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  • Environmental Impact of a Leaky Faucet | Roto-Rooter

    Fixing a leaky faucet

    Sometimes the solution to a leaking faucet is easier than you might think. Leaky faucets can be caused by loose fixtures or faulty seals that often need tightening or replacement. As with anything that gets frequent use, your faucet parts can wear over time.

    Roto-Rooter’s team of skilled plumbers are trained to easily identify what needs to be repaired or replaced to get your dripping bathroom faucet back to running at peak performance. Often times, simply replacing an O-ring or an inlet or outlet will do the trick.

    It is always important to address a leaky faucet as soon as possible. Not only can a leak be a nuisance but it will also cause an increase on your utility bill- not to mention wasting one of our most precious resources. Learn more helpful water conservation tips at Roto-Rooter online today.

    Interested in some DIY home plumbing repair? Roto-Rooter also offers helpful tips when you are trying to fix your leaky faucet yourself. Our detailed information and step-by-step instruction will walk you through the process.

    Faucet Repair Services

    Whether you need a faucet repaired or you have a more general plumbing issue, the professionals at Roto-Rooter are here to help.  Our team of plumbing experts offers reliable service that you can depend on every time. Call our customer service representatives today to make an appointment or schedule service online.

  • Spring Plumbing Maintenance in Yonkers, NY

    Tackle these spring plumbing maintenance tasks to maintain your Yonkers, New York plumbing.

    Spring is always a great time to perform home maintenance tasks and this includes your plumbing. Here are four plumbing maintenance tasks you should address this season:

    Clean showerheads and faucets

    Showerheads and faucets can become clogged with sediment and build-up, which will affect your water pressure. A simple solution of white vinegar and water will clear away any sediment or mineral deposit build-up.  Add the vinegar solution to a plastic baggie, wrap the bag around each faucet tap and showerhead in your home. Tie a rubber band around the top of the bag to keep the bag in place. Leave your fixtures soaking overnight, then run the water for a couple of minutes and you should immediately notice an improvement in water pressure and flow.

    Check for leaks

    It is important to address leaks immediately. Review your water meter to get an accurate reading. Before bed, turn the water off altogether for the most accurate reading from your meter. Check the meter again in the morning and if the numbers have increased at all, you have a leak in your home.  Checking and repairing leaks is a crucial step in the water conservation

    Add drain strainers

    To keep your plumbing working at peak performance, it is important to take preventative measures against clogs, leaks and other issues. Go through your home and add drain strainers to your bathtubs, showers, sinks and floor drains. Drain strainers will catch hair or other items that shouldn't go down the drain, preventing clogs before they happen.

    Clean out gutters and downspouts

    Clear our any dead leaves, twigs or other debris from your gutters. Use your hose to rinse away any remaining dirt or mud. Aim your water sprayer toward each downspout to clear of debris while making sure it is directing water away from your home’s foundation. 

    If you would like your spring maintenance to be performed by a Roto-Rooter plumbing professional, our local Yonkers expert plumbers can inspect your downspouts and drains to keep your home’s plumbing in top shape all year round.

  • 3 Reasons to Install a Touchless Faucet

    Touchless Faucets – The Benefits


    We are used to seeing many touchless faucets outside of our homes in restaurants or stores but automatic faucets are gaining in popularity for residential plumbing as well. The benefits of a touchless faucet are many. Take a look at three reasons why you may want to consider a hands-free faucet:

    Discover the benefits of water conservation

    According to Avon Lake Regional Water, every time you wash your hands, you're using about 2.2 gallons of water per minute.  Hands-free faucets turn off automatically, potentially conserving a significant amount of water each year.  Water conservation is an important issue for all of us, not only are touch faucets better for the environment, but you may see your water bill decreasing as well.

    Prevent the spreading of germs

    Not having to touch your faucet can help prevent the spread of germs. Germs often linger on faucet handles, which means you can easily pick them up when you're turning the water off after washing your hands. For families with children, hands-free faucets are a great addition to the home to keep everyone safe and healthy.

    Keep your faucets clean

    A hands-free faucet doesn't get as visibly dirty as traditional faucets. Whether you are cooking or doing cleaning of any kind, with a hands-free faucet you can easily clean your hands without transferring the mess to your plumbing fixture.

    Call in the plumbing professionals at Roto-Rooter

    Whether you have questions about hands-free faucets or need help installing one in your home, the plumbing professionals at Roto-Rooter are happy to help with any questions you might have. Purchase your hands-free faucet from anywhere and we can install it for you, ensuring that your plumbing install is done right – the first time!

