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Roto-Rooter Chicago, IL: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Chicago, IL, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

Read customer reviews for Roto-Rooter Chicago, IL

My tech was Grant #3176 in Chicago. I needed a new disposal installed and I had tried to do it myself but couldn't figure it out. When Grant came by he did a great job in that he found an important piece was not sent with the Garbage Disposal. So I ordered a new piece he came out and installed it in an efficient speedy manner. He was on-time and did a very professional job. I just wish I had entered the Sweepstakes when this was going on. However, wanted to give Grant a "job well-done" commendation. I will use Roto-Rooter again for any plumbing issues in the future.
Rob B. | Chicago
It was great to have a real professional to do the job. Although I was a little perturbed with the no-show originally , It was worth the wait. The technician did one heck of a job , great job well done. Thanks Jerry Henderson
Jerry h. | Chicago
Our Technician Kelly was amazing. He assessed the problems quickly and effectively. We were very pleased with the work that was provided by Mr. Kelly. We look forward to working with him on any future project.
Sonya N. | Chicago
Technician spent additional time trying to diagnose problem in sump pump sewer line.
Ronald E. | Chicago
The service representative was very professional. He quickly fixed the problem. I will call again if needed.
Patricia R. | Chicago
The service man was great and it did not take him any time to fix the problem.
Tina M. | Chicago
I had a plumbing emergency and the tech was first of all very timely. I find it a joy to get quick assistance considering the potential loss if water damage (sewage no less) were to occur. Andre was professional and courteous. I appreciate the service.
Terrence T. | Chicago
Cy9823 was very professional and quick! I would recommend him for plumbing services.
Richanda O. | Chicago
Technicians were polite and answered all my questions.
Katherine R. | Chicago
Andy was at our front door within 40 minutes of my initial phone call. Being Thanksgiving morning, no places were open to get the replacement part my water heater required. Andy disconnected the part and gave it a very thorough cleaning, which worked like a charm and provided us with hot water again. Andy saved the holiday for us. Highly recommended.
Adam L. | Chicago
Ervin was prompt, professional, conscientious and timely. I was very happy that I obtained an appointment on the same day that I called. I was very happy with the services provided and I would recommend to others.
Raul C. | Chicago
Had a toilet clogged. Had to have the service repeated the same day. The first plumber thought my problem was resolved after he snaked the toilet. He told me not to use toilet paper which I thought was asinine. Ask what should I do with the paper. He replied that I should throw it into the garbage. The tree roots, waste, and debris would lead to many visits from Roto. Strange thing, I don't have trees near my house. Once he left and two flushes, the toilet backed up again. The second plumber came in, insisted on putting on shoe booties,after asking the initial prob. he checked two other water flow properties (sink and tub) w/o asking. He also checked the flush box then went to work. That's what I call a diagnoses. Very professional. Then would you believe he took his rag and some cleanser and scrub the bottom of the toilet bowl (with his hand) to make certain things were truly cleaned. A true asset to your company.
Teresa P. | Chicago
The technician was very informative and professional.
Irma F. | Chicago
He came and handled our clog quickly. Same day service.
Joanne R. | Chicago
Elvir (3962) solved the problem on a call back. He was polite and knew enough to het the job done! Would definitely recommend to my friends!!!
Sue C. | Chicago
I called roto -rooter for a plumbing issue in my basement, my basement had flooded due to a sewerage backup. a plumber that I had used for a couple of years had attempted to fix my problem by rodding out the sewer lines but failed, roto rooter technician Andre #8971 arrived at the residence and had my plumbing issues resolved in less than 30 minutes. Andre was very courteous and knowledgeable about his job. overall a very good job!!
kenneth w. | Chicago
Harold was my tech from Roto-Rooter who fixed my hot water tank. He's very nice, very knowledgeable. I really appreciate him. Harold and Roto-Rooter are highly recommended. Thanks!!!
Judy H. | Chicago
LAURA J. | Chicago
Harold did a fantastic job removing and reparing a difficult toilet to remove. His perseverance paid off and we did not have to get a new toilet.He also did a visual inspection of the ceiling damaged by the leaking toilet and recommended a service to assess the ceiling.Thanks for sending us such a friendly and knowledgeable professional.
