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Roto-Rooter Charlotte, NC: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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It turned out great.
Tangela F.
repairs were done correctly in the time promised
Elizabeth S.
The plumber came out, took a look at where the spigot would go, and installed it within two hours. The plumber was very nice and helpful asking what I wanted and where I wanted to go, as well as my options in regards to the spigot type. I was surprised how nice and easy the whole process was.
Theodore H.
My wife and I moved into our place 3 weeks ago and it has been hectic juggling work, unpacking, heatlh issues, dog issues, etc. We have a toilet downstairs and I noticed it was working properly so I used a plunger and all kinds of sewage came up through the shower drain and made the house stink. I'm working and am stressed out cause everything seems monumentally huge with all of the the things going on at the same time. I was afraid that it would take a while to get an expert to come out to help and correct it. I called RotoRooter and Carlos shows up to help. He called me before he arrived. We met and immediately he gave me a sense that he would be able to resolve the issue. He did a thorough job with investigating the issues with first seeing if a simple fix would work. Then he developed a strategy and told me about the prices and what he would do. He was respectful of my house in that didn't damage the floors with equipment, was very clean, very polite, very informed, and very patient. I would recommend RotoRooter and Carlos to anyone in the Charlotte, NC area. He and his team helped resolve a bad situation and removed a lot of stress from my mind in knowing that it was done right. It was expensive, but was some of the best plumbing dollars I've ever spent. Adam Adam Pack, Charlotte, NC
Adam P.
Konstantin was professional and polite during this dirty job. He removed the clog and then did a photo scope of the lines that travel to the street. He discovered that the probably was due to the original pipes not being pitched downward for a true exit to the city sewer lines in the street. He showed me on the photo scope that this would always be a problem until the pitch of the drainage sewer pipes in the front yard truly sloped downward to the street.
Susan M.
My family first called Roto-Rooter in April of 2014 after reading several good reviews. On our first service call we were surprised when "Sergey" knocked on our door. We had read such nice things about him. Sergey was here to cleanout a laundry and kitchen drain line but as luck would have it, he discovered our toilet was leaking water under the house when flushed. This had just started happening so I was glad he pointed it out. I was happy my son was able to fix it while Sergey was still here in case he had run into any problems. Along with fixing my clogged drains, Sergey also installed two outside faucets. He did a great job and answered all my questions. Needless to say, when we ran into another plumbing problem the other day, we called Roto-Rooter and asked if Sergey could come out. Sergey came to our rescue again. He rebuilt our shower converter in our shower and bath tub. It was much cheaper than buying new fixtures and having them installed. Sergey is always friendly, professional and understanding. He answers all questions and leaves things cleaner than when he started.
Annette W.
Our home, unfortunately, has a plumbing issue where the main sewer line has settled and clogs every couple of years. We have used Roto-Rooter several times and have always received extremely prompt (under 2 hours) service. We always request that Technician Stan Sarlovskis perform the work, if available, because he is familiar with our sewer system and knows where to expect the location of the clog.Stan is very friendly, but gets down to business quickly, and thoroughly explains what he is going to do, then explains what he found. I highly recommend Roto-Rooter, and especially Stan! Invoice #18257260, 5/24/2015, Charlotte, NC
Douglas M.
Very professional service, even went with me to Home Depot to find the right parts and disposal.
Taylor L.
Had a wonderful experience with Roto-Rooter when they came to redo my drainage system for my kitchen sink. They were on time, very clean, and the plumber was very nice and answered all my questions. I would use them again and ask for Ronnie.
Crymsyn H.
Marvin from Roto Rooter came out and unclogged our lines. Very nice man. Very good service. Thank you for coming out and fixing our problem.
Jenny H.
I'm in Charlotte, NC & my washer overflowed this morning...thank goodness it wasn't my toilet...  I called Roto Rooter & got Linda on the phone.  She was so pleasant, professional & efficient!  It's a bit sad that I was suprised by her great customer service on the phone.Stan was here in less than an hour & got every thing snaked and clear.  He was incredibly polite, clear & helpful.I will definitely use them again!
Melanie E.
Another pipe broke down again at the salon.. GAH!! However thanks god, that Roto came again, and yet again they did a phenomenal job of patching it right up! Thanks thanks thanks you soooo much you guys!! Roto is the best!
Mimi N.
