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Roto-Rooter Cincinnati, OH: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Cincinnati, OH, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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We had an outdoor drain that was clogged causing water to spill into our basement. Nick unclogged the drain in ten minutes or so. I would highly recommend him and the company.
Daniel M.
We came home from work to our brand new finished basement flooded due to a broken pipe. I called Roto and they immediately had a plumber and water restoration out to help me. William T. Tech#0170 was extremely helpful and personable. He worked with us and helped us out so much. He saved our basement and brand new carpet and padding!! I'm so sad this happened to begin with but now it looks as if it never happened at all!!
Lauren P.
After a heavy rain, our floor drain in the basement backed up. Raw sewage and storm water flooded the basement about 3 inches deep. I called root rooter and they came in half the time quoted by the dispatcher! Zach Wilkins showed up and went right to work. We have a 115 year old house, and it was a challenge getting the snake to go through the tight trap. Zach tried a couple different sized snakes without much luck. Zach then modified the end of the snake and was able to get past the trap and clear the drain. Zach give clear explanation of the work to be done and executed the job in a friendly and professional manor. I would highly recommend Zach and Root Rooter to anyone. Thank You!
Jessie H.
James was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained things to us very well and made us aware of our looming issue of three roots blocking out service line. Both James and the other professional were courteous and professional. The only thing that kept me from giving them an A on price is that I find it silly they need to charge you to use the camera down your drain. Having the camera was a tremendous help to them and it should just be part of their standard calls to use the camera to allow both the home owner and the Technician working on the issue see what is going on down there. But I would recommend Roto Rooter to anyone who needs pluming help.
Kyle L.
Very friendly and prompt service.
Melonie K.
We had a plumbing problem on a Sunday. Appreciate that Roto-Rooter does not charge extra for weekend visits. Our repairman, Kevin #357, was on time (early actually which is great.) He was professional, and very helpful. We will be calling him again very soon to help us fix a different plumbing problem that needs to be corrected. A problem created by a different plumbing company that we will not use again. Thanks Roto-Rooter.
Timothy H.
My experience was wonderful. I called in the afternoon and RotoRooter was there with in a few hours. The lady who answered the phone was very professional and listened to my needs. Dave (the plumber) was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and very neat. The service was great. When I need a plumber, I will definitely call Dave at RotoRooter.
Allison M.
Great service in Cincinnati!! Called in the morning, plumber available in the afternoon. Friendly, knowledgable and efficient. I will definitely use Roto-Rooter in the future!
Woke up to a broken basement pipe at 4am, called Roto-Rooter and was on the schedule for the morning within minutes. Dwight was friendly and professional, and had an idea of what to do and an estimate within minutes. Had our water back up and running in less than an hour. Well done!RD WilliamsPrice Hill, Cincinnati, OH
Rd W.
Jerry was great!He fixed my back up issue and answered questions I had about another issue!
Sammys M.
These guys are amazing! Was having issues with draining (not the usual drain problem) and had called a plumbing company to come out and take a look. One said they needed to replace all the piping (PBC) and the project would be $3K - $4K, another company, that was referred by our home warranty said they needed to install clean-outs (which coincidentally is not covered by home warranty and is already installed) and snake the pipes, which would be a $1.7K job. I decided to call Roto-Rooter, and within 45 mins, a guy was at my place and said that there was no need for all of that. He sent for a tech (Mike) who was absolutely phenomenal and great. Less than $400 later, both my bathrooms were running perfectly again!
Ziad R. | Cincinnati
Turned on water to outside faucets and had leaks inside the finished basement. Tommy (Tech #2303) responded and found the problem and fixed the leak. Very professional - he really knew what he was doing and explained it all to us as he did the job.
Virgil R.
We called Roto-Rooter because we had a sewage backup out of our basement floor drain. The first service tech. came out but we were unable to locate the main cleanout. I spent a few days looking for it, and finally found it in a wall. After cutting out a hole in the wall to have access to the cleanout, I called Roto-Rooter back and they sent a tech out (Chris 1727). While it took a while to finally break through, Chris was able to address the major issue of the blockage and correct the water issue. Everyone we dealt with was extremely polite and down to earth. We are satisfied with the service and would not hesitate to use Roto-rooter again. Thank you Roto-Rooter!
