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Roto-Rooter Cincinnati, OH: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Cincinnati, OH, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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We had an outdoor drain that was clogged causing water to spill into our basement. Nick unclogged the drain in ten minutes or so. I would highly recommend him and the company.
Daniel M.
We came home from work to our brand new finished basement flooded due to a broken pipe. I called Roto and they immediately had a plumber and water restoration out to help me. William T. Tech#0170 was extremely helpful and personable. He worked with us and helped us out so much. He saved our basement and brand new carpet and padding!! I'm so sad this happened to begin with but now it looks as if it never happened at all!!
Lauren P.
After a heavy rain, our floor drain in the basement backed up. Raw sewage and storm water flooded the basement about 3 inches deep. I called root rooter and they came in half the time quoted by the dispatcher! Zach Wilkins showed up and went right to work. We have a 115 year old house, and it was a challenge getting the snake to go through the tight trap. Zach tried a couple different sized snakes without much luck. Zach then modified the end of the snake and was able to get past the trap and clear the drain. Zach give clear explanation of the work to be done and executed the job in a friendly and professional manor. I would highly recommend Zach and Root Rooter to anyone. Thank You!
Jessie H.
James was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained things to us very well and made us aware of our looming issue of three roots blocking out service line. Both James and the other professional were courteous and professional. The only thing that kept me from giving them an A on price is that I find it silly they need to charge you to use the camera down your drain. Having the camera was a tremendous help to them and it should just be part of their standard calls to use the camera to allow both the home owner and the Technician working on the issue see what is going on down there. But I would recommend Roto Rooter to anyone who needs pluming help.
Kyle L.
Very friendly and prompt service.
Melonie K.
We had a plumbing problem on a Sunday. Appreciate that Roto-Rooter does not charge extra for weekend visits. Our repairman, Kevin #357, was on time (early actually which is great.) He was professional, and very helpful. We will be calling him again very soon to help us fix a different plumbing problem that needs to be corrected. A problem created by a different plumbing company that we will not use again. Thanks Roto-Rooter.
Timothy H.
My experience was wonderful. I called in the afternoon and RotoRooter was there with in a few hours. The lady who answered the phone was very professional and listened to my needs. Dave (the plumber) was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and very neat. The service was great. When I need a plumber, I will definitely call Dave at RotoRooter.
Allison M.
Great service in Cincinnati!! Called in the morning, plumber available in the afternoon. Friendly, knowledgable and efficient. I will definitely use Roto-Rooter in the future!
Woke up to a broken basement pipe at 4am, called Roto-Rooter and was on the schedule for the morning within minutes. Dwight was friendly and professional, and had an idea of what to do and an estimate within minutes. Had our water back up and running in less than an hour. Well done!RD WilliamsPrice Hill, Cincinnati, OH
Rd W.
Jerry was great!He fixed my back up issue and answered questions I had about another issue!
Sammys M.
These guys are amazing! Was having issues with draining (not the usual drain problem) and had called a plumbing company to come out and take a look. One said they needed to replace all the piping (PBC) and the project would be $3K - $4K, another company, that was referred by our home warranty said they needed to install clean-outs (which coincidentally is not covered by home warranty and is already installed) and snake the pipes, which would be a $1.7K job. I decided to call Roto-Rooter, and within 45 mins, a guy was at my place and said that there was no need for all of that. He sent for a tech (Mike) who was absolutely phenomenal and great. Less than $400 later, both my bathrooms were running perfectly again!
Ziad R. | Cincinnati
Turned on water to outside faucets and had leaks inside the finished basement. Tommy (Tech #2303) responded and found the problem and fixed the leak. Very professional - he really knew what he was doing and explained it all to us as he did the job.
Virgil R.
We called Roto-Rooter because we had a sewage backup out of our basement floor drain. The first service tech. came out but we were unable to locate the main cleanout. I spent a few days looking for it, and finally found it in a wall. After cutting out a hole in the wall to have access to the cleanout, I called Roto-Rooter back and they sent a tech out (Chris 1727). While it took a while to finally break through, Chris was able to address the major issue of the blockage and correct the water issue. Everyone we dealt with was extremely polite and down to earth. We are satisfied with the service and would not hesitate to use Roto-rooter again. Thank you Roto-Rooter!
Tim K.
Thanks Steve #2037!!!! He worked well into the wee hours to clear out our sewer backup! He was courteous and professional, despite the late/early hours!
