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Roto-Rooter Cary, NC: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Cary, NC, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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The technicians were prompt, professional & courteous. John explained the plumbing problems to me and told me what my options were. They completed the job in a timely manner and were respectful of my house and my crawl space. I highly recommend them.
Pat C.
Service was great! Wayne (tech #3112) showed up exactly on time and was professional and courteous throughout our interaction. He was also happy to answer any questions. Would definitely do business with again!
Lynne B.
Wayne, Technician 3112.
Js K.
Wayne Technician# 3112 Wayne was fast, courteous, and was willing to come out after 12 AM to fix my clogged toilet. I would definitely recommend this company and technician.
William G.
The Roto-Rooter technician who came to my house to unclog my kitchen drain was incredibly polite, patient, and thorough in his work. He clearly communicated all of the steps of the job as he worked so I was updated and understood what he was doing.
April C.
Mustaf was great he was very knowledge about my problem. My problem was solved quick and efficiently. Will recommended Roto-Rooter in the future.
Shaunesi D.
Desmond from Roto-Rooter Plumbing (Raleigh) came late on a Friday night, and although he didn't have immediate success he stayed until the problem was completely solved. He also gave insight into how to prevent the problem from happening again. Very friendly and professional!
Matt D.
Our Rotorooter service was an excellent experience, the technician answered any questions we asked and explain what was being done as well as the cause of the failure.He very polite and professional ,a job well done!!
Kenneth H.
On a Saturday only a few hours in advance of hosting a party, our main line clogged. I called Roto-Rooter, and they were able to respond within two hours and got everything fixed. The technician was excellent and efficient.
Christopher P.
Repeat customer and our second experience was as good as our first. We had a clogged kitchen sink line. Tried fixing ourselves but found it was too plugged. Called RR who arrived within the hour and cleared the blockage. Tech was professional and very personable. RR has become our plumber of choice!
Randy S.
Roto-Rooter in Raleigh NC never disappoints. The technical service is excellent - I know the problem, the options, and the estimated cost right away, and the issue is resolved on the same day. There's no second trip at an additional cost to me. The senior discount is much appreciated. With respect to customer service, it's great - easy access to a human being to schedule an appointment, and up-to-date information on the technician's arrival time. This is the best plumber ever- and I've tried many.
Marjorie S.
WARNING ! DO NOT USE "Flushable Wipes" ! ! They contributed to my clogged septic line ! ! I do not give out five stars very often. I had two inches of hideous stuff floating on my basement floor. Roto-Rooter was the third entity I had out to check on my backed up sewage situation. The first one said I needed my septic tank pumped. I'd had it pumped six months earlier, so I solicited another opinion. That guy said I needed a new septic tank. It didn't jive with my common sense assessment. Next, David Guin, with Roto-Rooter came out and did what Roto-Rooter does, cut and ground through the sewer line from the house to the septic tank, and cleared out 40 years of root buildup exacerbated by the FLUSHABLE WIPES. He worked quickly and had the confidence about the situation that comes with being an expert. They are following up with a visit from the camera man on Monday to scope the line to make sure there are no potentially lingering issues. They EXCEEDED expectations. ...and also saved me $5500 for the 'recommended' new septic tank.
Dean K. | Cary
I called Roto-Rooter today (Sunday) with a leaking double check valve assembly back flow preventer for my irrigation system. David, Certified Master Plumber, showed up at my front door within 2 hours. He was friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable. He inspected the valve and said that the problem is most likely a build up sediment in the valve. He took the valve apart, cleaned out all of the components and rebuilt the valve on the spot. It was fixed within 30 minutes, and saved me a bunch of money vs replacing the valve. I could not be happier with the service I received today from David (Tech #2379) at Roto-Rooter in Raleigh, NC.
Bill P. | Cary
I arranged an appointment today to have my bathroom faucet replaced, and the plumber came one hour EARLY! It was fixed in due time, and this particular plumber did an excellent job. I was also able to use my special $30 Off coupon. He showed me the estimate, stated, very clearly, what needed to be done, and proceeded to do the work. He work non-stop, and the job was done quickly and thoroughly. In addition, the plumber was very courteous at all times. I recommend Roto-Rooter to anyone and everyone who has a plumbing problem in their home or business.
Alastair B.
