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Roto-Rooter Columbus, OH: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Columbus, OH, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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3 visits: 1st was to check sump pump, we were expecting to replace, but Robert thought adjusting the float might be all we needed. He told us what we paid for the service call would be applied to a new pump, if needed. We appreciated that he tried a fix instead of automatically replacing the pump. 2nd was because the fix did not work and we needed a replacement. Kyle responded, but did not have a pump with him. He offered to come back the following day or go purchase one from lowes. We opted for the next day in order to get the pump sold br Roto rooter. 3rd visit was the actual installation
Peggy S.
We had Roto-Rooter Service Tech Chris Bogner replace a sillcock in Hillliard. Timely and professional. Very pleased.
Kevin F.
My tech was Sam Teegarden #2943 and he was amazing. Even though it was after 10:00 p.m., he was very friendly, helpful and patient. He explained everything perfectly and didn't show the least bit of impatience with me when I asked him to repeat something and taught me some things about the process, etc. He did a wonderful job and was always very professional. Thank you Sam!
Tania W.
Very quick response and nice service.
Feng G.
Rob Vanzile did an amazing job finding out and solving our water backup problem. He was on time and very thorough and communicated exactly what he was doing and why every step of the way. Rob also went through the different scenarios and prices for the services he would have to perform depending on what was causing the problem. I will definitely will be calling Roto-Rooter for all my plumbing needs and telling friends to do the same.
Adam K.
My technician was Aaron Oswald #920. Paragon Dr. Columbus, Oh. He installed a new water heater in a very small space which also had a washer, dryer and water softener. My concern was that how he could get it in. He was very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful and assured me it would not be a problem. After it was installed, everything was put back in order and the area cleaned up. I rate him highly and give it exceptional!
Gretchen A.
Called at 8:30 and problem was fixed by 10:30. Job done correctly, quickly and professionally by technician Chris Rogner.
A Yahoo User
A Yahoo User
Scheduler was helpful and personable, scheduled appointment quickly. 30 minute window call came as promised, technician was prompt, professional, and provided great service as well as being a friendly andcourteous. Drain works like brand new!
Martha L.
There was a gurgling noise coming from the basement toilet and floor drain. From past experience I knew the main line in the house was clogged. I got online and scheduled an appointment with Roto-Rooter, 3825 Paragon Drive, Columbus Ohio. Within a reasonable amount of time on a Friday night the dispatcher called and told me they were on the way. They arrived at my house in Columbus Ohio to assess the situation,they listened to my description of previous issues and solutions, explained what they would do and how much it would cost and asked for my go ahead. The entire process took a little more than 45 minutes. They were very helpful in explaining what they were doing and what I could do to prevent it from happening again in the future. Thanks to Angie's list I was able to save $40 and thanks to Roto-Rooter I was able to save an additional $10. That discount practically paid for the Pipe Shield I purchased for maintaining clear drains.
China W.
Technician came same day and was polite. Installed a discharge pipe on our water heater that was missing. Total cost was about $220 which seemed a bit high. He was here for under an hour.
Tasheena E.
Very quick response for a Sunday. Arrived less than an hour from call. Technician #804 was polite. Cost $255.00 seems high for this service. Have had it done for $150 in the past.
Elizabeth M.
Roto Rooter responded immediately to my call. Took care of the problem and made suggestions on how to prevent future problems. Quick service.
A Yahoo User
I have used Roto Rooter multiple times over the past few years for different plumbing issues. They are always quick to respond, show up on time, professional, and work efficiently. They have always been patient with me and willing to answer all my questions, as I know very little about plumbing! Would highly recommend them to a friend!
A Yahoo User
He came in and quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem.
Anna S.