Liberty township, Ohio. Matt #2719 arrived on time and courteous and professional. He fixed our sump pump issue and did not mind me hanging around to watch and learn. Hope Matt finds time this summer to ride his bike! Thanks for your help! Mike
My 100+ year old home had been experiencing a persistent drip for the past few weeks that has been driving me crazy... we could hear it upstairs and downstairs, but couldn't find any evidence of water damage! While my husband was convinced that our master bathroom shower was leaking, I wanted to call in the pros before we started arbitrarily punching holes in our walls- and good thing we did! Roto-Rooter came out right away armed with all kinds of leak detection technology that I didn't even know existed. They ran several tests and thoroughly examined the areas where we had heard the leak.As it turns out, our drip wasn't a plumbing issue at all, but we we would have discovered that too late had we tackled this on our own.  Thank you Dave & Kevin!!! We appreciate your professionalism. You both took your time to assess the situation, answered all of our questions and provided appropriate recommendations based on what you saw. I wouldn't hesitate to call Roto-Rooter again for any of my plumbing needs! Thank you!!
Allison B.
Quick, efficient and polite!!! So glad I can do laundry and dishes again!! (Not really but just a little!!!)
Angel T.
You never want a stream of water spraying out of a lead pipe all over the stacks of boxes and Christmas decorations you have crammed into your basement.  And it's never a good thing when the first plumber you have come to look at it starts wringing his hands in worry and talking about jackhammering the concrete floor and digging up the front yard.It's a good thing, when this happened to us, that I called this Roto-Rooter place.  Initial estimates for the job ran upwards of $2500, but one of their service technicians, Dave Denton, was confident he could get the job done without destroying our basement and without bleeding our bank account dry.  He did.  After consulting with his supervisor, he arranged to make a special trip out to give it a try, and he completed the job at about a fifth of what it might have cost.The staff at RR were professional, prompt, and they saved me a ton of money.  I've seen enough plumbers to know that doesn't happen often.
Matt C.
Main sewer line backing up on a Sunday. Uh Oh. I have trees right above the drain, so I knew it was more than I could handle.I had just opened the ValPak mailer and had a coupon from Roto Rooter, so I gave them a call. Well more literally I used the online scheduler, which was easy to use. I got an email confirmation with a time frame. I got a phone call within 20 minutes of the start time, saying the plumber was on his way within 30 minutes. Sure enough Andy arrived. Couldn't be happier - Andy brought in the magic machine and worked on the drain for  nearly ninety minutes.  I've lived here for 15 years and it's never been cleaned, so there were plenty of roots to get through. Success!  Andy explained some of the options available for the next step, which gave me plenty to consider. He cleaned up, and was on his way. I will put Roto Rooter on my speed dial!
Sd L.
I was very thankful for a quick response, even though the issue was not an emergency. The service tech was polite and did a good job.
Ruth L. | Cincinnati
Service was great. The technician, Travis # 4509, was clean and professional and fixed our problem. I would call roto-rooter again and recommend them to anyone that has a plumbing problem.
Dean M. | Cincinnati
Great service...friendly, polite, helpful, and professional.
Maria Rosa O. | Cincinnati
The technician was knowledgeable, professional and thorough. He explained the process required to fix my toilet and did so in a very pleasant manner. As a result I am confident he finished the service call efficiently and to my utmost satisfaction.
Charlene P. | Cincinnati
I had what appeared to be a plumbing emergency with running water in a finished part of our house. Your tech evaluated the problem, quickly fixed the issue, and then returned to address an additional issue that arose after he had left. I appreciated your help.
stephen g. | Cincinnati
Fast, friendly service.
Frank M. | Cincinnati
Great job, fast response, service people sent were clear as what was done and also what need to be done. Cost very reasonable.Saftey was a big thing while digging etc extra care was given to there safety. Seven tech were used over a three day period all were great. I will recommend Rotor rooter to anyone. Thanks to all who worked on this project. Paul Wilson
paul w. | Cincinnati
Jimmy was great! Solved the problem
Jaimie W. | Cincinnati
Sewer pipe repaired all is well. The entire crew did a great job from start to finish. Have a happy holiday and a great new year😀 Paul Wilson
Paul W. | Cincinnati
Mark Swartz provided excellent service. Thanks Mark!
Kristen S. | Cincinnati
I was very satisfied with the service Seth gave me today. He was very informative, worked fast and cleaned up afterward. I'd be glad to request him if I ever need other services.