SANDRA C. | Chicago
Responded very quickly. Original Roto Rooter employee quickly diagnosed the issue as malfunctioning pumps and personally called another employee who works with pumps. This was after he called dispatch and was told no one could come out same day to fix the pumps. The other employee was to my house in the next hour and the job was finished within an hour. Very pleased and will definitely use Root Rooter in the future.
Kyle S. | Chicago
I really appreciate the service that Roto-Rooter has given me! they were prompt with the time schedule and provided me with all the necessary information that I needed to keep my kitchen drainage clear. The service man whom name was ERVIN WAS TREMENDOUS very nice guy, pleasant spirit, professional, and a very hard worker. ERVIN was determined to make sure that my drainage was working well and he checked the areas several times to make sure that it was working accurate. ERVIN wanted to make sure that I was satisfied after he completed his job. ERVIN also was very neat in his work he made sure that he kept his "blue paper" shoes on so that he would not cause any dirt prints on the floor and also that it made him safe as well from slipping or falling! ERVIN works very well with the public, he is truly ONE OF ROTO-ROOTER GREAT SERVICE GUYS! I fill that he is a great asset to your company he represents ROTO-ROOTER VERY WELL! I will always call ROTO-ROOTER for my plumbing YOU ALL ARE THE REAL DEAL TRULY #1! AND FOR YOU ERVIN#3034 continue to do an EXCELLENT JOB!
Commelie P. | Chicago
Wali Fnu was very professional from beginning to end even though I told him I was going to do the clean up he instead on doing it himself. I hope all your techs are good as Wali Thank you
Vanay H. | Chicago
Anel was very efficient. He was very conscientious about keeping things clean as well. Much appreciated!
Brian B. | Chicago
The guy they sent out ..was name drae he was very professional from beginning to end even though I told him I was going to do the clean up he instead on doing it himself rotor rooter is the best
Odell R. | Chicago
Andre did a great job of rodding out the drains for us. I would recommended him to anybody.
Debra R. | Chicago
Grant did a great job! He was on time and very thorough!!! Great experience
Cassandra H. | Chicago
The gentleman who performed our rodding was not only very professional but very nice as well! We are very happy with the services performed at our house today.
Steven B. | Chicago
Heto was great he fixed the insert that I damaged myself by trying to remove it without the right tools. He got the broken insert out and installed the new one in no time, Saved me money!
mike c. | Chicago
Giovann was courteous and professional as he quickly diagnosed and repaired our kitchen drain issue. Because of people like Giovann, we will definitely call Roto Rooter for any plumbing issue.
William Z. | Chicago
Giovann was courteous and professional as he quickly diagnosed and repaired our kitchen drain issue. Because of people like Giovann, we will definitely call Roto Rooter for any plumbing issue.
William Z. | Chicago
Mark arrived punctually and quickly assessed the problem. He explained things clearly to me. The toilet is now running well again.
Elizabeth H. | Chicago
Grant came out on a Sunday evening after our ejector pump backed up. He replaced the old pump and cleared out the drainage before the water could seep any further into our living area. i thought there was no way we could get anyone out that time of week, let alone someone who could take care of our problem right away. Put our minds at ease.
Larry M. | Chicago
Fantastic experience. Our technician was great - very informative and professional. Thank you!
Jill G. | Chicago
The technican was very nice polite respectful professional . The technican explained everything to me so I could understand the problem. The technican fixed the problem and provided excellent service. The technician was respectful and cleaned up after the work was complete. I am very satisfied with the excellent service provided.
Maria D. | Chicago
Roto-Rooter was quick and efficient. I set up an appointment online in the morning for them to come by the afternoon. They showed up within 45 mins!! Not only that but the service was just as efficient. My only regret is that I wish I hadn't wasted so much of my own time trying to unclog the main sewer line myself. Also a note to everyone out there. Flushable wipes aren't flushable!!
Francisco S. | Chicago
This was a great experience
Lisa G. | Chicago
Glesian 2100, came early was very helpful and informative
Jose M. | Chicago
Words can't express how pleased we were with Andre. He was kind and patient. He explained in detail the issue we were experiencing and solution to prevent in the future. The field supervisor stop by as well to camera the line and explained the best solution. He was just as kind as Andre. I will continue to use Roto-Rooter in the future. These guys were the best and made my experience with Roto-Rooter great. In my opinion, this company is the best because they have these guys working for them.