If you've got drain issues, do yourself a favor and call the plumber where you are assured of getting it corrected: Roto-Rooter.  My sewer line need cleaned of tree roots every few years...and I've lived here 20 years so have numerous experiences with Roto-Rooter.  Only once was it not sufficently done (backed up in the basement again) and someone was sent out straight away to correct the problem.  There has been a long-running problem in this house of slow bathtub and vanity drains which many $$ of Drano products were not solving.  So I finally broke down and called Roto-Rooter this week and, no surprise to me, now have drains running like new.  No standing in water while taking a shower!  It's been years since that's happened here.  Pricing is reasonable for the quality work.  My tech arrived on time, cleaned up the mess as they always do, was professional and courteous, and most importantly, got the job done.  He was also outrageously good-looking but that had no influence on my rating!
Roberty B.
Needed a plumber on New Years Day after getting the kitchen pipes clogged. We took all we could apart and cleaned, but pipes leaving the kitchen got clogged badly due to metamucil being put down the drain. Roto Rooter was here within 2 hours and got the plumbing working again. The service tech, Chris Bogner, was extremely pleasant and efficient. Having them come out on New Years let me enjoy the remainder of the day and football games with full use of the kitchen, and there was not additional charge for coming out on a holiday.
A Yahoo User
A pipe became disconnected  under my kitchen sink while I was making Thanksgiving dinner.  I had a Tim Gunn "make it work" moment and used my bathroom sink to finish dinner.  I did call Roto-Rooter to make an appointment for Friday as I didn't want to take someone away from their family Thanksgiving day.  I was surprised and felt guilty when someone answered the phone.  She pleasantly took my information and said a tech would be out between 8-10am the next morning and I would receive a call.The next morning I did receive a call from the dispatcher stating a tech could come out in 15 minutes.  My tech, Billy L. (#8867), was friendly and professional.  He fixed my issue very quickly and cleaned up afterwards.  He also gave me some helpful tips to prevent the situation again.   I can't express enough how happy I am with Roto-Rooter and Billy.   Thank you very much for working today Sir!   If we are in need again, I will definitely call you.  I hope you get to go home and relax the remainder of the day with your family!
Denise L.
We had a disgusting emergency at the house. Of course with it being Labor Day weekend, we were not sure if we would be able to have anyone come over to fix the main drain quickly. We decided to call Roto-Rooter (3825 Paragon Drive, Columbus) as we have called them before. And guess what! They were able to come within hours. AWESOME!!!! Two guys arrived in their clean white van and in their clean uniforms... not what you would expect for plumbers. They came with the attitude that they are ready to help. They were nice and answered any questions we had.They snaked our drain and within about a half an hour, everything was flowing normally again. Thanks Roto-Rooter for the prompt, courteous and professional assistance.
Edwin Y.
They were good. The price was fine and better than many others.
Laura W.
He was quick and efficient. Cleaned out drain allowing water to flow freely, left a cleaner that is safe for monthly maintenance on our pipes which are part pvc snd part cast iron, & ran a camera through entire drain to look for problems. Offered advuce to keep pipes clear and 30 day guarantee on work.
Andrew P.
A plus for service, punctuality, customer service,honesty. Would recommend over and over. Will definitely call again when needed. I appreciate the great service.
Karen P.
The 3825 Paragon Dr., Columbus OH, Roto-Rooter did a nice job.  They arrived in the window,  which was about 2 am this morning, diagnosed the problem quickly,  and got to work.... quietly!  My sleeping family didn't even know they were here.   They explained the problem,  gave some prevention tips,  and got on their way.  Having a plumber at your house at 2 am is never going to be the ideal scenario but this experience was as good as it gets.
Brian S.
I called at 5:10 PM on Saturday. Was told to expect a call back from the paged repairman. Received the repairman's call at 5:28PM. He said to expect him within an hour and arrived after 40 minutes. Identified the problem quickly and repaired it quickly. After reconnecting the clothes washer and demonstrating that separate additional failure after confirming the work he had done was correct, he was gone by 6:35PM. MY ONLY OBJECTION to the service is that the $30 coupon I printed off from the Angie's List's website was NOT ACCEPTED. Whether that problem is with Angie's List or Roto Rooter wasn't entirely clear but some one is doing false advertising. I thought the price in general was high for the work (less than an hour with a separate $45 charge for it being a weekend) and the failure to accept the coupon seemed to add insult to the process.
