Summer Home Buying Tips from a Queens Plumber

Summer Home Buying Tips from a Queens Plumber

Summer is prime time for purchasing a new home, but before you do,  the Roto Rooter Queens plumbers would like to remind you of things to check for so you don’t become part of the 44% of buyers who have to call a plumber in the first year of buying your dream home.

In the bathroom, make sure to check around the toilet for signs of water damage in the forms of rolled vinyl or stains. If the floor seems spongy as you walk around, this is known as “soft floor” and is another sign of water damage. Make sure to check how fast the toilet flushes as well.

To check piping, turn the water on in the bathtub and kitchen sink at the same time to test the water volume. If the water volume is low, this may be a sign that the piping needs to be replaced or repaired due to built up calcium and mineral deposits. Notice exposed piping to see if there are leaks or if there have been recent repairs. Also make sure the mainline cleanout access port is accessible.

If there is excess water in the yard, it could be due to a damaged sewer line or leaking pipes. A video inspection of the sewer line is also advisable, especially if it is an older home that may have clay or concrete sewer pipes, to ensure that it is free of problems. A sewer that may need to be replaced could potentially end up costing many thousands of dollars, depending upon its depth and length.

Be sure to notice other miscellaneous things such as the inside of kitchen cabinets beneath the sink for water damage and the functioning of the garbage disposer, dishwasher, and washing machine.

You can perform the inspection of a prospective new home yourself, but if you would like an inexpensive, expert eye, Roto-Rooter can ensure the quality and safety of your new home as well.

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