Tim K.
Thanks Steve #2037!!!! He worked well into the wee hours to clear out our sewer backup! He was courteous and professional, despite the late/early hours!
Liberty township, Ohio. Matt #2719 arrived on time and courteous and professional. He fixed our sump pump issue and did not mind me hanging around to watch and learn. Hope Matt finds time this summer to ride his bike! Thanks for your help! Mike
My 100+ year old home had been experiencing a persistent drip for the past few weeks that has been driving me crazy... we could hear it upstairs and downstairs, but couldn't find any evidence of water damage! While my husband was convinced that our master bathroom shower was leaking, I wanted to call in the pros before we started arbitrarily punching holes in our walls- and good thing we did! Roto-Rooter came out right away armed with all kinds of leak detection technology that I didn't even know existed. They ran several tests and thoroughly examined the areas where we had heard the leak.As it turns out, our drip wasn't a plumbing issue at all, but we we would have discovered that too late had we tackled this on our own.  Thank you Dave & Kevin!!! We appreciate your professionalism. You both took your time to assess the situation, answered all of our questions and provided appropriate recommendations based on what you saw. I wouldn't hesitate to call Roto-Rooter again for any of my plumbing needs! Thank you!!
Allison B.
Quick, efficient and polite!!! So glad I can do laundry and dishes again!! (Not really but just a little!!!)
Angel T.
You never want a stream of water spraying out of a lead pipe all over the stacks of boxes and Christmas decorations you have crammed into your basement.  And it's never a good thing when the first plumber you have come to look at it starts wringing his hands in worry and talking about jackhammering the concrete floor and digging up the front yard.It's a good thing, when this happened to us, that I called this Roto-Rooter place.  Initial estimates for the job ran upwards of $2500, but one of their service technicians, Dave Denton, was confident he could get the job done without destroying our basement and without bleeding our bank account dry.  He did.  After consulting with his supervisor, he arranged to make a special trip out to give it a try, and he completed the job at about a fifth of what it might have cost.The staff at RR were professional, prompt, and they saved me a ton of money.  I've seen enough plumbers to know that doesn't happen often.
Matt C.
Main sewer line backing up on a Sunday. Uh Oh. I have trees right above the drain, so I knew it was more than I could handle.I had just opened the ValPak mailer and had a coupon from Roto Rooter, so I gave them a call. Well more literally I used the online scheduler, which was easy to use. I got an email confirmation with a time frame. I got a phone call within 20 minutes of the start time, saying the plumber was on his way within 30 minutes. Sure enough Andy arrived. Couldn't be happier - Andy brought in the magic machine and worked on the drain for  nearly ninety minutes.  I've lived here for 15 years and it's never been cleaned, so there were plenty of roots to get through. Success!  Andy explained some of the options available for the next step, which gave me plenty to consider. He cleaned up, and was on his way. I will put Roto Rooter on my speed dial!
Sd L.
Travis was very friendly and professional
Cathy P. | Cincinnati
Travis was very friendly and professional
Cathy P. | Cincinnati
I called today for an emergency service and they were at my house within 30 minutes. Fixed the issue. The plumber was very nice and professional. I would highly recommend them. Thanks Matt. #2719
Dominic S. | Cincinnati
Very promptly took care of my problem.
Sharon O. | Cincinnati
Roto-Rooter is always there when you need them! This is the second time they have saved the day with my plumbing issues and they can always figure out a way to fix the clogs--they are always friendly, professional and very pleasant.
Jennue H. | Cincinnati
I called about 10:45pm and Travis was at my home before midnight. Very fast and professional servicing. I got a sound sleep knowing the problem was already fixed.
Becky S. | Cincinnati
Jordon did a great job unplugging the drain in the basement. Very polite and professional.
Matthew V. | Cincinnati
Your #2303 technician was courteous and professional, repairing our toilet satisfactorily on Saturday morning (replaced tank flapper and shutoff valve). However, we had called Friday evening, due to urgency of needing a working toilet near to bedroom (senior citizen with mobility issue). After your office telling us that someone should be respond before midnight, no tech was available. We were awake much of the night, emptying container under dripping valve and flushing with bucket. It seems that you should not advertise 24/7 service if there is no stand-by staffing in the late hours.