John C.
I had need for one of these guys this morning after trying to unclog a drain myself.  All I succeeded in doing was wasting three quarts of drain cleaner and all it did was make matters worse.  I called the Roto Rooter nearest to my house and they told me someoone would be out in about an hour.  Sure enough, Chris called me and showed up with his handy drain cleaner and went  to work  Now I'm back in business but  my wallet is $150 lighter!  But he knew his stuff and I'm glad I used them.
Paul F.
Professional courteous Job done quicklt
Ruth M. | Columbus
The service was competent and friendly. It was a serious problem that was handled with no problems. The workers were friendly and kept us informed on their progress.
Richard E. | Columbus
Chris was thorough with his service, explanations and completion of the paperwork. He set up our next appointment to have a camera appointment. Plus, he followed up with his manager to make sure our warranty was still in effect.
Karl K. | Columbus
Chris was thorough with his service, explanations and completion of the paperwork. He set up our next appointment to have a camera appointment. Plus, he followed up with his manager to make sure our warranty was still in effect.
Karl K. | Columbus
We had issues with large tree roots in the main line exiting the house. Steve, our tech, did great using the "jetter" to clear the line. His experience and using the right equipment solved our problem!
Don O. | Columbus
Josh our Tech did a great job. He was very courteous and knowledgeable.
Don O. | Columbus
Very professional, very clean, very fast.
Scott W. | Columbus
THOMAS B. | Columbus
Great and friendly service.
Alfred J. | Columbus
The service technician was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and thorough. I couldn't have asked for more.
Bill D. | Columbus
Very professional, very patient and knowledgable.
Jodi A. | Columbus
There is no service like Roto-Rooter to do a great job cleaning out sewer lines.
Linda C. | Columbus
Service was professional speedy and reasonable. Will use your service again.
James J. | Columbus
Great service, thank you! The plumber was very friendly and professional.
Virginia V. | Columbus
Josh was our technician and he was knowledgeable, timely, and friendly. We will certainly use Roto-Rooter again because of the customer service that was provided.
Kate M. | Columbus
They called us 1/2 hour before they arrived. They asked a few questions upon arrival, and promptly solved our problem. Servicemen were friendly.
Tom H. | Columbus
Todd is a responsible and experienced technician. I was satisfied with the professional job!
Takamasa Y. | Columbus
The technician was absolutely what we needed. We used several plumbers in the preceding months but did not get the results that we received from Rotor Rooter. Our drains have been clog-free for four months now and that is great! That's why I waited a while before entering this survey. I wanted to make sure that the drains stayed clear for more than 2 months and they did! Thank you!!
Sherry W. | Columbus
A very courteous and very well informed mechanic that knew exactly what he was doing. We couldn't be more pleased.
Gloria B. | Columbus
very prompt service-technician was on time-technician explained everything very well before the service. I would recommend the service to others.
Diane P. | Columbus
I was well pleased with the service I received on September 6th. The technician was very kind and I was well pleased with him. He arrived on time and explained what needed to be done and went right to work. He finished in good time and didn't leave a mess or anything. He also explained what may need to be done in the future if the sink developed a leak behind the faucet. Tthank him for his service for me. Janet Ballard
Janet B. | Columbus
excellent Job Ray! Thank you
ron d. | Columbus
Roto Rooter showed up within one hour of my phone call on a Sunday! The gentlemen were very polite and professional. They did a great job of fixing the portion of my pipe that had failed under my basement floor.
Deb H. | Columbus
Bill is excellent representative for Roto Rooter. His work is outstanding and he cleans as he goes. He explains the process of what he is doing and he always has all the parts he needs to complete the job. Tony
Anthony S. | Columbus
Professional and curteous service... Questions answered.
