the bathroom. Water was cascading out of the toilet and up from the bathtub! Disgusting!! After turning the washer off and using every towel in the house, my boyfriend and his buddy spent a few hours trying to locate the clog and remove it. This included an evening trip to Lowes for a plumbing snake and industrial Drano. Unfortunately they were not successful. I remembered Roto-Rooter's commercials and how they don't charge extra for evening and weekend calls - so I gave them a call. I was quoted a window of time and told they would call when they were on their way. I appreciated this because I have a two dogs that would need to be put in their kennel before allowing an unfamiliar person into the house . Kenny, the technician, arrived shortly after the warning call and was very professional. He identified the clog location after asked a few questions he quickly got to work. He was very respectful of our floors and made sure to put down a tarp and towels as to not make a mess. i think it took Kenny less than an hour to break up the clog and test all the drains. Needless to say, I had a lot of laundry to do so I gave everything a good test too! Its now been a few days and everything is working perfectly! Thank you Roto-Rooter!! Lynnwood, WA
Erica H. | Everett
I'm a fan. Picture this: It was a Sunday afternoon and the family was preparing to attend a wedding. I was the second shower while the wash machine was going when everything started to back up in both bathrooms. Being on septic, we instantly panicked. My husband spent 4-5 hours in the septic and trying to snake the lines while I tended to the newborn twins and stressed about them not being able to need anything involving water for who knows how long. After hours of work, we identified a clog in the lines but still couldn't get to it. It was now Sunday night, aka the worst time to call for plumbing assistance. After I called a few local plumbers that were either rude or wouldn't see us for over a week, I called the Roto Rooter. They seemed pleasant enough, and made me feel relieved when they said there was no extra charge for weekend/evening, and the service tech would give us a hard estimate before beginning the work. They could also have someone out within three hours and would call about 30 min prior to arrival. Maybe 10 min later, the phone rang and the gentleman was on his way. Once he arrived he assessed the situation, I went inside to grab bottles for the babies, and he was done. Seriously. In the time it took me to walk inside and grab milk from the refrigerator. Amazing. I learned two things that day. 1) Don't spend 5 hours and miss a wedding, call Roto Rooters right away. 2) Postpartum hair loss will destroy your plumbing.
Siobhan W. | Everett
Service date 4/15/14 ticket #17833548 I called Roto-Rooter when my kitcher sink became stopped up and had company comming from out of town the next day. I was worried that it might be a more involved then there actually was. I was told that a service technician could be here in twenty minutes and he was! I really appreciated the fast service. Joe Thompson was very polite and went downstairs to check where the plumbing originated and was able to fix the problem very quickly. I also bought your Pipe Shell cleaner that will help prevent future problems and have already used it. Thank youPatricia Fry
A Yahoo User
I called Roto-Rooter after talking to another company and turned the other company away after talking to their plumber. Joe from Roto-Rooter showed up within half an hour and quickly diagnosed the problem and even offered alternative ways to fix it. We talked price and I had him get to work. Within a very short time the problem was fixed and he was on his way. Joe was very professional and courteous. His polite demeanor put me at ease. I would highly recommend Roto-Rooter to anyone who asks for a plumber.
A Yahoo User
Service date 4/4/14 ticket no 217 17816934. We had a huge drain at our restaurant in Mukilteo. We called them to come in to estimate the price and scheduled to be serviced the next day. The technician was very knowledgable and really great at what he did. He cleaned all the grease line from the kitchen out to the grease trap. I had the service with other company before and the price was a lot higher and didn t solve the problem. We were so happy about Roto Rooter service they provided. Will sure recommend to others. Thank you for a great service.
A Yahoo User
I own a tattoo shop in shoreline and had a nasty clog in my sink and these guys got here fast and fixed my problem and got me back doing what i do best, and not messing around with a clogged sink. thanks guys
Anonymity I.
We had a main line blockage that hit us Saturday morning.  Waste water backed up and flooded our lower level. Our home warranty folks contacted Roto Rooter and I couldn't be happier.  Mr Narcis, the technician found a blockage quite a way out that he cleared.  He next contacted their emergency services folks to clean up all the waste water contamination.  Marcos Rodriquez and Artemio Palefor arrived and were very professional and helpful in getting the damage under control.  I thank them all very much.
L R.
The dispatcher was extremely pleasant to talk to and professional. Joe was sent to deal with our plugged sewer line and was able to arrive early in the morning. After a quick diagnosis, he called for the required assistant since he'd have to snake down the roof vent due to a lack of cleanouts at our house. While the second was on his way, Joe did the prep work and the actual task of cleaning out took only a few minutes once the second arrived. I was pleased with the whole experience.