Our shower drain was slowing and Drain-O wouldn't cut it. Pretty standard stuff, I think. Well, our lovely landlord decided that this was something he could fix for us. His highly skilled approach consisted of shoving one of my coat hangers into the pipe until it slipped from his grasp and completely blocked the drain. Time for the professionals.Enter, Roto-Rooter. The guy they sent was a Cackalacky treasure. Firstly, he knows the building and its old pipes, and brings some equipment that he says will be gentle on them. That's swell. Then he gets down to business, heaving the pipe snake around and dragging up all kinds of disgusting mess, including a mangled coat hanger. How'd that get in there?This prompts him to discuss the most unusual items that he has ever extracted from a drain. In a rollicking country accent he launches into colorful accounts of rats, snakes, and even a live raccoon. I'll spare you the gory details of a rat extraction from a South Boulevard restaurant bathroom, but our plumber/entertainer didn't.This was the most fun I've ever had unclogging a shower drain.
Stephen K.
Johnny was fantastic. He was very polite and fixed out clogged sewer pipe quickly. He is a real professional.
Richie F. | Charlotte
Our technician was polite, professional, patient, and explained every step of the way. He made suggestions for long term care of our plumbing, not just quick fixes. Nector embodies the type of professionalism that Roto-Rooter is known for.
Tom D. | Charlotte
Dan did a great job assessing our situation and determining what need to be completed. He was very patient and thorough. (I'm hoping my rating is the highest possible. The site seemed to have a little trouble trying to complete that portion)
Eric D. | Charlotte
Hal Cail did a great job. Took his time to explain to me the problem and how he was correcting. Courteous and professional.
Charles W. | Charlotte
Great service by Andre Washington. Problem was speedily diagnosed. Andre returned with necessary parts. Installation was immediate and we are so pleased with the result. Will call R-R the next time plumbing help is needed.
martha c. | Charlotte
Fantastic job, was satisfied with the service, and the technician was friendly and knew exactly what he was doing, and was able to identify the problem. Recommend your service or company to anyone.
Mohamed T. | Charlotte
Technician did a great job.
Wayne R. | Charlotte
Fantasic service!!! I had a sink backup in the kitchen and ran the washing machine at the same time (do NOT do this!!) we had a flood!!! Roto-Rooter came to the rescue right away even tho it was a holiday weekend!! Dennis #4908 was wonderful! If you should end up with him as your plumber consider yourself VERY lucky!!!
Jodi H. | Charlotte
Dan did an excellent job. Personable young man, you should strive to keep him as an employee. David Little
David L. | Charlotte
Glad to find service on Thanksgiving
Lynn C. | Charlotte
Max was very professional and knowledgeable about the situation we were facing. Great guy!
Steve S. | Charlotte
Mr. Stan Sarlovskis did an excellent job, and I couldn't be more pleased! He arrived here yesterday (Nov. 21st) at around 9:45 a.m. and didn't leave until a little after 9 p.m., making sure that the job was completed, and the holes in my yard, which he had to dig in order to find and replace the broken pipes, were again totally filled in and as level with the rest of the yard as possible. He was respectful, personable and always willing to give me and my neighbors explanations on what had to be done - and done right!! Stan impressed all of us, and I thank him most sincerely again.
Daisy T S. | Charlotte
Quick and Professional.
John H. | Charlotte
Excellent response time. Able to schedule at my convenience! Tech was very courteous; informative; helpful. Would rate him a definite 5! Nice to see a tech with strong customer service skills.
freda s. | Charlotte
Marvin helped us out today with excellent service!! After another plumbing agency claimed that they cleared the sewer 2x in 2 days and backed up again... Called Roto- Rooter- Marvin actually made sure it was clear to the street!! Thank you for your kindness and professionalism!! Will always call them first when we have a plumbing issue!!
Tara K. | Charlotte
Prompt, professional service
Dori W. | Charlotte
Everyone was very professional, and despite the challenges of my crawl space the problem was finally identified and repaired. I'm very satisfied with my service.
Linda H. | Charlotte
Hal & Erick were very nice and fast about getting my problem fixed hal talked me through what they were doing and told me how and when to use the stuff he sold me for my drains
john C. | Charlotte
At this point, I am very pleased with the work done by Derrick. I have had little opportunity to use the services, as he just finished within the hour, and I have been busy with other things. I expect to be pleased!
Frank M. | Charlotte
Very professional and friendly service was provided. The service man knew exactly what was wrong and how to resolve the problem.
Angie B. | Charlotte
The technician was very informative and helped me understand what the problem was. He fixed it in no time! I will definitely call again.