Richard L. R. | Cincinnati
scheduling was very easy and the appointment was able to be confirmed within a few hours at a really convenient time this afternoon. the call to verify an arrival time meant I was able to get more work done at the office until Travis (4509) was in route. he quickly provided a quote that I could approve and authorize him to get started. the clogged exterior drain proved challenging, but the sequence of tools he used eventually worked the blockage clear. he had a very nice demeanor, polite and professional.
dara b. | Cincinnati
Alijeh was very professional and courteous. Answered all my questions with a smile. Would definitely recommend him and your company again.
Amy F. | Cincinnati
The technician (Tom) was quick, informative and friendly. RotoRooter was "on-point" and I'd recommend to others.
Devin W. | Cincinnati
Our serviceman, Tom, was on time, friendly and efficient. He successfully fixed our plumbing problem, and left everything neat and clean!
Lynn S. | Cincinnati
Your man showed up, was courteous, did the job quickly and professionally.
Dennis L. | Cincinnati
James did a fantastic job explaining the problems we were having and all of the options for fixing it. He was very friendly and helpful answering all of my questions! Great job!
Erica F. | Cincinnati
August Kolb (1370) was very prompt and friendly. He informed me as to what he was doing and answered questions that I asked. After the line was cleaned, he showed me what he found and made suggestions as how to keep my drains clean. I am happy with the service that I had from August and Roto-Rooter.
Jeffrey W. | Cincinnati
Great job/// by both crews, over a 2day job!
Ronnie O. | Cincinnati
The service was excellent. The employee was very professional and coureous.
Rick F. | Cincinnati
Brad ran a snake down pipe today. Someone will come tomorrow to run a camera down pipe.
paula h. | Cincinnati
Quick service got me in shape for the home inspection. Thanks for making it happen!
Charles B. | Cincinnati
My kitchen sink was clog and my garbage disposal was leaking water at the same time. I called Roto-Rooter on Saturday morning. Customer service scheduled a service repairmen the same day between 12 noon and 4PM. I received a call 30 minutes prior to the repair technician arrived. He was on time, assessed the damage and gave me a fair estimate for the repairs and discounts I was entitle to. Both repairs were fixed in a timely manner and all labor and parts were guaranteed. I could not function without my kitchen sink so I am a happy customer. Their 24/7 service is a plus.
Evans M. | Cincinnati
Matt #2719 was incredibly professional and courteous. He explained everything step by step and allowed us to be a part of the process. He did a lot of work very late and night and was very conscientious that we had a baby sleeping so he worked as quietly as possible. He represented your company very well! If we need assistance again we hope to have Matt back. Cindy and the Jordans.
Cindy C. | Cincinnati
Matt, #2719 was is excellent technician, was extremely courtious, patient and knowledgeable. He performed and completed the job in a stellar manner. Highly recommend!!!
Jamie J. | Cincinnati
Unbelievably quick and quality service for an emergency. Price is very fair for the return. My experience was late on a Friday night when no one wants to have to work. The individuals that helped me were excellent.
Brian L. | Cincinnati
Our tech #1370, his name is August Kolb. He did a very good job on our sewer drain. He got it open in the time alotted. He is a very nice young man.
Robert D. | Cincinnati
If bees had knees, you would be it.
Bill F. | Cincinnati
Our plumber (Tom) was excellent
Nick W. | Cincinnati
Tech was curtious and very informative when questioned about things related to the issue I have was having
Dennis F. | Cincinnati
The plumber was very helpful!!!
Brian H. | Cincinnati
Service men were top notch. Very satisfied overall.
Carol A. | Cincinnati
I cna't say. I just loved it.
Bill F. | Cincinnati
Chris Webster and August did a great job.
Chris V. | Cincinnati
I just want to thank the tech who unclogged my bathroom toilet that backed up into my shower. His name is AJ and was very curtious and removed my toilet and reset and resealed it . He did so in a small amount of time and his attitude was awesome. Thanks again for great service.
Sharon O. | Cincinnati
JANET G. | Cincinnati
Tyler was very professional & very thorough. Would highly recommend him!!