  • Increase Your Home's Water Pressure in Orlando, FL

    How to Increase Water Pressure

    If you are in your shower and noticing low water flow, you may have low water pressure. Increasing water pressure in your home is often an easy fix. Here are a few tips for addressing the low water pressure in your Orlando, Florida home:

    Assess your water pressure

    Check your water pressure by purchasing a water pressure gauge from a local hardware store and screwing it onto the threads of one of your outdoor hose bibs. Turn on the water and the needle will move around the dial to reveal your water pressure. Check with your local water company to find out how much pressure you should have in your home. If your number is significantly lower, you may need to have the city or local plumber help to boost your pressure.

    Check the water heater

    Sometime a pressure problem is an easier fix than you might think. If you are experiencing low pressure but only when you are using hot water, you should inspect your water heater. Your water heater’s output valve may not be open all the way.

    Repair a blockage

    Sometimes the reason for low water pressure in your home can be a blockage in your pipes or plumbing fixtures. Older homes are often equipped with galvanized iron water supply pipes. The galvanized water pipes have a lead coating that can wear out over time while exposing the iron. The pipes will begin to rust and the iron will gradually narrow the opening of the pipes, obstructing water flow. Often, the most cost effective solution is to replace the iron pipes with new copper or PEX water lines.

    Clean faucet taps and showerheads

    With time, faucets can get sediment buildup in the aerator screen, obstructing water flow. The first step to increased water flow is to take off the aerator and clean any debris from the screen. If the aerator is clear, you might have debris inside your faucet.

    Carefully disassemble your faucets and showerheads, soak the parts in a solution made of equal parts vinegar and water for about 3 hours. After soaking, clean off the fixtures (while replacing any part that is broken) and put the taps and showerheads back together. Once you turn on your faucet or showerhead, you should notice a difference in water pressure. If you do not notice a difference in water pressure you might need a new fixture. For additional help, contact your local Roto-Rooter plumbing professional of Orlando to assess the situation and get your water pressure back to normal.

  • Have you Hugged Your Plumber Lately? Hug a Plumber Day is April 25th

    techwithboxNational Hug a Plumber Day. It’s a real thing. Really. We’re not sure who started it but we think we understand the sentiment behind it. Plumbers do important work and the NHAPD designation is to get the public to pause and think about all the great work plumbers do to keep clean water flowing and bad water flushing and draining. Our plumbers seem to enjoy the attention and the hugs, as demonstrated by this fun video as well as this other Hug a Plumber video.

    Most people don’t give plumbers a second thought until they desperately need one. What if you woke up tomorrow and used the toilet, as you do every morning, only this time the toilet won’t flush. What if you go to your sink to brush your teeth but no water comes out of the tap? What if your shower does start but only cold water comes out of the showerhead? Are you beginning to get the picture?

    The fact is, there is a shortage of plumbers in America. This most underappreciated trade is facing a slow death because too few young people are choosing to become plumbers. Somewhere along the way, Americans decided college is the only path to a successful, well-paying career. But that’s an incorrect notion. Plumbers can earn a great living. Many master plumbers earn six figure incomes because they possess a skill set that is in demand and increasingly rare. Plumbing is a rewarding job that can never be outsourced and can never be replaced by machines or computers. And careers in plumbing don’t require a college degree or the student debt loans that go with one. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of a career in the plumbing trade at Roto-Rooter, click here.

    The fact is, Roto-Rooter has plenty of work available but not enough plumbers to do it all in a timely manner. We would hire 500 repair plumbers tomorrow…if there were 500 skilled plumbers available to hire. Nearly every other plumbing company in America is facing a similar shortage, so this shortage is not unique to Roto-Rooter.

    Just imagine a future with all the same plumbing problems every home and business experiences today but without enough plumbers to fix those problems. What will it mean? Probably longer delays for service and higher prices for everyone. Who wants that? Nobody! So let’s all show some appreciation for plumbers. They keep the world out of deep doo doo – literally and figuratively and we owe them a debt of gratitude. All things considered, a hug hardly seems adequate.

  • 4 Reasons You Need an Emergency Plumber | Roto-Rooter

    4-Reasons-You-Need-an-Emergency-PlumberPlumbing Issues – When to call in the experts


    Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. Whether you have reduced water flow, a clogged toilet or a leak that needs immediate attention, sometimes professional service is needed. The plumbing experts at your local Roto-Rooter are just a phone call away, offering quality service at an affordable price.