David F.
I called Roto Rooter to change the faucet and remove the disposal. I received a call within 10 minutes of my call and Brett Bloomberg arrived within an hour of my call. He was very professional, explained problems related to removal of the disposal. He finished the job and I am more than satisfied with the results. I would call Roto Rooter again and ask specifically for Brett who has a very pleasant personality and again, very professional and efficient.
Jan H.
I had to call a plumber to fix a completely clogged up kitchen. I already tried to clear the clog myself with a snake, plunger, everything. Joe, from Everett, WA, was quick to respond to my call (maybe an hour). He was very polite, and it didn't take long at all.
Jacqueline J.
We had a leak in our plumbing inside of the kitchen sink wall. I was working out of state in Alaska and my wife had to deal with the situation. She contacted Roto-Rooter based on their high ratings for service. The Service Technician arrived to repair the leak and corrected several issues I had with the plumbing. According to my wife, the technician was very polite, knowledgeable, efficient, and neat with his work. Upon my arrival back home, I had a chance to look things over and am very pleased with all of the repairs. It's comforting to know that I can trust Roto-Rooter to be there on short notice and efficiently correct and repair any plumbing situation encountered, even if I can't be home at the time. Thank you Roto-Rooter, we would definitely call you again if needed!
Mike S.
I had put off calling a plumber for our slow running kitchen sink drain for a week. Then I couldn't decide who to call. Thank goodness I called Everett Roto-Rooter! Everyone I spoke with and the technician who came to the house to do the service, were very friendly and professional. The job was done in no time. Thank you sooo much!!
Carolee S.
service date 4/1/10 ticket no:217-15487045. I had Bal as my service technician. He was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he is doing. Very informative and easy to talk to. Great work Bal!
A Yahoo User
Roto-Rooter Service March 22, 2010, Ticket No. 15473536We called for NON-emergency service related to kitchen and laundry room drainage that was backing up through the laundry room floor drain. Your service man (Don Frazier) showed up within an hour! He found that invading roots were catching washing machine lint, gradually occluding the drain pipe underneath the house. He not only took care of the problem completely, but he suggested that we attach the foot of a nylon stocking to the washer's drain hose to catch the lint and prevent a recurrence of the problem. Something my mother never taught me! He was courteous and very patient with all our questions. We were extremely happy with his service!
A Yahoo User
Mike was very knowledgeable and helpful..explained our options and got the job done quickly.
Janis H. | Everett
Quick response, The service tech was very polite & knowledgeable. He complete the service quickly and gave use useful information for the future
Phil S. | Everett
Technician was timely and performed his analysis of the situation and his work quickly.
Skip C. | Everett
Our home was built in 1910. Roto-Rooter has come to our aid many times over the years. Their service has always been exemplary. The technicians are professional, thorough and cleaned up any mess they caused. Our last need for assistance was fully covered by the guarantee. Most other drain services do not have this quality assurance. you get what you pay for, guaranteed. Google comments need to be addressed to allow more than one comment per week.
greg k. | Everett
A good end to a couple of bad days no hot water. Mark showed up on time with a good bid, and was able to put in new gas hot water tank same day. Very pleased with service a hot shower Never Felt So Good!
Ken M. | Everett
Very please with outcome of a bad day. No hot water for 2 days, Mark showed on time for bid, and was able to get gas water heater up running. Hot shower never felt so good! Very please with service.
Ken M. | Everett
Technician was professional and helpful!
Connie B. | Everett
The tech was on time and solved the toilet problem fast.
Jackie B. | Everett
Well done! Within the time frame I requested, service gentleman was polite, congenial and respectful of my home. Work was completed quickly and included some instruction on simple repairs that I could do myself!
Marti H. | Granite Falls
Your employee was extremely helpful and fast. He came exactly when he was scheduled. I will ask for him again for any plumbing problem that I have.
Barb M. | Everett
Fast, honest service when we had a plumbing emergency.
Karen E. | Everett
Your Man Florin Regus was very Professional & Impressive & really knew his profession. Neat & Clean & he should be Promoted. He is a very Good Salesman Also & convincing !!!
Gary B. | Duvall
I speak for my landlord and me that we both will call you before anyone else and we will ask for Jerrimy Healy his work is great he use's his time wise'ly
Virginia L. | Poulsbo
Very professional and answered questions and let us know about other services Roto-Rooter, like the free camera service at this time.
Nancy I. | Lake Forest Park
Gary Robinson
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