Ted H. | Cincinnati
The plumber that arrived was prompt, informative and professional. I would definitely recommend Roto-Rooter to my family and friends.
Tashae W. | Cincinnati
Seth was excellent. Did everything above my expectations.
Thomas S. | Cincinnati
Matt # 2719 matt did a great job. I appreciate his patience and kindness. Thank you so much matt.
David H. | Cincinnati
James Wallace was the tech.on my plumbing job.James was very polite and very knowledgeable about the best way to do the job and the options I had.I have his card and the next time i need a plumbing service I will call Rotor Rooter and ask for James.
James S. | Cincinnati
Over three days, I had 3 men come in to open my clogged drain. They all worked hard, but not until line in the basement was open, did they find a walnut was the cause of the problem. These 3 men were hard working, and pleasant to have in my home.
Susan T. | Cincinnati
Absolutely superior service from the initial phone call to successful restoration of our drain. Each individual that Roto-Rooter sent was a specialist who kept us informed all the way... what he would do, how it was to be accomplished, and what to expect as a result. All were in uniform and well versed in customer satisfaction. If I ever need help again, I would not hesitate before calling Roto-Rooter again!
Ed F. | Cincinnati
john b. | Cincinnati
Technicians were awesome. Friendly and knowledgable and honest. They were quick to get done.
Jolene C. | Cincinnati
Tech was professional and very nice. He assessed situation gave options and took care of the job right away.
Chris C. | Cincinnati
The technician arrived on time and completed the drain replacement same day. The pipe was broken/crushed and was replaced from the outside drain to the main. Water is now flowing freely. We are very impressed that service was completed as scheduled despite heavy rains in the area the previous day.
Jayne M. | Cincinnati
Matt #2719 was persistent in finding the problem, efficient getting it solved, and very professional in his demeanor and communication. Quite a good experience. Thanks.
John R. | Cincinnati
The service man who came was very friendly an did an excellent only complaint and this was not his fault was we were told originally that someone would come on Monday between 2and 6 did not get someone here until Tuesday am sat one all afternoon on Monday waiting for someone to show up
Ken M. | Cincinnati
Tony arrived in a timely fashion and handled the repair in a professional manner too. He was a pleasure to deal with.
Alan W. | Cincinnati
Your representative/plumber was outstanding. He did an excellent job of replacing our kitchen faucet system and found a replacement faucet that was a perfect fit for the kitchen. He even came back with a plug to close the hole that was left by the original system, which was no where near the new system he installed. Bottom line is that he continues the very positive reputation of your company. Thank you.
John S. | Cincinnati
Travis (4509) came out late at night and did a great job clearing my sewer line in a timely manor . It was a miserably hot night . Thanks Travis !
Paul L. | Cincinnati
The people I dealt with on the phone was very nice and efficient. The work was completed in a short time. The person explained what he was going to do.
Brian K. | Cincinnati
James Wallace. did a very good job. Explained the problem, corrected it and was in and out within minutes.
Karen M. | Cincinnati
I appreciate the professional and friendly service, and that the serviceman was on time.
Johnie D. | Cincinnati
The service technician that arrived at my home was very professional very knowledgeable and very clean. He did a fantastic job you could tell he had a lot of experience and expertise.
Ken W. | Cincinnati
service was excellent
marilyn j. | Cincinnati
Tommy did a great job today. He fixed my problem. I hope I never see him again.
jim t. | Cincinnati
Professional, courteous, informative.
Christina F. | Cincinnati
Service tech was professional and friendly. He estimated I shouldn;t have any issues for about 4-5 years when I might have to have it jetted again.
Garry F. | Cincinnati
Service was completed after hours and my rate did not reflect any up charge for time of day. Thanks Roto-Rooter!
Angela M. | Cincinnati
Paul 1268 was dispatched in every timely manner, he was patient and walk me through every facet of the water restoration process, sat with me as I contacted the insurance agent and walked them through the damages. Steve 1188, the service tech was timely and asked all of my many questions to assure me of the process they where taking to remedy the problems in my basement.
barbara A. | Cincinnati
Tech Russell was great. Explained everything and options available.
Ethel O. | Cincinnati
Thank you for responding immediately and getting out the same day to fix our drains!
