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When you need experienced plumbers in Ann Arbor, MI, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. We provide a variety of plumbing services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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I own a house in Ypsi and my tenant called me to tell me the bathubs were filling up with water as the (laundry) washer was draining. I found Roto-Rooter on AngiesList, had the tenant call and set up appointment. A tech came to the house, checked things out, and said he thought nothing was wrong it was probably a back up due to over-saturated ground. My tenants have had no further problems with the drains, so I have to assume he was right. I appreciate them not trying to sell me on some service that isn't needed. Thank you! $65 service call is worth it if to hear no action is needed.
Kristin M.
I was among many folks in southeast Michigan who suffered frozen sewer pipes due to an extremely cold winter. I initially had Roto Rooter out on March 2 due to frozen sewer line that developed while I was away from my home for a few days. Kevin, from Roto Rooter, was very professional and helpful in explaining my options. At first, I decided not to pursue the possibly up to ˜$750 it would take to check & open my sewer line. I was in sticker shock and had just had to unexpectedly replace my furnace a couple of months previous. I was hoping with the upcoming warmup in weather and that my sewer line ran underneath my blacktop driveway, that the blockage would thaw naturally. In the meantime, I stayed at friends' houses and installed a drain extension from the p-trap that came off my horizontal sewer clean-out in my basement to my sump. The sump doesn't discharge to the sewer, so I could at least run a little water, but not use the toilet. The final straw came when I thought the pipe had thawed, because after a few days away from the house I was able run water to the drain and flush the toilet, twice! Excitedly I ran the dishwasher and left to go to dinner and pack up from my friend's house. When I came home, there was unusual spots of water in my basement that I discovered the next day was from my toilet leaking thru the wax seal. I decided then, after almost 2 weeks, that I would pay whatever it took to bring my house back to normal. I called ˜5:30pm, after usual business hours, and talked to a real person at Roto Rooter who put me on their schedule for steam-open of my sewer line the next day. Friday, March 13, Roto Rooter was able to arrange for their field people to call me when they were on their way to my house so I could then leave work to meet them instead of sitting around waiting for them to arrive. Bob & KG arrived and were very calming & professional. I was tired of the almost two weeks of limbo and fearful of a major mess in my basement (I could still see stains on my basement drywall from a previous owner's sewer clean-out attempts). Bob & KG were very careful to slowly open the clean-out and drain water before starting the steaming. The steaming took quite a bit as the frozen part was quite extensive. Turns out it was not frozen under my driveway but frozen at the northwest corner of my house. It would have never thawed on its own - well, maybe in July or August. Bob dug down in the dirt to where the frozen pipe was. We could see steaming water coming out around it. This meant there was also a leak. Bob & KG fully thawed the pipe and made sure I could run water to drain. I was their last call of the day and they would need to come back on Monday to replace the leaky pipe and install an outside clean-out. I at least could run water to drain over the weekend. They were also gracious enough to steam open the drainline for my gutter downspout - it was also frozen so no water could drain from the gutters down the downspout on the northwest corner of my house - possibly saving my roof and facia from damage from the backed up water in the gutters. Not at all on my list of known trouble - but they saw an issue and helped to prevent future trouble. And they didn't charge me for the steam opening of this drain line. Much appreciated! On Monday, they again called me at work when they were on their way so I could leave to meet them. Bob & KG came back out and made sure everything was still draining well. They replaced the leaky section of pipe and installed an outside clean-out. Now I have the ability of outside drain cleaning access. They also gave me good advice about building up the soil level where the pipe is (to prevent future freezing because it wasn't deep enough) as well as using stacking bales of straw over that section of sewer line for winter insulation (and then being able to use the straw in the spring & summer on my garden). I really appreciate the professionalism and going above & beyond by Kevin, Bob & KG at Roto Rooter. Their service was worth every penny. I would definitely recommend and use them again in the future.
Heather W.
Excellent service. Called on a Sunday, they came next day. Called to let us know when he would arrive, he arrived when he said he would. Explained in detail what needed to be done. Cost a little more than originally planned, since once the pipe was removed, discovered the pipe was MAJORLY clogged, so a snake job was necessary to clean out the entire pipe. Mitch Ulrich (the plumber) was very professional, very nice, and thorough. I would highly recommend if you can request to have Mitch do the job, do it! The water runs quickly & drains super fast now. Also had main sewer line cleaned out from basement to city main, since it has been years since it was cleaned (we have lots of trees on property).
Mary T.
The service rep was punctual, provided us with options, gave us advice and completed the work in a timely manner. They are expensive, but allowed us to do some of the labor e.g. remove the toilet, without a charge.
Lynda M.
The service person brings in a professional-grade snake and feeds it into the sewage line inside the house. The clog is dug out, and at that point they're able to tell why the backup occurred. (I'm not saying what it was this time, as it applies to the actions of a certain gender...) :) They're always very professional, courteous, and upfront about charges.
Alicia D.
We had Jay and Zack working on our kitchen today. They went out of their way to reassure me that they will help my family! They did such an amazing job and worked so hard. I truly appreciate all of the efforts that they went through to help me return to life as normal! Both guys were also great with my kids, which was also helpful. Thanks again for making my day!
Elizabeth D. | Ann Arbor
Kevin came out on Thanksgiving weekend to fix a leaking outdoor spigot without a shut-off valve. As usual, Kevin was prompt, professional, and explained my options for both immediate and long-term solutions. I'm always satisfied with his service. Thank you.
Rita R. | Ann Arbor
Zach came out and snaked my main sewer line. He was very kind an knowledgeable. He didn't hesitate to answer any questions I had and seemed to enjoy his job (wasn't grumpy and wanted to go as quick as possible). I wouldn't hesitate to call Roto Rooter and have Zach service my sewer. Thanks again Roto Rooter!!!
Michael C. | Chelsea
Kevin was awesome! Our appointment was his total priority. He was timely, professional, knowledgeable, personable, conscientious, respectful, and just plain good at what he does. Our issue was not catastrophic, thank goodness. But, it was important to our family to have it repaired quickly. Your company gives Kevin the right training and tools, and he uses them very well. Thank you, Kevin and Roto-Rooter!
Kristen V. | Chelsea
Kevin was the tech. He was very helpful, polite, and informative. He fixed the problem and cleaned up after himself. I wanted you to know how please I was to have Kevin on site. I will request him again when I call. Doug Behnke
Bob B. | Ann Arbor
David arrived promptly, was polite, and worked tirelessly for hours to resolve the issue--ensuring he eliminated all possibilities. And then cleaned up!
Suzy N. | Pinckney
David Fowler



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