Ashley G. | Charlotte
The specialist, Eddie Garcia, was very friendly and professional. He did not perform any unneccesary service, but suggested a simple solution and using a Roto Rooter pipe shield (which I purchased), thereby saving me money.
Nancy R. | Charlotte
Stan was prompt, courteous, professional and offered helpful suggestions.
Loraine M. | Charlotte
Stan did a very good job. We were very impressed with his knowledge and effort to get the job done. We were pleased with him.
Gene M. | Charlotte
We had a lavatory that was backed up with sludge coming out. The technician was there within an hour and cleaned out the backup and drain line.
Patrick W. | Charlotte
He was very polite and all about his job. I wish he would have introduced himself when coming in the door. He was very nice and did empty my cabinet and replaced every item. He realized that I had just had major surgery.
jeannie l. | Charlotte
I had a video taken of my sewer line because AT&T is in the area laying fiber optic cable and right after they went through my front yard, my sewer backed up. The video tech, Eddie, was great. He was very professional and explained everything very well. He ran the camera through the sewer and found where AT&T's cable had busted through my pipe. The video quality was amazing. Eddie took his time looking through the whole line to see if there were any other problems. The technology and service were outstanding!
John C. | Charlotte
Sergiy 7775 was able to quickly identify my issue and solve the problem. He was also very nice and professional. You guys are lucky to have someone like him.
Daniel P. | Charlotte
Our service person arrived well within the 4 hour range that had been given to us. He checked out our main water drain and suggested that we use an organic drain cleaner once a month to keep the pipes clean and clear. Very polite and amazingly (compared to heating/air service folks) didn't try to talk us into needless "upgrades/repairs/etc". We will definitely call on Roto-Rooter for any of our plumbing needs from now on!
Patricia F. | Charlotte
Chris did a great job.
Dan C. | Charlotte
Service technician was fantastic and efficient with his skill and time.
tommy f. | Charlotte
Contacted RR after 9pm. Adolfo arrived by 9:30pm. He was professional, knowledgeabe, and honest. Our issue was diagnoised within minitues, and all plumming was restored within the hour. We are happy we chose RR. Thanks for the great work Adolfo!!!
jacqueline W. | Charlotte
I've had experience using Roto Rooter in the North. The service was good. Roto Rooter name is established and a good provider. However, the services received today from Technician Adolfo was above my expectations. I contacted Roto Rooter, and Adolfo arrived within the hour. He diagnosed our problem within minutes, and completed the job within hours. He was extremely professional, and knowledgeable. We have made our southern connection to Roto. Rooter.; Thanks to Adolfo Tabora 2325
Jacqueline W. | Charlotte
Richard B. | Charlotte
The technician was courtesy and professional and repaired my plumbing issues in a timely manner. I will always be a customer of Roto-Rooter
Fortuna C. | Charlotte
We don't have any blockage from the house to the street. Water damage to the floors and carpet.We need to remove anything that had toilet water on it. To keep the mold and germs away. Thanks Johnny &Demitri.
Carolynn R. | Charlotte
My technician was great. Very professional and knowledgeable. Will definitely use again.
Steve S. | Charlotte
The tech that came out was wonderful. Really saved my butt and was friendly to deal with. Very positive experience.
Jeff E. | Charlotte
I received great service.
Tara R. | Charlotte
Prompt service! Mike the technician was awesome! Most personable and friendly service man I've ever had at home our in my business. I really appreciate the friendliness and willingness to perform.
Jonathan S. | Charlotte
Fast service. Professional service.
kathy i. | Charlotte
This was our second time using the Roto-Rooter service to our satisfaction. The technician was prompt, his explanations were appropriate for the problem and charges were stated prior to his starting the work. Upon completion of the work, I was provided an opportunity to view the cleaned pipe through his camera system, just to confirm that there was not a blockage. We were very pleased with your service.
calvin w. | Charlotte
Fantastic service! Andre Washington diagnosed the problem and had the line cleared throughly in a short time. Very professional visit, and he left me with valuable information on how to prevent a similar problem in the future. Thanks for a great job.
John H. | Charlotte
The service was very fast.
Steven T. | Charlotte
Mr. Marvin was a gentleman! Very professional, courteous and informative! He arrived early and made sure everything was completely finished and working properly! Excellent service!
N B. | Charlotte
Water pipe busted in the house, Tech came in and repaired the line with no issues. He cut a small whole to run the line and make it seem easy.