Jackie B. | Cincinnati
James, our plumber came out and not only was professional, but he was efficient and very helpful on Thanksgiving Day. We have had this problem before and he was able to help us navigate a fix within just a few minutes. I am so thankful Roto-Rooter was open, with extra people in the house because of the holiday it could have been a disaster. Thanksgiving dinner was saved, but more importantly everyone was able to stay with us. Thank you James and Roto-Rooter.
Marie S. | Cincinnati
Main sewer drain plugged. Rotor rooter tech arrived and cleared the roots but he recomended a pressure wash (drain very old) he arranged a scope servay they arrived and suggested a pressure cleaning which he arranged. The pressure guy arrived and did his thing and also located the cleanout which was buried under about a foot of dirt. He scoped the drain again from this cleanout hole and found a broken pipe and also a cracked one--this is where the roots are getting in. the pressure washing and the rooter cleaning fixed the drain problem. I also got a quote to fix the two broken pipes which I am going to have done. The team of techs that rotor rooter of Cincinnati were were very promped, did an great job in clearing the problem and also arranging for a fix for the broken pipes that are below ground/.four different techs were sent all equipped with special equipment to do the job, locate the problem and do a great patch job to get things working until the trenching crew can get here to afix a permenet fix. Thes techs took time to explain every step to me and also what they found. A great team Chris browning/ and trainie, Mark Schwartz & john sumney. These guys did a (SUPER JOB). Good fast work and VERY good communicators---very customer oriented. Great work Guys a big thanks from me. Paul Wilson
paul w. | Cincinnati
The technician was on time, dressed professionally and courteous. He reviewed the problem with me and then did his job. Afterward he went over what me did and explained the 6 month warranty.
Gregory L. | Cincinnati
Matt was fantastic! Very personable and professional. So glad he was able to get us up and running on this Thanksgiving night.
Emma G. | Cincinnati
Responsive service and friendly technician; helpful in answering all my questions.
Eric M. | Cincinnati
Five stars to Roto Rooter. Our technician was kind, courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. So happy we called. Herb DuVal, Cincinnati, OH
Herbert D. | Cincinnati
Prompt service when we needed it. Experienced and knowledgeable technician who was personable and friendly.
Lydia W. | Cincinnati
Twice I've called. First time at old house just advice. Free. Second time at new house snake the main drain. Very professional and courteous. Online coupon, no more poop coming up main line, main line cleared! Thanks!
Ozgur M. | Cincinnati
Jimmy was great!!! Best plumber I've ever had. Knew the work very well and didn't stop at anything until we figured out what the problem was.
Jaimie W. | Cincinnati
This is our second use of Roto rooter in the last two weeks for different situations. The service was great again today. Our technician, Tommy, Was professional, knowledgeable, reespectful, and friendly. Will definitely use foto-rooter again in the future.
Tim W. | Cincinnati
These guys helped us through a terrible situation. They could not have been more professional or more considerate. They came on time, did what they promised to do, and completely cleaned up afterwards. I can recommend Roto-Rooter without reservations and will be happy to call them the next time we have a problem.
Erica M. | Cincinnati
The Roto-Rooter Technician was on time and courteous. He assessed the situation and solved my problem. I am completely satisfied and will continue using Roto-Rooter in the future.
Harold S. | Cincinnati
The two representatives did an excellent job and knew what they were doing. They pulled a huge amount of roots out of the line and are sending a camera man to show me where the problem is. I am currently 68 years old recently laid off and living a Social Security which is a huge pay cut. I therefore am not sure about doing any more extensive work at this time but do appreciate the top notch work they performed today.
Richard D. | Cincinnati
Thank you for coming to my house so quickly in an emergency situation. Ted kept us informed throughout and even gave us tips to help prevent future plumbing problems. We will definitely call your company again!
Jennie T. | Cincinnati
Robert (technician 3983) was prompt, professional, and courteous. He quickly provided a reasonable quote and was finished before I could write the check! Great job!
Brad S. | Cincinnati
The service was excellent and very prompt.
Greg A. | Cincinnati
Both service men were exceptional.
Robert M. | Cincinnati
I tried to change my mother's faucet as a mother's day gift. However, I bit off more than I could chew so reluctantly I called Roto Rooter for help. I didn't like spending the extra money but I'm glad that Roto Rooter sent Jerry because he was very professional and kind. Thanks Jerry, you are the best.
Yolanda B. | Cincinnati
The technician that came out to my house was very knowledgable, courteous and went over and beyond. Tommy was extremely professional and did not leave this job until it was done right - and I was happy with his work. My problem was solved and he gave me suggestions on what I could do myself to retard the problem from coming back. Roto Rooter has my business for as long as Tommy works there!!!!! Kudos to tech #2303!!!!