This review is in specific regard to Roto-Rooter's water damage/reclamation team: I started smelling a horrid rotten egg smell in my house a couple weeks ago. After ruling out a gas leak I went looking for a plumber in Raleigh to come out and see if they recognize the smell and maybe identify the source. Rotor Rooter had a plumbing tech out in 30m. After looking around inside, Steve (tech 1116) went into my crawl space and noticed that one of my HVAC ducts was sagging. On closer inspection it was soaked through. He called two other guys from Rotor Rooter's water damage team and they were there in 15m helping him identify the source, which ended up being a leak in my dishwasher that ran directly into a vent in the floor under the sink. In total they were there for two hours, inspecting the floor around the leak, turning off the water and disconnecting the dishwasher and helping me move it to the garage all while answering my myriad questions with a professional, happy-to-help attitude. Pretty awesome for a FREE assessment. I scheduled the water damage team to come out the next day after doing a bit of online research. Turns out Rotor Rooter has only been in the water damage restoration business in Raleigh for less than two years so I was nervous having a "plumber" handle the job. However, after speaking to Val, the lead water damage tech he explained that he had run a private business doing this for over 20 years before moving to Raleigh. Combined with the service they showed me during the free assessment that was all I needed to hear. They pricing was also very reasonable compared to similar services through other companies. They showed up on time with their fans, air scrubber and dehumidifier, pulled up what vinyl and carpet needed to be cleared to get to wet wood and came back daily to check progress. In 48 hours the moisture was gone. Their attitude and professionalism never wavered and I wouldn't hesitate to call on them again if I had to.
Benjamin S. | Cary
Had an excellent experience with the Raleigh Roto-Rooter plumber who came out to fix my very leaky toilet. Service was prompt and professional.
Ed T. | Cary
I was very pleased with the service provided on Saturday. This young plumber was very customer oriented. He was polite and explained what needed to be done thoroughly prior starting the work. He made sure that to clean up after himself and got us back working in no time. We live in the Raleigh area.
Alix C. | Cary
I am very happy with the service from the Raleigh-Area Roto-Rooter. The plumbing service was excellent. The plumber was very nice, knowledgeable, and efficient. I would go to them again and I would certainly recommend them.
Elaine M.
Dewayne is a very compassionate, fair and pro-customer person. John was a most dedicated employee, working hard for 2 days(nearly straight) with helpers Sanoj and Jack. They worked long hard hours in horrible weather from dawn til past midnight. I have never had such a positive work experience. You are the best and explain to customers exactly what needs to be done and why. You are lucky to have such nice and dedicated workers as DeWayne and John. You don't quit til it's right. I LOVE YOU!!!
Jo M.
Repeat customer and our second experience was as good as our first. We had a clogged kitchen sink line. Tried fixing ourselves but found it was too plugged. Called RR who arrived within the hour and cleared the blockage. Tech was professional and very personable. RR has become our plumber of choice!
Randy S.
"Junior" arrived (third time in a couple of years and i was lucky enough to get the same guy!). He is such a nice, honest and so well-versed with his work. I tend to follow him around asking all kinds of questions and he is so patient and explains everything. He was extremely thorough and took time to make sure the clog was removed and showed me how to prevent in the future a similar problem. Polite, considerate, clean and meticulous.
Joanne B. | Cary
Herbert came on time , was very neat and careful and showed me where the leak was coming from and replaced a pipe and cleaned up the mess afterward. He then called restoration for me . The expediency in which the matter was resolved was great.
ELLEN B. | Cary
Trey was great, fixed our outside faucet...
Lisa E. | Cary
What can I say? Jeff Fletcher, Master Plumber, came to my house on time, cleared up my sewer problem all the while guiding me through what he was doing and solved my problem - a problem that has cropped up 3 times the past 1 1/2 years - all within about 40 minutes. I highly recommend this company & Jeff when one has a plumbing problem. Of note - the company responded to my email that night & showed up the very next morning to resolve my problem which had left my family without the use of toilets, shower & all of the sinks as we didn't want overflow to occur. Great company & Master Plumber Jeff Fletcher. Frank Babich
Frank B. | Cary
Technician was at the house within two hours of my original call. Fixed kitchen faucet - always looks easy when you have the right tools.
Robert B. | Cary
Job done thoroughly with explanation of why it happened and what to be careful of should it happen again.
bill p. | Cary
John arrived when he said he would and was so pleasant to work with. He identified my problem and fixed it quickly, all the while being personable. This was a great experience and I will be sure to use Roto-Rooter in the future.
Erica G. | Cary
We worked with John. He was great! He went above and beyond what was necessary for the repairs.
Allison W. | Cary
excellent service. 30 minutes after making the appointment, John (#3536) was there to fix my leaking pipe and had it completed in less than 15 minutes. I would recommend them to anyone.
Jon S. | Cary
While trying a DIY repair on a leak i accidently tore a pipe in half. Luckily we had already turned the water off! On a Sunday at 330, roto-rooter sent a tech over. Desmond was amazing. He patiently answered all questions and got our new home up and running quickly by replacing the pipe I broke and even installed the faucets I was originally trying to replace.