Antonitte M. | Chicago
The residential plumber was very knowledgeable and explained all of the possible problems very clearly before fixing the problem. He then gave helpful ideas on how to prevent the sewage backup in the future.
Chris S. | Chicago
Very polite respectfull employee did his job didnt take long very accurate. He was in and out
TMOBILE STORE 1213 Jessica S. | Chicago
Fast and correct service. No fuss.
Chris L. | Chicago
Excellent service. Derelle did a thorough job and made sure that the problem was completely resolved before leaving.
Vance V. | Chicago
George and his partner were very professional and courteous. George took time to explain the entire water jetting process and what the camera was showing. Great job!
Joe B. | Chicago
Great job very knowledgeable
Xavier . | Chicago
The plumber was professional courteous and hard working. He did a excelent job unclogging our drain! Thank you for hiring capable and friendly professionals!
Gloria S. | Chicago
Tech 3654 Heto was great!!!
Elizabeth C. | Chicago
I would like to commend Marc, tech #3401 and Jeff #3271 for going the extra mile in determining and fixing my problem. These guys came to my home and gave their all until they resolved my water back up problems. They were professional courteous and explained everything in a way that I can understand. These guys are Superstars!!!!!!!
Debra H. | Chicago
I have nothing but good reviews for all the technicians that have come to my home. vester
vester c. | Chicago
Excellent service from beginning to end.
Rad S. | Chicago
First off I called on Easter Sunday and they sent someone the very next day per my request! Abel arrived and was extremely helpful and honest with us. He did a great job rooting our sew pipe out and also used a camera to help us see in the pipe. He cleaned up after himself and was friendly and courteous. Would highly recommend him and your company.
Brian S. | Chicago
Timely, thoroughly evaluated the situation, great results, job done !
John T. | Chicago
I placed an order for some Pipe Shield and about 15minutes a representative was present. Excellant Customer Service!!!!!😀
Dawn B. | Chicago
Mr. Miller I believe was his name, fixed our issue, and thus far I am happy with the results. He was nice and I am so happy the job was completed in a couple of hours and the day that I called. Thanks for the quick service!!!!!!
Michelle S. | Chicago
The service was wonderful.
Paul C. | Chicago
Derelle was very professional, polite, knowledgeable and efficent. He arrived promptly.explained the service to me as well as the guarantee. Derelle also reminded me that they worked on this area back in 1993. I havent needed a plumber until now. Derelle finished the work in minutes, check it and cleaned up after. I am truly happy with the service
Sonja G. | Chicago
Excellent service on our sewer service.
Eva C. | Chicago
Only problem was that appointment had to be rescheduled for following day due to work overload. Once technician arrived, everything was okay. Satisfied with work.
Isaac P. | Chicago
The service was great. The plumber came during the time the service caller said he would. The plumber was very professional. He answered all our questions and did a thorough job.
Jacob T. | Chicago
We had a sludge back up which required a bobcat to get to the old pipe which required being cut out and replaced with a new pipe with a sewer clean out on our front lawn. Called on Sunday evening due to the backup in our utility area and the Roto Rooter plumber was at our home by 10:00 am on Monday morning. He couldn't move the sludge since it had been building for a long time. The field manager came with the camera and saw what the problem was. By noon on Monday, we were scheduled for our work to fix the problem on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon by 1:00 pm, our plumbing was fixed and fully operational. All permits were pulled by Roto Rooter and the city inspected the work and gave it the okay. Very happy with Roto Rooters fast response with fixing our problem. Also, was not charged for the initial attempt to clean out the sewer pipe since it was not able to be done. It was a big job but had to be done and was completed quickly and efficiently. Thank-you. Would not hesitate to use again.
Susan W. | Chicago
The tech was well prepared and did a great job
Enis G. | Chicago
The servicers were professional, polite and respectful to customer and property. They Identified the problem based on information received, worked efficiently and timely. Time will tell how effective the solution will be. Thank you, for answering the telephone, providing answers and scheduling and rescheduling service to accommodate all participants.