Debbie H. | Cincinnati
We heard a variety of opinions about how to approach our water problem, but Sean proposed a solution that has worked in his home for the last eight years. His personal testimony and his hard work customizing our drain make us feel more confident that our problem was being taken care of.
Lisa M. | Cincinnati
Service was delayed, but serviceman was friendly, professional, and effective.
Richard P. | Cincinnati
August was professional and very knowledgeable. He was a good resource, gave me several options and explained each. Thank You August
ken y. | Cincinnati
Agent was precise , technical , , professional and knowledgeable. Pricey but worth it.
Craig R. | Cincinnati
You fixed the problem. Gave good advice.
doris d. | Cincinnati
I had problems with bad odor--thinking it was from sewer--turned out if was from auto-battery. James was on time--extremely helpful-friendly knowledgable . Thank you Roto Rooter
LINDA D. | Cincinnati
Plumber 1970(-5) performed to our expectations. Very courteous and efficient on a difficult repair. He is a good representative for the Roto-Rooter Company. .
Robert M. | Cincinnati
The plumbing technician, Rob Moyer corrected the master bathroom leaking bathtub faucet problem. He found the defective cartridges that were very old and had to go in search for replacements. He returned in about an hour with replacement cartridges and in just a few minutes the repair was finalized. With Plumbers like Rob and all your other plumbers that have fixed various problems for us you are a first class business. Thank you Roto-Rooter and Rob for a job well done. Jerome J Kramer
JEROME J K. | Cincinnati
The technician was very polite and professional and seemed to have our best interests in mind.
Lisa M. | Cincinnati
Service was quick and professional.
Justin M. | Cincinnati
My technician worked hard to try and get the pipes cleared out! Many hours but did not give up until he cleared a path for the drain to flow. He recommended that we have the camera done to try to figure out what the root of the problem is :). He was professional, efficient and knowledgeable. Keeping fingers crossed that it is just a lot of roots and not a break!
Christina B. | Cincinnati
The young man, Seth, that came to my home was very professional and did the job in a timely manor, cleaned up nicely, very pleased
Barbara F. | Cincinnati
James did a wonderful job. He was knowledgeable and polite. He wore shoe covers, finished quickly and left everything clean. We had called another company first and they left a total mess and did not clear the clog. They even suggested we call Roto Rooter. I called them and was very pleased. Lesson Learned.
Cindy S. | Cincinnati
professional, clean, polite
Jim S. | Cincinnati
Our technician, James 2996 was professional, polite, efficient and clean. He fixed our problem and suggested the use of Roto Rooter Pipe Shield, which we purchased from him.
Lonnie G. | Cincinnati
We really need to let you know that we appreciated AJ coming to help us. He was great and we will be asking for him the next time we need assistance
Katherine O. | Cincinnati
The service was very professional, he explained what he was doing. The came even before I expected them to arrive and that's a great thing in my book especially when dealing with a plumbing issue. I think his name was Jerry.
Paul S. | Cincinnati
Mike exceeded expectations to successfully clear a clog in our downspout pipes. It was not a straightforward fix but he went the extra mile to make sure the problem was solved.
Dan K. | Cincinnati
Plummer was great and informative
Renee M. | Cincinnati
Mike, was the name of our tech., he came in with a good attitude, a great personality, he was the kind of guy that you doesn't mind having a coke with afterward. Me and my family felt like he was friend. When he finished, he cleaned the area where he work and explained what he did & all with a smile. I will be asking for him again!!!
Keith K. | Cincinnati
Danny was the technition and he was very friendly and knowledgeable.
Tony H. | Cincinnati
Great service when our main line started to back up at 1AM. Fast response and the tech did a great job.
ron m. | Cincinnati
Service was prompt, and service rep was highly professional. The issue was resolved quickly.
Kenneth R. | Cincinnati
Once again, RotoRooter came to my rescue. I woke to 3 inches of standing water in my basement. The cats' litter boxes were floating around the room! Elijah McBurrows from RotoRooter came and cleaned out my basement drain. He was very nice and explained everything thoroughly. No pressure to buy products I did not need. I will definitely call RotoRooter again the next time my basement backs up. Especially if the guys are as sweet and patient as Elijah was.
Penelope B. | Cincinnati
Jim did an excellent job. Very professional
Don C. | Cincinnati
Prompt; efficient service; friendly and informative technician
Chuck G. | Cincinnati
Everything went as scheduled and the service provided accomplished and corrected the problem.
