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Roto-Rooter Bellevue, WA: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Bellevue, WA, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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Making the appointment was easy and true to their word my confirmation call came 30 minutes prior to my scheduled time. Rick, the plumber was on time, professional and pleasant. He found the problem immediately and gave me a fair and honest appraisal. He even found the alternate access to my crawl space from the outside I had no idea even existed. He completed the work quickly and was very competent. Thank you again for your fast and on time service, it means a lot in an age where most large companies say one thing and do another. I will use you again!!
Summer B. | Bellevue
I had a burst pipe in an out building, and I didn't know about it until the water company called. At 6:30 p.m., I called Roto-Rooter in Tacoma, even though I live in Lacey, and I was told that someone would be here between 8:00 and 11:00. The dispatcher called about 6:45, and the technician was here by 7:00. He fixed the pipe and was gone in an hour. He was very friendly, knew what he was doing, and did a great job. I've had bad experiences in the past when I needed a plumber, but this experience changed my mind.
Michael F. | Bellevue
I was working on my outside faucet and broke the pipe off in the wall, it was 6:45pm and I had to get it fixed asap. So my first thought was to call Roto Rooter. They were very friendly on the phone and sent Steve White out that night. He was determened to fix the problem. He stayed until 1:30 AM in the morning to make sure the job was done. He cleaned up the work area well. I would highly recomend Roto Rooter in Lakewood anytime.
Jj M. | Bellevue
Roto-Rooter and Chad were awesome! Came on time, worked quickly and was clean and professional. Didn't charge me extra for Sunday service and gave me pointers! I would absolutely recommend to anyone who needs plumbing work.
Jenny K. | Bellevue
Great service, the technician, John, was prompt and professional and unclogged our drain, and fixed the problem. He recommended 1-800-Water Damage for the clean up, and I was not as happy with that company
Mary M. | Bellevue
The person that completed the job was professional and courteous.
Tyler D. | Bellevue
Very profesional effecient and helpful
Carlos S. | Bellevue
When the actual tech got out here (after 7 days of fighting with incompetent and infuriating communications with your dispatchers), he cleared our yard drains really well and found the root cause of a problem we've been having. Spent $1,500 on it. Your dispatch/business people would all be fired if they worked for me. FOUR TIMES we agreed on a window where a tech would come out. THREE TIMES they never even showed up. The fourth (today), was not looking good. Yesterday I called a manager in dispatching and we talked about the failure of the team to commit to a schedule and the communication problems. He and I agreed that a tech would arrive between 12 noon and 4pm today. I gave him a credit card over the phone to pay for the service, because I didn't want a communication problem to get in the way of a tech coming out. And indeed we agreed a call was unnecessary because the tech did not need to come indoors at all. So what happened today? A tech called from tacoma at 9:15 to say he'd be here at 10:15. Christ, we already agreed on 12-4. Keep your commitments, Rotorooter! Was I supposed to just skip out on work for that because it was more convenient for you? So my wife called him back, saying ok that's fine anyway. Then dispatch called, and I called them back, asked about this, and they gave me a patronizing speech about how important it was that their techs get to meet the home owner before coming out and they had to know I was there. EVEN AFTER WE HAD AGREED YESTERDAY THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY. You guys are tremendously infuriating. I would suggest we loan you out as a hostile offensive force in some country we're at war with, just to make the enemy frustrated and angry. You are easily worse than the DMV; hands down. Today I called to speak with a manager about this, and a guy named Arthur took the call and the high level details. I didn't need a call back, and I wasn't trying to complain. I was trying to reach out to someone in the company who might care that you've got some serious front-end customer relation problems that need fixing if you want customer satisfaction. You could be a great company. But right now, you're suffering. I challenge you to think positively about these hard words and see if you can't turn them into positive change. I'll gladly amplify anything that needs clarification. But I'm not going to argue my point of view, because well, you can't pay me enough to do that.
Steve J. | Bellevue
I was very pleased with Roto-Rooter's service. Giovanni showed up right on schedule, was very personable and professional, did a great job and solved my issue in short order. I would call on Roto Rooter and Giovanni in the future for plumbing problems.
Paul W. | Bellevue
I appreciated the call prior to the Technician arriving . He was professional, courteous and prompt. He explained the process and options if this would not fix our situation. Everything was tested , performing several task to verify that it was 100% functioning. I am very appreciative that it was resolved quickly and am able to go on with my plans for a party without having to concern myself in this matter. I highly recommend Roto-Rooter to everyone. You will be satisfied without question.
Gabriele P. | Bellevue
Eli arrived promptly, assessed the issue, gave me an estimate, answered my questions, gave me time to get other estimates, too. Thanks so much.
Karen S. | Bellevue
Giovanni did a great job! Very professional, highly recommended.
Nick D. | Bellevue
we received service soon after calling roto rooter and the serviceman did a very good job
Eugenia H. | Bellevue
Your service is fast and good. I will recommend to my friends.
Josephine O. | Bellevue
The technician was very professional and did a great job, thanks.
Steve R. | Bellevue
You technicians are 1st class professionals. I'm please I contacted Rotor Rooter for my complex work.
Walter P. | Bellevue
Great job-prompt, efficient and friendly.
Jack L. | Bellevue
We have used RR twice, and both times they have been very prompt, professional and efficient. They have arrived quickly once called.
James W. | Duvall
I am so sent a highly skilled technician immediately to save me from being flooded at 7:30pm on New Years Day. Earlier another plumbing company promised to help me each time I called (3x), but no one ever followed up, despite the ad claims You will definitely have my business again (hopefully not on a holiday next time)!
Kathy S. | Bellevue
Roto-Rooter is the Best! Outstanding response time and service! We called at 9:30 this morning with a clogged toilet and 2 leaky toilets in our facility. Leaving us with no working restroom. Kevin, Technician #2129 showed up not even an hour later and was awesome! He was thorough and very efficient. Super nice guy! Great customer service even with the mess he had to deal with. Thank you Kevin! You're my hero! Happy Holidays to you All! Cheers, Jodi
Jodi F. | Bellevue
Giovanni did an amazing job. He was prompt (even early) diagnosed the problem correctly and fixed the drainage problem. He was extremely pleasant and a true professional. Because of Giovanni I will call Roto Rooter for any future plumbing problems.
David W. | Bellevue
We received prompt service--within 1.5 hours of my initial call for assistance. The technician was knowledgeable, courteous, and explained the procedures and findings well.
S B. | Bellevue
Technician 1616 was polite, calm, and not looking to take all my money. I would ask for him the next time I need services. My problem turned out to be an easy fix, but not something I would have known how to do. Thanks for sending the right guy to the right home.
Charae A. | Federal Way
The dispatch group did a poor job of scheduling work and delivering the technician. The technician was excellent.
Patrick D. | Poulsbo
First off...Thank you for sending Service Technician Brit Abundis ${esc.hash}3716. Not only was Brit knowledgeable about his trade, but he went out of his way to explain proper care for our drain. He is a valued employee with a personality!
Clay D. | Kent
The equipment the tech had would not accept my Amex card. We did call Amex and the tech and I talked with them. They said the problem was with his equipment and not Amex. We spent quite a bit of valuable time working this out. We ended up with a different card (Visa) which was fine.
Jean D. | Bellevue
Although hilarious, our small coffeehouse had been experiencing some plumbing issues for over a year, and finally reached a point where we could not deal with it. RotoRooter showed up faster than initially stated, the rep was courteous and fast, and the PHONE he found in the toilet should mean we wont have any other problems in the near future. Thank you, and thank you Florence (SP?)
Heather R. | Duvall
Gary Robinson
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