Celio H. | Charlotte
When we moved down here from California to Charlotte. To a house. We had a very major pipe issue. The first thing we thought of is Rotor Rooter. We never tried any kind of plumbing company of any kind cause we lived in an apartment. We got lucky with Rotor Rooter cause they gave us great customer service and job well done when we first moved down here and four years later the great level of service we got the second time around when we ask for there service again.
Lorenz H. | Charlotte
Technician was very knowledgable and courtious.
Tom M. | Charlotte
The plumber who responded to my service call, Lal, was professional, knowledgable, friendly and efficient. Who could ask for more?
Charles B. | Charlotte
Precessional. Showed up on time. Fixed the problem.
Heather M. | Charlotte
Nealleigh Rice was very thorough even checking under the crawl space. She did not consider the job complete until she tested the line two times.
Virginia P. | Charlotte
Carlos and Sergy solved the problem both were professional, competent, and courteous.
Harvey B. | Charlotte
Our technician Nealleigh was courteous, efficient and very knowledgeable. We were very impressed with her work and will definitely call Roto-rooter next time we need plumbing help!
Wade and Maury F. | Charlotte
I am getting my house ready to sell, and needed a new kitchen faucet installed, plus a couple of dripping faucets repaired. Johnny explained in great detail why he would rather replace than repair the leaky faucets, and since the faucets are 40 years old, replacement made perfect sense. He used the stainless steel ball type valves, and they will outlast the house itself! He installed the kitchen faucet in record time, and now the new homeowners will have 3 less items to worry about. Roto Rooter is the ONLY plumbing company who I will call. They have never performed less than perfect work on my parent's house and mine.
Richard H. | Charlotte
My technician, Mike, was great! He was very informative and polite.
Ronald H. | Charlotte
My technician, Mike, was great! He was very informative and polite.
Ronald H. | Charlotte
My technician, Mike, was great! He was very informative and polite.
Ronald H. | Charlotte
My technician, Mike, was great! He was very informative and polite.
Ronald H. | Charlotte
Bob was our knight in shining armor tonight. From the time we called at 8:20pm until the time Bob fixed our emergency, it was just over an hour. He was able to isolate the problem to being an electrical one, and rigged our sump pump to work until we could get an electrician here tomorrow. He could not have been friendlier or more wonderful to work with. This was our first time with Roto Rooter, and it will not be our last.
Courtney F. | Charlotte
Derek the technician was absolutely amazing. I would recommend him to anyone. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with him and roto rooter again for any plumbing needs I may have in the future. Derek should be recognized for what a great technician. I hope all your technicians are like him.
Grant A. | Charlotte
The service and customer service were excellent! Very professional!
Maureen M. | Charlotte
Hlei came on Monday and snaked out the line and found roots in the line,did an excellent job. Hal came on Tuesday and ran a camera down the line and found where the roots were coming into the line. Also did an excellent job. Sam came Thursday and removed all the damaged materials,walls and flooring. He also cleaned and left fans, dehumidifier and air cleaner. He did a very excellent job. Jane coordinated the cleanup and is helping organize the restoration. Again very excellent job. I plan on having Roto-Rooter replace the pipe line from my house to the septic tank. I'm expecting the same excellent service when they do that work.
Melinda L. | Charlotte
The two fellows who repaired the sewer drain worked all day and took no breaks to my knowledge. They were as good at their work as anyone we have used in our many many years of home ownership. They should get a raise. whm
William M. | Charlotte
I want to thank Hlei, Jane and Hal for the excellent service they have provided for me over the past several days. There is still sewage to clean up and a pipe to repair but they have everything in place for things to be resolved. My insurance company and other services called and quoted big fees without even observing what the problems where. Jane has gone above and beyond to co-ordinate the cleanup and repair. I will be recommending your company to friends and family as long as you keep excellent employees like Hlei, Jane and Hal on staff. They were truly a Blessing to me.
Melinda L. | Charlotte
Root-Rooter came on a timely basis and did a great job to fix the problem.
Henry F. | Charlotte
Called first thing on a Monday morning and got an appt right away. Plumber was in time and fixed the problem within an hour. Great service, courteous and knowledgeable individual.
Chris R. | Charlotte
We developed a clog in our main drain line outside our home. My home was built in 1946, so I don't need to tell you the challenges that can present. This is the first time I've had to call a plumber, but the clog ended up being about 25 feet outside the house, and without a clearout. I just wanted to express my gratitude to your technician Lal. He arrived in a reasonable amount of time. I know he'd been working all day, but he was courteous and efficient. Yall better be good to him. Ed.
edward t. | Charlotte
Serviceman, Andre, was prompt and very courteous. Plumbing issues resolved quickly and without any problems. I have used Roto-rooter twice in eight years.