Harold S. | Cincinnati
Great job diagnosing and fixing problem.
Patti S. | Cincinnati
The Technician, AJ, ended up having a huge job and was unfailingly pleasant. He did a great job.
Judith M. | Cincinnati
The technician was polite and effiicient and completed the job in a timely manner.
Linda T. | Cincinnati
A J was professional, courteous and through. He tackled the job head on and not with a lot of fan fare. He cleaned up after himself before he left. I was impressed and proud of such a nice young man. He did very good work. With employees such as him, Roto-Rooter will always be my first choice.
Dexter B. | Cincinnati
I had an issue with water leaking into my basement from a drain after heavy rains. Adrian was very kind, knowledgeable and professional. He was able to resolve the issue in a timely manner.
Jennifer V. | Cincinnati
I had standing water in my basement this morning. Elijah McBurrows came and routed my drain. He was very pleasant and courteous. I was very pleased with his service and that the water went down very quickly.
Penelope B. | Cincinnati
Price was high for the service provided, but it was Saturday night! Got it done quickly.
Jay B. | Cincinnati
The technician was very professional, he quickly went to work and efficiently did a professional job. He was very polite and respectful, even cleaned up after he finish cleaning my drain. Thanks Jerry
Carrie T. | Cincinnati
The service you provided my family has been a blessing!
John S. | Cincinnati
The times I have dealt with Roto-Rooter They have always been courteous and helpful. I will be using them for all of my plumbing needs from now on.
Ken P. | Cincinnati
Steve (1188) was very professional. He took the time to explain the work and made sure I understood how the new outside faucet worked and how to ready it for winter. He did an excellent job.
David Z. | Cincinnati
Roto-Rooter was very quick to respond to my call. The service man #3482 was very friendly and provided me with plenty of information as to how he was going to fix my clogged drain. He was very careful to preserve my pipes and he cleaned up the area in which he was working in before he left. Very good experience and I will use the services of Roto-Rooter again. Sincerely, Kim H.
Kimberly H. | Cincinnati
I was impressed. I had water under the sink. The obvious sources were dry. The employee did not quit. He continued to pursue the source and eventually found it. The area under my sink is now dry. Yippee. Thank you Roto Rooter.
Kathy K. | Cincinnati
I had a great experience with Tom. I had an outside faucet that wouldn't shut off. He also fixed a slow drain while he was here. He explained things thoroughly so I could understand what was wrong and how it happened. Also what he had to do to fix it. Very efficient and courteous. He was in and out in no time.
Stacy L. | Cincinnati
I was impressed with the determination of the technician to solve my plumbing problems. He was professional, plus he explained what and why what he was doing. I will continue to use Roto-Rooter.
Kathy K. | Cincinnati
I posted a review on Google because of the stellar service you all provided; however I wanted to take the time to provide a direct email to your home office. The experience I have had with Roto-Rooter has made me a customer for life! As a landlord I have dealt with a wide range of contractors for all sorts of needs, but your team has blown me away with the service, friendliness and professionalism. Specifically, Shawn Smith (#272) and Chris Browning (#2192) are class acts and are true assets to your organization. They did their absolute best to keep me fully informed and involved in all the decision making as it related to resolving my plumbing issue. The amount of work (roughly $15,000) was a tough pill to swallow as I had multiple sewer line collapses; however they worked hard, stayed late and made me feel they were worth every penny. They almost made me want to pay more due to their level of service! Hats off to you and your team and I know who to call if I need any plumbing work done in the future!
Christian M. | Cincinnati
Our plumber was very professional, proficient, and respectful. And I would like to say, that I'm quite pleased, from what I see as of now, with the repairs he did on the shower handle. I'll give him an A+, as a person and a plumber.
Del C. | Cincinnati
The technician did a good job and provided clear, timely communication.
Rob P. | Cincinnati
Dan was friendly and did a really nice job.
Melissa M. | Cincinnati
On Sunday 03/27/2016 I called you and the Tech Name was Seth. He found the trouble and all was ok. He saved me about $6000.00 dollars. They were going to put in a new water line from the street. we are happy we do not have to. So thank you rotorooter
Audrey H. | Cincinnati
The service technician Chris Paulin was great. He performed work quickly, was very clean and also very informative about prevention of future similar issues.
Brad C. | Cincinnati
The technician was very polite and efficient.
Diane M. | Cincinnati
The service people were very friendly and gave a good sale. We were very happy with there talk. We are a repeat customer.
ralph h. | Cincinnati
The technician did a great job.
Caleb S. | Cincinnati
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