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Roto-Rooter Burlington, KY: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Burlington, KY, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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For some time we have had trouble with our toilet flushing. When it again stopped up, we called Roto-Rooter hoping that something could be done to correct this issue. After checking the toilet, the pipes and whatever else, our technician told us what the problem was, and he fixed it! Wow, months of aggravation and, just like that, our toilet was working as it should. Thanks to the technician and Roto-Rooter. Any problems in the future and Roto-Rooter will be called immediately.
Pat J. | Burlington
I had been experiencing low water pressure and my sister had an incident where Roto Rooter was used. She bragged on how great the service technician was. When I was called i was told it was probably the valve. The service technician who came confirmed it looked like it was the valve and put in a new one but the problem was not solved do he tried other things which took hours resulting in a bill for $479 and me having NO water pressure at all just a trinkle. I called the next day and they immediately sent another tech named Justin. Justin was great. He showed me everything he did. We discovered that the work the previous tech did was not correct and actually made matters worse. Justin worked very hard but was not able to correct it. I was now looking at approximately $900 dollars with a discount of half of what i already paid and having my tile and wall cut out. I was devastated and wished I had never started this. I contacted RR again and Manager Kevin called me he had already taken action to help me get this fixed. That was such a relief. I did not have to argue! Kevin sent DAVE to check out the problem feeling confident he could fix it. He was RIGHT!!! Dave was amazing! He worked diligently until he had it fixed and I HAD WATER WITH PRESSURE! This was such an amazing relief. Afterwards Manager Kevin called me (This was a Saturday as they did not want me to miss another day of work) to make sure i was satisfied. Now that is a company that actually cares. Dave, Justin and Kevin were deeply sorry for what happened and it made them angry as well. Dave said this reflects on all of them and that is not the way we they do service. Dave was right. i wanted to just give up and was so mad. RR proved if you have a bad experience give them a chance to make it right and they did. I give full kudos to Kevin, Justin and Amazing Dave. I could not believe when I heard that water. Dave was confident and assured me he would get, he did not lie. He tried to make me feel better even explain IF it came to cutting the wall he would make it look good afterwards. I would definitely recommend them and have told numerous friends of this experience. Sometimes things go wrong but I can honestly tell you this company went out of their way to make it right!!! Thank you and please give Kevin, Justin and Dave a raise!!!!! You do not want to lose employees like that.
Glenda T. | Burlington
Thank you for a quick, painless and courteous service. The technician arrived, was extremely thorough and made the entire process as easy on us as possible.
Heather B. | Burlington
The gentleman (Dave) was a true knowledgeable professional, and friendly. He triple checked his work with me before he left. I'd have him back in a minute. I recommend him highly. Dan Wormald
Daniel W. | Burlington
Thanks! Your Technicians did a great job !!
Roy T. | Burlington
Mack was a very courteous and professional individual. He showed up on time on a Sunday and fixed my problem efficiently. I would recommend Roto-Rooter. Thanks, Mack!
William R. | Burlington
Super service! Chris Webster quickly diagnosed the problem and eliminated the blockage in a very reasonable amount of time. My wife is back to the laundry and I have a chance for real happiness again.
Donald C. | Burlington
I have always depended on Roto Rooter, especially after experimenting with an independent contractor! The techs are always knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous. I trust them with my most complicated problems.
Patsy M. | Florence
I can only say I can not thank you enough. I do not remember the technicians name, his I.D. is 2036. However, it has been an awful experience trying to manage this plumbing problem, and after trying all available DIY alternatives decided to call. Initially it was for the free no obligation estimate. From the time I called and scheduled the estimate, with a wonderful woman who has excellent customer service skills, until I heard the drain make the grossest, most relieving sound ever, was just awesome. It has been a huge weight lifted off of this family's shoulders. I wish I could remember the technicians name or the person who I scheduled with, but I can't. They were fantastic, my invoice ${esc.hash} is 27 18330667. Find these employees and recognize them. They are a credit to your company. My sincerest gratitude.
Daniel L. | burlington
Joe Frank
Burlington, KY

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