Joy P. | Chicago
Grant (3176) was very professional - he arrived on time, was knowledgeable, and explained the risks involved before he worked on our tankless water heater. He was also very efficient - he got the job done very quickly and I was extremely happy with the end product. He also answered my questions about water temperture and other plumbing related questions. I would definitely recommend Roto-Rooter in the future.
Erica E. | Chicago
Johnathan call and show up on time to my home. He was very professional. He explained the process to me and went to work right away and didn't stop until the job was complete. He was friendly and very courteous. He made me feel assured that he would do his best to solve the problem and he did. I would recommend Roto-Rooter to my friends especially if I could recommend that you send Johnathan! Have a great day! Thank you for you service
Alpha C. | Chicago
The tech that came out, Giovann (tech # 2910), was very courteous and efficient.Very helpful in explaining the whole process of clearing out the sewer line and possible solutions for future recurrences.He epitomizes what Roto-Rooter employees are.
Josephine N. | Chicago
Grant came and was efficient and straight forward and worked quickly and then cleaned up afterwards. Great service.
MacKenzie H. | Chicago
I called Roto Rooter on Wednesday due to a plumbing problem. I placed a call for same day service. I received a call back with the time window that someone would arrive. The young man arrived (Jeff) who was very informative and curious. He checked all of my problem areas then went to work. He advised me of all possible issues. Advised me of the company's guarantee. He was able to clear my line but advised me that he would come back the next day with a camera to run thur the lines to make sure he had completely cleared my line. He did return the next day at the time he had given me. He checked the line again seen addition tree roots and roded my line to clear the roots. That was excellent customer service. Jeff represented his company we.Well done Jeff!!!!!!!!
Loretta R. | Chicago
The tech you sent was great. (Grant #3176). He came early and finished in about 1 1/2 hr. I had a new sump pump installed. He is very nice and told me exactly how this was going to be. Did a wonderful job. (and very neat too). I have used you folks before and if I need anything else done I will certainly call you. I would most certainly recommend you.
Sharon P. | Chicago
Jeff 3271 Did an excellent job , very knowledgable and Patient in answering my concerns regarding additional plumbing services. I will be calling To schedule Appointment for the Plumber. Jeff is a 5 STAR Technician. Thank You Jeff and Roto Rooter! 😀😀
Jeannette c. | Chicago
Cy really did a great job. He was fast, efficient, and really helped us understand the issue. We appreciate his work.
Scott W. | Chicago
Cy - tech 9873 He was awsome he did a nice job and he was fast, came in 30 minutes and it took him a hour to fininsh the job. If i ever need work done again , I only want him five stars .. and he took my garbage out lol
christena c. | Chicago
Grant was very prompt and helpful and got the work done quickly and correctly.
Allen S. | Chicago
My serviceman, Grant (3176) was very nice and patient. He assured me that he was going to fix the problem and he did.
Patricia D. | Chicago
I needed a new sump pump and ejector pump put in and Pat was more than helpful during the entire process. I had had 2 other companies say they would send someone out and they never did nor did they follow up to say why. I got an estimate within 4 hours same day of my call and Pat was able to come back in 2 days and install sump. He was on time, courteous, and explained everything for me as I knew nothing about sump pumps. I was extremely impressed with your service. thanks
Michael W. | Chicago
The plumber was very helpful an professional and informative on maintenence I would highly recommend this company to friends an family.
Luis R. | Chicago
All workers were professional and explained everything. The work was done in a timely manner.
Mark L. | Chicago
Cy #9823 was prompt, courteous and very knowledgable about the hot water heater and was able to troubleshoot and fix quickly. I will refer many friends to use your company as a result of Cy and your quick response to our problem.
Jackie S. | Chicago
Andre and Mike were most professional ... I would absolutely recommend Roto-Rooter to any one having a drainage problem ... you are the best !!! Jim Meyer
Jim M. | Chicago
The service gentleman who came out (Andrew) was just great. I have some severe problems that have to be addressed but Andrew got my system running until I am able to do the further work. He was excisional. I would recommend your services to any one.
Sharon F. | Chicago
Your service rep Sanny was extremely courteous, and helpful. Your rep showed up promptly and took care of problem quickly. Thank you so much.