    There are many times when you can “do-it-yourself” when it comes to your home plumbing. However, when plumbing issues reach an emergency level, sometimes it’s best to call in the experts. Some emergency plumbing issues that require professional attention include:

    Major flooding

    Whether the flooding is the result of a water heater, sewer backup or a clogged toilet – any of these can result in an immediate water emergency requiring prompt service. From sump pumps that aren’t working properly to plumbing fixture failures, many of our Roto-Rooter locations now provide water clean-up and restoration services to quickly get you on the road to repair.

    Freezing showers

    A cold shower is often the result of an issue with your hot water heater. Sometimes, the solution can be as easy as checking the breaker box on your electric heater (for gas, check to see that your pilot light is on). However, if you hear rattling noises and the issues aren’t resolved with the simple flip of a switch, call the plumbing professionals at Roto-Rooter. A good rule of thumb – if your water heater is over 11 years old, it will be due for replacement sooner than later. 

    Wet yard

    Are you noticing small wet spots scattered throughout your yard? If so, this indicates that your main water supply line is probably leaking onto your lawn. A foul smell indicates a leak in your sewer line. Situations like these are best left to the professionals as your water and sewer lines may need major repairs or even full replacement.

    Check outdoors

    Check your water spigots first. If you see any signs of dripping even when the faucet is turned off completely, it's possible you have an internal leak, possibly caused by exposure to freezing temperatures during winter months. This can be a serious issue because the supply pipe that leads to the hose bib may have also suffered damage and it could be leaking into your wall or basement, leading to water damage, mold and other problems.

    Roto-Rooter – The Trusted Plumbing Professional

    From leaks and drips to addressing a faulty water heater – plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. Your local Roto-Rooter plumbing professional is here to help 24/7 including holidays, offering prompt and reliable service when you need us most. Roto-Rooter is equipped to handle all of your residential plumbing needs

  • Spring Plumbing Tips for Santa Fe, NM | Roto-Rooter

    Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

    Santa Fe’s sunny climate makes an ideal environment for outdoor living. Prepping your Santa Fe home is crucial in maintaining your home’s plumbing performance.

    Preparing your home’s plumbing for the spring season is easier than you might think. Roto-Rooter offers the following simple tips for indoor and outdoor spring plumbing maintenance this season:

    Inspect and clean your home’s gutters and downspouts

    Although it’s not often, when Santa Fe does get rain, it can come down hard and fast. It is crucial to make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clean and free from debris. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are in good condition, sturdy and stable. Check your downspout and storm drains to make sure they aren’t clogged and will direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Maintaining your home’s gutters and downspouts will help you to avoid any potential spring flooding.

    Spring clean the interior of your home

    Examine the highest-volume areas of your home, like your kitchen and bathrooms. Clean all of your fixtures inside and out while also taking the time to clean your appliances, drains and disposals. If you notice your toilet running, changing the flapper valve on your toilet is also a good idea. Changing out the flapper valve is often the simple and easy solution to repairing a running toilet.

    Maintain outdoor plumbing fixtures

    Prior to the winter, it is best to roll up your hoses and move them indoors. Come spring, you can bring out the hoses once again (while remembering to inspect them for any leaks). It is also good practice to turn on the outside faucet without a hose attached to ensure that water is coming out normally. If water is not coming out of your outside faucet as it should, one of the pipes may have frozen or burst during the winter months.

    Examine your septic tank

    Spring is also a great time to make sure that your septic tank is working properly. Treat your septic tank with an enzyme product that is specifically designed for septic tanks. It is always a good idea to perform a routing septic pump if you haven’t done so over the past few years. Doing a routine pump can help you to avoid a backup. Whether you have questions regarding your DIY plumbing maintenance or would like to schedule service with a Roto-Rooter plumbing professional of Santa Fe, our plumbing experts are available 24/7 including weekends and holidays to answer questions or to service your home’s plumbing.

  • Unclog a Drain Naturally | Roto-Rooter

    Unclog your drain naturallyUnclogging your drain the natural way

    If you have standing water in your shower, sink or bathtub you might have a clogged drain. Things like hair, dirt and debris can easily create back-ups, causing clogs.

    Make a home solution

    Often a cleaning solution is needed when you have a clogged drain. While most chemical drain cleaners are toxic and can be harmful to ourselves and the environment, there are simple eco-friendly and non-toxic ways to unclog a drain that include:

    Self - cleaning

    Assess the situation and try to clear the blocked drain by hand.  Unscrew the plug stopper while using a handy tool like a wire coat hanger to search for any debris. Remember to use gloves during this cleaning process as much of what you will pull out will be black, messy and odorous.