Johnetta W. | Columbus
It took longer for your employee to finish than he had originally estimated but he kept at it until all the work was down.
John M. | Columbus
Clogged drain on branch line. Cleaned branch and discovered that the main drain was also clogged with tree roots cleaned it . Alldrains work better.
Stephen G. | Columbus
Service was done very quickly. Tech was friendly but did not waste time talking.
Jesse F W. | Columbus
I was very appreciative of the prompt service from Roto-Rooter. I had had difficulty with several other plumbing companies, both with having them come to assess our situation, as well as improperly diagnosing the cause. Roto-Rooter was able to send someone to my home the next day (they offered same day but that didn't work with my schedule). Within 5 minutes of seeing the problem, the initial technician knew what was wrong. Another representative came to our home within 2 hours and scheduled to have the work done the next day. We were in the process of moving, and the excavating crew was kind enough to try to fill in the hole in our yard as neatly as possible.
Jessica E. | Columbus
I discovered a leak under my sink during an impossibly busy week--I called Roto-Rooter around 8pm on a Tuesday, and it was fixed within 2.5 hours. I could not ask for better service!
Drew B. | Columbus
The young man who came to do the work for us was very professional and really nice. He definitely knew his job. He worked to solve our problem and explained things to us that were very helpful.
Henry C. | Columbus
Service was grate and so was Chris. Very professional and did a great Job. Never have had a problem with using roto-rooter in the past and will continue to use them when needed.
ieshia b. | Columbus
Clogged drain was successfully cleared. I was satisfied with the service. The person arrived on time within the promised time window, was professional, and was efficient in clearing the drain.
Jiri K. | Columbus
Clyde was excellent! Very fast and professional.
DIMITER T. | Columbus
Tech John 1482, he did a excellent job, very professional, and clean. If I ever need a service call again I would not hesitate to request him again. Thanks again for you service!
edmond p. | Columbus
Excellent work performed. Your serviceman corrected the problem we were having with our upstairs bathroom drain. There was also a lower bathroom sink drain that was affected by the upstairs sink drain. He corrected this problem also. Things are back to normal. Thank you very much. Your company will be the one we call if any other system problems occur.
Richard B. | Columbus
Ted did a very good job replacing our kitchen faucet.
Jim C. | Columbus
Had a city sewer back up into my basement. RR came out that evening, was able to bore through the issues. Live in the Columbus, Ohio area. Stephen was our service provider. Very nice person and had not problem explaining what was going on to me. I offered him a water as a courtesy. Only regret was not tipping him. Hopefully the sewer system doesn't back up again anytime soon!
Matt V. | Columbus
The employees that came to our home were very professional and courteous. We found that our minor problem was bigger than we thought, but they worked with us to resolve it. Eric, Stephen, Joshua, Jerry and Andy were all great! We would recommend them to anyone needing this kind of service.
Margaret B. | Columbus
Great job, friendly service.
Aimee C. | Columbus
Matt was very professional.
Brian P. | Columbus
Great experience!! Tech was so nice and professional!! Sunday service needed and he came to our house in less than 20 minutes Thank you for amazing customer service! 😀
Wendi F. | Columbus
Mr. Ray had great customer service!
karen f. | Columbus
Always prompt service! The techs are very good.
Jan W. | Columbus
Bill was excellent. Very efficient and through. Very respectful. I will request Bill Lotz the next project I have,
Anthony S. | Columbus
Fast service. Explained problem very well and the process in fixing it. Very nice employees.
Debbie H. | Columbus
Within 1/2 hour Eric from roto rooter showed up. He was helpful, explained the problem and efficiently fixed it. Exceeded my expectations.
Jim E. | Columbus
i called Roto Rooter on sunday afternoon , within 1 hour they were at tmy door , fixing my toilet , took 5 mins and we were back in business. thanks, Roto-Rooter
Melisa S. | Columbus
John was on time and was helpful and had it fixed in a short time.