Sonia V. | Chicago
The Service Technician Andre Easton , who was professional in his work .He explain to me what the problem was and he answered my question I had. Andre also made recommendation on monthly basic maintenance I can do.
LEONARD W. | Chicago
Andre was very helpful, profressional, polite and informative. Will deinately be calling RotoRooter for all future plumbing inquiries/issues.
Matthew S. | Chicago
Many thanks to you Roto-Rooter and to my Technician, Nail (ID# 249)! My service was impeccable. I received a phone call informing me of the name of my technician and of his arrival time. After his arrival, Nail assessed and evaluated my plumbing situation, and he proceeded to resolve the issues using his superb skills and expertise. In addition, he delivered it all with exceptional customer service; even the clean up was satisfactory. I am very pleased. Roto Rooter will always be my first choice for plumbing and drain problems.
Avis W. | Chicago
Mr. Felipe Bueno, was one of the most nice and pleasant service worker, I encountered in my home. He made sure the work was done properly, before he left. I really liked that part.. He personally won me over. I truly do feel satisfied with the work that was done. Great company!!! p.s. signed Happy Customer!!!!
Lonje W. | Bolingbrook
Mark is an expert professional. Wish I called him first - I could have avoided costly misinformation. He had my kitchen sink problem fixed in a very short time. I appreciate his honesty and integrity. Thank you.
Mary R. | Naperville
Tim was excellent! He got the job done in really quick order and he was very friendly and helpful!
Charles M. | Hanover Park
I appreciated the fast response and resolution to our problem. Our technician was very professional and helpful!! I
Alissa S. | Skokie
Don ${esc.hash}3145 explained everything to me. He went out of his way and did a terrific job and I would definitely want him back if I need work done in the future.
David D. | Plainfield
From the time the first gentleman answered the phone to the completion of unclogging my double kitchen sink I was so happy I called Roto Rooter! Everyone was so pleasant! I found your ad in the Schaumburg Yellow Book. My need for service was on a Holiday weekend, Saturday Night and Doug was out within an hour! He should get an employee of the month award for his pleasant personality and professionalism. He offer me discount coupons without me even asking. Thank you. I will never put celery, onions or large pieces of meat down the garbage disposal again.
Margo S. | schaumburg
Dan Taylor did a great job today and was very flexible given the situation we were in. Hats off to him for a job well done!
Brian L. | Naperville
Our main waste line backed up into our laundry room on the worst day possible: Sunday. I called a whole bunch of "24/7" plumbers and none of them would come out. I called Roto-Rooter who said they be out in a few hours. Jeff (${esc.hash}3271) showed up at 5:00 and he went right to work. He was able to open the drain and get us back into business. Jeff was professional and he didn't charge us a fortune for a Sunday emergency call. Thank you.
Paul M. | Hickory Hills
Their service was prompt, courteous, and they completed the job efficiently and in a reasonable time frame. I would definitely use Roto Rooter for all of my plumbing problems.
Don S. | Olympia Fields
Excellent, quick service
David H. | Plainfield
A real professional. Friendly and quick to address our situation.
Kent G. | Naperville
The service guy “Yuri” 1195 was very profesional and at all times through the process of trying to fix my problem he kept me posted, and open to any suggestion coming from my end. In addition the suprevisor “Greg”2957 was very clear on hisposition about letting me desice next step on this painful matter. My ticket ${esc.hash}18368660.
Ludwing s. | rolling meadows
The service technician Mario was very nice. He tried very hard to fix a complicated sewer issue. He really went above and beyond.
Kathleen D. | Evanston
Danny made sure the job was done properly and without any issues.
Larry K. | Schaumburg
The service was excellent! I have dealt with your company before and was pleased, which is the reason I called Roto-Rooter again! The first person I saw for my drain problem was Eddie, who thoroughly explained what needed to be done. He is a great representative for your company! Mitch and Dan who came out to do the excavating and further work did an excellent job as well!
Joyce P. | Palatine
Bob was excellent. He was very informative and attacked the issue from every angle to it was resolved. Could not be happier.
Lyle W. | Deerfield
Kyle was awesome. Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.
Sonya B. | Woodstock
The technician was efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.
John W. | Naperville
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