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What You Need to Know About Your Garden Hose | Roto-Rooter

What You Need to Know About Your Garden Hose | Roto-Rooter

What You Need to Know About Your Garden Hose

Your garden hose is essential for many different household chores, from watering the flowers and filling your pool to taking care of your lawn. The garden hose is especially useful when the weather gets hot. As summer approaches, here are a couple of things you need to know about the garden hose in your Hamilton, Ontario, home.

It could be unsafe

If you purchased your garden hose before 2007, it could contain lead. As a result, the water inside isn't safe to drink. Is your hose green or yellow? These colored-features typically contain the most lead. If this is the case in your home, it's time to toss your hose and buy a new one. Look for a brand labeled as "lead-free" or "drinking water safe." Opt for hoses made with better materials like aluminum, nickel or stainless steel. These hoses are usually more expensive, but it's the worth the extra money to keep your family and home safe.

Store it in the shade

The hot sun beating down on your hose can lead to chemical leaching, even in those hoses made with rubber or vinyl. To prevent this, store your hose in a shaded environment so it stays cool.

Don't drink from it

No matter how clean you think the water may be, don't drink it. You can't easily control what goes on in underground municipal plumbing, but you can control what you put in your body via garden hoses. Stay safe. Don't let anyone drink from your garden hose, not even your pets!

When you first turn on your hose, let the water run for about a minute before watering any living things. This way, the water settled in the hose, which has the most chemical residue buildup, makes its way out of the hose. Then, your flowers, grass and vegetable garden will be sprinkled with safe, clean water.

Get leaks fixed - fast

Just like an indoor faucet, leaks in your garden hose and other outdoor plumbing can increase your utility bills. Even the smallest leak means you're paying for water you didn't even use. If your outside faucet has a leak, get it fixed. This will reduce your water usage and help prevent the faucet from freezing when the weather turns cold again. This is not a typical do-it-yourself kind of job so make sure you hire a licensed plumber from Roto-Rooter of Hamilton, Ontario. Roto-Rooter is highly experienced and follows all local plumbing codes and guarantees its work.

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