Amanda S. | Cincinnati
The company representative was very friendly courteous. He answered my questions and made suggestions to help in the future. He was able to remedy the situation in timely manor.
Dennis C. | Cincinnati
It was late at night and Mat showed up to do the job.With a smil and a hand shake he was off to unplug out drain. After some time he left with the same smile and another hand shake. Job well done thanks Mat
Bill R. | Cincinnati
Chris, Upfront, honest, and professioal
Garry F. | Cincinnati
My tech was outstanding. Very professional and friendly.
Paul B. | Cincinnati
Mr Terrell Crawford, did a wonderful job, made sure everything was working well before he left. He was very polite and respectful. Need more young men like Mr. Terrell Crawford!
Connie G. | Cincinnati
The plumber came in and explained everything that was going on was confident that he could get to the root of our clog issue. He was there 30 minutes and the ptoblem was resolved.
Melissa S. | Cincinnati
Great service was provided by Tech #1970. He was on time, professional and courteous. Wrk was completed in a short amount of time.
LaVerne W. | Cincinnati
Very professional, quick and same day service, within hours of scheduling. Thank you!
Kathy W. | Cincinnati
Very professional and very conscientious.
Scott K. | Cincinnati
My tech was very nice and knowledgeable about everything.
Gary B. | Cincinnati
Roto rooter did not come in the window they said but they did come. Gave an informative free estimate and explained the services they would provide. They conducted the service quick and clean. Very professional and did everything they said they would! Thanks!
Rasheed K. | Cincinnati
The Roto-Rooter Technician was on time and courteous. He assessed the situation and solved my problem. I am completely satisfied and will continue using Roto-Rooter in the future.
Harold S. | Cincinnati
My tech was polite, knowledgeable, and did not pressure me in any way. He answered all my questions about the blockage, and reassured me that the situation was under control. I feel that a ton of weight and worry has been lifted from my shoulders!! My compliments to the tech!
Kay S. | Cincinnati
Overall excellent experience. Technician came out in quick notice due to a back up toilet into the shower. From phone call to the door was 5 hours, which was more than acceptable. Was honest with his assessment, and finished the job efficiently. Cost was equivalent to other companies, but service was outstanding.
Safi F. | Cincinnati
Louis was great!! Very nice, knowledgeable and explained everything he was doing and told us the problem.
Doug D. | Cincinnati
Roto-rooter was ahead of schedule and did a wonderful job. The tech was polite and thoughtful. 1970 AJ. I would recommend them to anyone. Great job!
Brian H. | Cincinnati
July 24, 2016 Invoice Number 27-19137594 Technician # 3182 Theresa, Bill Kenney 4137 McLean Drive Cincinnati, OH 45255 (513) 377-2770 THANK YOU BRILLIANT BRAD & ROTO-ROOTER FAMILY :) I wanted to take a few moments this morning to submit my thoughts regarding one of your wonderful team members. Brad our serviceman was prompt, calm, polite, clean, knowledgeable and quickly attended to our messy and stressful situation! We had 60 family members coming to our home after our first grandchild's mass and baptism yesterday for brunch. My kitchen was cluttered up because of the situation and I still needed to clean and prepare the food. Brad understood my situation and addressed the area immediately. He worked non-stop on our stubborn stopped up kitchen drain to meet the deadline so our brunch gathering would be successful. We returned home after the mass and baptism to find all of our drains were running smoothly and my kitchen area ready for cleaning and cooking detail so, I could feed a houseful of hungry family members. We can't thank "BRILLIANT BRAD" enough for sharing his time and talents with us during a very stressful time, we are absolutely grateful to know that we could count on him and the Roto-Rooter family to be there for us when desperately needed. THANK YOU once again for your everything much appreciated. We will definitely share our testimony with others and support Roto-Rooter in the future. Sincerely, Theresa, Bill Kenney
THERESA K. | Cincinnati
Very professional and prompt
Cris B. | Cincinnati
We've been able to rely on Roto Rooter plumber, Jim Grundy, for backflow device testing for a number years. We appreciate his service and approach. Thanks.
Richard C. | Cincinnati
Emergency call clogged drains the tech was professional courteous and worked extremely hard to resolve the problem. I'm very pleased and grateful to have Matt fix our problem
Gary K. | Cincinnati
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