Jon F. | Cary
Chris Lane (technician #1742) was terrific: professional, pleasant, and patient. This is my first encounter with Roto-Rooter. I was most impressed with Mr. Lane and Roto-Rooter. I'll be calling on Roto-Rooter again. Larry Reeves
Larry R. | Cary
I called on 2/26/16 about 11:30 AM, and the person in the office said that I have a man in the area and he should be at the house within the hour. The doorbell rang at 11:55 AM & was Roto Rooter - I expected the service man around 1 PM. Showed him the problem - namely flushes backing up - quickly went to the drainage pipe, found water standing in the pipe (which shouldn't be), fished the snake through & opened the line. Made arrangements with the office to send the camera man out on Monday. My understanding is the camera man will thread a small camera through the pipe to see if it is cracked, separated, or broken, as the end of the snake looked like mud when retracted. Service was fast, efficient, & the person was courteous, friendly, & made recommendations to keep the drain from build up.
Robert B. | Cary
Junior was very courteous and explained my options. He replace the inner workings of 2 toilets, and cleaned up the areas very well.
Lori W. | Cary
Excellent response and communications from phone support as well as outstanding and professional work by plumber who came to our home.
Ed H. | Cary
I called first thing Monday morning, after Thanksgiving, and there was a technician promptly at my house that morning! Tim Mitchell was great! He went over the problem with me, gave me an estimate and called me again to double check. He was professional, and very courteous. The job was completed by end of day, and everything works great. I would definitely call again! Thank you!
Angel M. | Cary
Chris, did a great job. His tech number is 1742, but he is number 1. Thanks, Chris! Great job.
Bill Z. | Cary
Chris Lane did a fantastic job on our main line. He was prompt, courteous, and very professional. Chris was able to find the clog in our system and remove it within an hour. He also was very helpful with recommending a plumber to help us with a leak in our hot water line. Highly recommend Roto Rooter and Chris Lane (tech #1742) as a service tech. Thank you!
Bethlyn J. | Cary
David was awesome!!! He fixed my issue quickly, arrived on time and was so polite. I've used Roto-Rooter for years and I've always been pleased.
Deb T. | Cary
John and Jose were lovely and got the job done quickly.
Carolyn B. | Carrboro
Technician Matt was quick to respond, identify the problem, explain the options, and perform the repairs. Very Professional, Reasonably Priced, Would definitely use Roto-Rooter Again!
Tricia D. | Cary
Wonderfully demeanor-ed David was exceedingly kind and helpful and patient going beyond expectations to address our exterior faucet leak. Looking forward to seeing him again some day...
Harley E. | Raleigh
Roto-Rooter responded to an emergency in a prompt and professional manner. They cleared a backed up sewer and identified a tree root problem which they subsequently fixed the next day. I would call Roto-Rooter again if the need arises.
George G. | Cary
I'm really happy with both service person & the receptionist. They are so friendly & efficient. Price is also reasonable, compare to others. They responded very quickly. I'm a satisfied customer. Thank you.
Niranjala R. | Cary
Jose was very good. He tried his best to expedite the fix since we are a hotel.
Anita p. | apex
John was very professional, very helpfull. He explained what he had done and answered any questions I had.
Janice M. | Raleigh
I was very satisfied with the technician and service.
Hattie P. | Raleigh
Jose was wonderful!! He was so knowledgeable and understanding. I plan to call him to put the toilets back in.
Joyce C. | Cary
The tech David 839 was excellent. Very professional and personable. I enjoyed our interaction while he was here. He explained clearly what procedure he was doing and what the findings were. Thanks.
Chuck r. | apex
David came to our home to check on possible replacement of hot water heater. This was 2nd opinion. Turns out we only needed to have the reset button push and voila we had hot water. The other plumbing company we had used through Lowes never checked the reset and only tried to sell us on replacement. David also showed us how to flush our hot water heater. He's extremely knowledgeable and very personable. We own a service company so we know what good customer service is all about. Rest assured we will call Rotonda Rooter in the future and ask for David to come out. He's simply the best plumber we have had.Thanks for such quick service also. Came to our home in less than an hour from our 1st phone call. A+ in our estimation.
Sherry F. | Raleigh
very happy with the service prompt and very nice. wayne did a great job.
Doug p. | carrboro
Great techs... In and out quickly...
Rob B. | Cary
David Hugee was wonderful. he really saved our lives today. thank you and him so much.
Linda t. | Fuquay-Varina
I had the best service technician and he did an outstanding job on replacing my whole shower unit. He had to go in through a wall in the bedroom and made certain there were no leaks and cleaned up when he was through. I cannot say enough good things about Tech David Guin, #2379. He did an outstanding job.
Donna R. | Cary
If you send me any more emails or try to contact me then I'll take my business elsewhere next time --- I answered the survey because I have really been satisfied with the service provided by your company and I would definitely call your company again when I need your services, but I really don't want any more emails, etc. Thank-you!!
Edward F. | Cary
I need another appointment--the one bathroom (of two that he worked on) is still experiencing issues. The handle is again too hard to flush.
Neha S. | Cary
Wayne did a great job. Was very patient with questions and took good care to keep the area clean.
Mark J. | Cary
Technician Matt was quick to identify the problem, explain the options, and perform the repair. Wonderful Experience, great Price, would use them again!!
Tricia D. | Cary
Extremely satisfied
Marlon F. | Cary

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