Rita D. | Columbus
We had corrosion.built up in our pipes and it was taken care if. We are very happy with our service. Thank you!
Cynthia P. | Columbus
The plumber was quick and efficient. I appreciate him coming late at night to complete the job.
Richard N. | Columbus
Roto-Rooter has always been punctual arriving within the time frame given. The service person(s) has been courteous and explains everything he will do, but only if necessary. I feel this company has been honest and above board with all services I have received.
Sharon S. | Columbus
Andy fixed the toilet leak in a professional manner. He was friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable.
Kathy S. | Columbus
Service call came faster than I thought. Service man was very courteous and professional. He knew his job, got right to the problem. Explained every detail of repair and also the bill. I will use Roto-Rooter again when needed.
Robert M. | Columbus
We had the shut off valve leaking. The associate explained what needed to happen and arranged everything.
Tom S. | Columbus
I had a backed up kitchen sink because of my use of the garbage disposal. The service was provided within 30 minutes of calling, and it was done VERY well!
kevin m. | Columbus
Prompt and efficient. Robert came through in the clutch.
Harry Y. | Columbus
I do appreciate Tony's knowledgeable answers and the patience he took to do the job right.
Sue G. | Columbus
Our kitchen sink disposal got plugged up and Matthew came right away and got everything fixed. Very professional service from a great guy and great company!
John S. | Columbus
They were very professional. Had a tough time getting the blockage loose but they persevered and it came loose. Friendly and left my bathroom tidy and clean. Have used them on many occasions . Would definitely recommend them.
Michelle F. | Columbus
Great service with helpful explanation of what was going on.
Greg G. | Columbus
David walked me through the process and did a great job
Maria M. | Columbus
Although my timeslot was for 5-7pm, Steph wasn't able to make it out until 8. Am I upset about that? Nope! I was very pleased that someone was able to come out late because a cancellation would have been extremely inconvenient for me. Stephan did a great job and was very friendly, professional, and courteous. He was extremely efficient and took care of my problem. I would definitely recommend Roto Rooter to anyone.
Kody G. | Columbus
Omg! The best customer service and service ever! Called late at night and they arrived 8a the next service was done in about 20 minutes! Very clean! John Gleason is the best!
Rhoda W. | Columbus
Very fast and professional service!
Vinnie P. | Columbus
I was scheduled for 5-8 pm, but the job before mine was longer than expected. The service coordinator kept me informed the entire time, and made sure I was aware of the delay along with my options. The technician who visited my house was considerate and polite. He told me the expectations and possible outcomes ahead of time so that I was prepared for whatever would happen. He fixed my problem quickly, cleanly and courteously. I would definitely call you again!
Monica H. | Columbus
They were prompt and very courteous. The technician was knowledgeable and very helpful.
Kim Y. | Columbus
John Gleason was awesome! Cleared the clog and gave great advice about future issues. We will be requesting him again!
Jim B. | Columbus
Great and quick job.
Jerry P. | Columbus
Great customer service! Called in @4:30p and had a service technician by 7:30 His name was Stephen Alexander he was professional, kind, knowledgeable, and completed the job quickly. I am highly satisfied and would recommend Roto-Rooter services!
veda E. | Columbus
Quick, timely service. Technician explained everything to me then fixed to my complete satisfaction. I am a Roto Rooter customer!
Beth S. | Columbus
After some not so good DIY plumbing I had quite a leak in our basement. Gary fixed us up fast and the leaks were gone! Very pleased with the work.
WILLIAM T. | Columbus
Richard was great! Very personable and friendly, explained what he was doing and why. We were very pleased with the exceptional level of service he provided!
Sarah S. | Columbus
Phone staff was very helpful and provided a workable and timely, time slot. John was polite and explained everything he was going to do and why. We would have him back in our home and trust his assessment.
mary h. | Columbus
He was helpful and provided detailed explanation about the service.
Erica S. | Columbus
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