Charles K. | Charlotte
Gavin was very polite and professional had the jog completed quickly.
Ron R. | Charlotte
Victor was friendly, professional, fast and fantastic in general. Saved me a lot of time and trouble on my honeydo list. Thanks RotoRooter for hiring, training and retaining such excellent service people.
Charles L. | Charlotte
Nealleigh and Bob provided the highest level of service to me on Thanksgiving day they were courteous persistent and alleviated my problem which was all caused by the Google infrastructure project transecting my line with the boring for their cable they insisted we get a camera shot which proved that Google infrastructure project had caused the damage. Bob was adamant that Google had caused the problem Nealleigh was the initial technician and was absolutely terrific She was very communicative and helpful. Bob who came on the scene later was equally fantastic he had the wisdom of experience and kept with it till our line was clear. Since then Charlotte fixed cut pipe today and Google has agreed to reimburse. Terrific job roto rooter. Terrific employees. Way to go Nealleigh and Bob. Thanks
Scott A. | Charlotte
I had HLIE to our home yesterday for a whole house inspection, drain cleaning, and recommendations for repairs. He was very professional, neat, and courteous. I would ask for him by name in the future
Jean W. | Charlotte
Our technician HLei: 2766 was wonderful! He not only fixed our pipes, but was friendly, knowledgeable, polite and a great communicator. If we ever have issues again - I will be sure to ask for him and tell my friends to do the same. Really appreciated his help!
Zoe M. | Charlotte
I had a stopped up drain. Your man came out on the 10th to unclog the line. He ran the snake one time, and got a few things out. He didn't run the snake a second time, and only had me flush the toilet one time, then he packed up and left. I assumed the job was done, but apparently it was not. The drain backed up again this morning, Friday the 13th. Your service man, Eddie Garcia came out right away and assured me he would do the job right and take care of my problem. He did just that, very professionally. He left his card, and told me to call him if I had any more problems. I appreciate Eddie's good service....
Larry V. | Charlotte
The technician was very thorough in explaining what he was doing and how he was going to go about making repairs and clearing the blocked drain (there were two issues which he addressed). I was especially glad that repairs could be made the same day and the technician worked into the evening until the job was done.
Thomas J. | Charlotte
Eddie was the best! He was very professional and knowledgeable. Even more, he was very patient in explaining both the problem and remedy. I recommend asking specifically for Eddie Technician 1336. I would not hesitate to call RR again if needed! What a relief!
Wendy S. | Charlotte
"Roto-Rooter did a fantastic job. They were very kind on the telephone when scheduling my service, and were at my house within a few hours of my call. Most importantly, my service tech (Sergey - SERGEY7775) did an excellent job. He handled the job quickly, and was friendly and personable."
James S. | Charlotte
I have used Roto Rooter locally 3 times in as many months. They have been very helpful and professional. I would recommend them to anyone in need of plumbing services.
Dustin H. | Charlotte
Technician Victor Cisneros was great, very nice, personable and efficient. I will recommend Roto-Rooter to anyone with plumbing needs.
Jason R. | Charlotte
Earlier the same day, Sergey had opened a clogged drain, used a camera and other equipment to locate the cause of the clog, and recommended the corrective action. He was able to return the same day with Vassily to dig down to the fractured drain line and together they cut out the fractured portion and replaced it with pic pipe.
Robert Z. | Charlotte
Quickly opened a clogged main drain. Sergey was very helpful. Had all the equipment needed on the truck, including the camera required to examine and locate the cause of the clog, which was a fractured pipe.
Robert Z. | Charlotte
Eddie was very prompt and courteous. He was very thorough and he had a deep commitment to client service. If i ever have a plumbing issue in the future, I am calling And asking for Eddie.
Stu L. | Charlotte
Victor was very professional and did an outstanding job for me. I am very satisfied with the service provided.
Joe M. | Charlotte
Bob has awesome customer service skills. Thank you.
Stephanie H. | Davidson
I will be using your service for all my plumbing needs thanks to Surgey, Tech ${esc.hash} 7775. He was so nice and educated on what the problem was and how to go about fixing it. What a great guy and service provided. I will be recommending him and Roto Rooter to all others in need. Thank you again!
John K. | Gastonia
John, was a very nice person .and did a outstanding job. will recmend roto next time i hear somebody has a plimbing problem.
James w. | WAXHAW
Hal was very professional, knowledgeable and informative.
Scott G. | Charlotte
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