     All natural cleaning solution

    When a simple hand drain cleaning isn’t enough, sometimes, a natural drain cleaning solution will do the trick. Making a chemical-free cleaning solution can be done easily with just a few simple, common household items. Follow the steps below to unclog a drain naturally:

    • Pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain.

    • Pour in a cup of vinegar (let it work on the drain for about 15 minutes).

    • During this time – boil a pot of water.

    • Pour boiling pot of water down the drain.

    • Repeat the process another time or two if necessary.

    Call in the plumbing professionals

    When you have tried everything and self-cleaning and homemade drain cleaners just aren’t working, it is time to call in the plumbing professionals at Roto-Rooter. We are here to help 24/7 including holidays when you need service most. Our team of expert plumbers are here to handle all of your residential plumbing needs.  We will come out to assess the situation and give you a timeline and cost for repairs.

  • Lexington, SC Outdoor Plumbing and Gutter Tips | Roto-Rooter

    Check your gutters and downspout drains this spring

    Spring in Lexington, South Carolina can often bring showers which is why clearing out any dead leaves, twigs or other debris from your gutters is so important. Cleaning your home’s gutters and downspouts will ensure that all that rain will be directed away from your home. Use your hose to rinse away any remaining dirt or mud. Aim your water sprayer toward each downspout to clear off debris while directing water away from your home’s foundation.

    Here are a few simple tips to keep your outdoor plumbing, gutters and drains working at peak performance all year long:

    Clear out leaves and debris

    Clear away leaves and debris with your hands or a small tool, like a trowel. The job can sometimes get dirty, so remember to wear gloves. Addressing any roof debris will also help keep new leaves from accumulating into your gutters and potentially blocking water flow. Always remember to clean your gutters and downspouts before the rainy season.

    Using a high-powered hose

    High - powered hoses can often do most of the cleaning for you. The heavy water pressure can clean out the interiors and exteriors of your gutters in no time. You can test your downspouts to ensure that they are working properly by aiming the jet of water down each downspout. It is important to make sure that the water pressure is not set too high as it could potentially crack or dismantle some lightweight plastic gutters.

    Check your downspout drain

    Check all of the downspout drains around your home to ensure that nothing is lodged in them. All of the drains should be set up, directing rainfall away from your home's foundation - a key step to help avoid flooding.

    Call a Roto-Rooter plumbing professional

    Often times, it is best to call in the plumbing experts at Roto-Rooter. We can address your downspout issues and get them working again in no time. Your local Lexington Roto-Rooter plumbing expert can perform all of your routine outdoor plumbing maintenance promptly, all while at an affordable price.

  • 3 Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions | Roto-Rooter

    Common plumbing questions – Ask a plumber


    From water heaters and clogged drains to backed-up sewer lines, plumbers often run into many of the same problems on the job each day. Understandably, your most frequently used plumbing fixtures are often the source of plumbing problems. Here are three of the most common plumbing questions people ask plumbers about the fixtures in their homes:

     1. How can I extend the life of my water heater?

    A water heater is an important investment in your home and a crucial factor in keeping your home’s plumbing working properly. To extend the life of your water heater, regular maintenance is key. Either you or a Roto-Rooter plumbing expert can regularly empty the water heater to clear it of any sediment. Replace the anode rod to prevent the bottom of the machine from rusting.

     2. Clogged drains

    When a drain gets clogged in your home, whether it is in your kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms or basement, it is important to address the issue right away.  Preventing clogs is easier than you think.  Here are a couple of tips:

    • Use drain covers that can catch food scraps, hair or any other materials before they enter your pipes.

    • Avoid throwing anything down the drain or into the toilet that could cause blockages - this includes being cautious with your garbage disposal and always tossing out grease or oil in the trash can. Be careful what you put down your garbage disposal.

    3. Running toilet

    A running toilet is not only a nuisance but can prove costly with the added expense to your utility bill. If your toilet is running, it is likely that you have an issue with one of three things:

    • Fill tube

    • Flapper chain

    • Flapper

    Examine your tank when it is running to see if you can identify the issue. Sometimes a repair is as simple as tightening the flapper chain or adjusting the fill height. When professional service is needed, the plumbing experts at Roto-Rooter are here to help 24/7 including holidays, when you need service most.

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