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Roto-Rooter Albuquerque, NM: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

When you need experienced plumbers in Albuquerque, NM, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Not only do we have the best plumbing team in town - one that's licensed, certified, and insured - but we only use state-of-the art tools. Our services have been trusted for more than 80 years. But don't take our word for it. Our reviews reveal why customers love our services and keep coming back.

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What can you say? 1) incredible communication with the dispatcher about when the technician would arrive; 2) got the job done quickly; 3) professional, courteous, and helpful; 4) was square about the price; 5) gives you free gallon of drain cleaner and a year long warrantee. More than I would like to spend, but in a town where major tradesman seem to think it is OK just to no-show, worth it! Ask for Jimmy!
Finnegan H.
Good people, Good techs. Stand by their estimates
Kirk A.
We had a clogged toilet that we had tried plunging and augering ourselves over the course of a couple weeks. Finally fed up with it, we called Roto Rooter, and they sent someone out at 8:30 PM to have a look at it. Paul was very professional, and immediately quoted us two possible prices depending on how much work might be involved. As soon as we agreed, he set to work and had the clog cleared in no time at all. He was very polite, and he did a good job explaining what we might have done to cause the problem and what we could do to prevent it in the future. He made sure that we both tested it out to verify that it was fixed, and we called in to pay. Hopefully, we won't have this kind of problem again, but if we do, this will be the place we call.
Isaac V.
David Gutierrez was very compitent and very knowledgeable. He did an additional estimate for the same day and installed a toilet the following day. Both jobs were well done, and his people skills and job skills are good enough that we definitely want him to do another job. We will contact Roto-Rooter for David Gutierrez to do a job in the near future and possibly one in the distant future.
Sharon S.
My sewer backed up on Sunday, 11/24/13. It had snowed the night before, the weather and road conditions were poor. I called Roto-Rooter at approximately 10:00 am, received a call back about 30 minutes later that a technician was on his way. Mr. Enriquez arrived shortly thereafter, I explained the situation I had and he quickly went to work. About 30 minutes later he told me he had fixed the problem and asked me to check all sewer lines (sinks, toilets, washing machine, etc.). All worked perfectly. There are several things I was impressed with. 1. Mr. Enriquez quick arrival from when I first contacted Roto-Rooter. 2. Mr. Enriquez fully explained my billing and payment options BEFORE starting work – no surprises. He also informed me that he would honor a 10% discount coupon I had and explained what was and what wasn't warranted. 3. Mr. Enriquez appearance was clean and neat and he was very polite during the whole time there. 4. Mr. Enriquez fully explained to me EXACTLY what he found and what he did to clear the problem. TOTAL PROFESSIONALISM.
Rick F.
Roto-Rooter did a great job at my house. They were on time, polite,effiecient, and got the job done. My drains are now open and not clogged and it took less than 30 minutes. I will call Roto-Rooter in the future whenever I need plumbing or draining....
Joanna F.
I had pluming issues the day before I was going out of town I called two other pluming company's one said I can schedule someone to come out and inspect the problem the next day the other I left a recorded message got fed up and remembered rotor rooter commercial from the radio station I listen to so I called at 2:30 p.m a plummer was here at 3:15 p.m. fixed the problem while I was paying the plummer the guys that I left a message with called. Needless to say Rotor Rooter saved the day thank you from a very satisfied customer.
horacio g. | Albuquerque
Last week, I experienced, yet again, another backed up drain in my condo. This was the third back up in less than 6 months. Needless to say, the pipes have not been well maintained. It was a very stressful event, however, when Roto-Rooter arrived, and the technician told us he could fix the clogged drain with no problems, I was a little more at ease. Tristan, the technician, was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. He got right to work and provided me with a lot of great education for future pipe maintenance. I will definitely be recommending Roto-Rooter to anyone I know with plumbing problems!
Gary W. | Albuquerque
I called the Albuquerque Roto-Rooter in a panic due to a clog that was impairing all of my bathrooms. I had a professional contractor come to my home first who spent 4 hours trying to fix the problem. They charged me ${esc.dollar}200 and left my home a mess with my toilet in the bathtub and dirt and sewage everywhere. As a last resort I called Roto-Rooter, I explained my situation to the dispatcher, Brenda, who was extremely friendly and understanding. She reassured me that I would have quick service and that a technician would be out quickly to see me. 45 minutes later Paul showed up at my door with his assistant. They were professional and efficient and were able to fix the clog with ease and even put my toilet back for me and cleaned up some of the mess left by the previous plumber. I hope that I am not having to call all the time but I do appreciate the amazing service I received during an extremely stressful time. Lauren Sandoval
Lauren S. | Albuquerque
I'm Paul Thomas, condo owner, who left John Pichardo in charge of overseeing service and paying the bill. When I saw the charge of ${esc.dollar}224.70 for clearing a kitchen drain, I couldn't understand why john agreed to this charge. What he didn't totally understand, it was explained to me, was that the bill included a ${esc.dollar}60 charge for a 6 month guarantee (43561?) that I never would have purchased. When I called, I was told that a ${esc.dollar}60 adjustment would be made. Pleased, I put it out of mind until I saw that the check (2620) was paid by our bank in the full amount without the promised adjustment. I have always used Roto-Rooter, but I have an intense dislike for add-on guarantees. Please resolve this issue with the Albuquerque office, and return the ${esc.dollar}60 adjustment as promised. Thank you.
John P. | Albuquerque
Roto Rooter did a great job unclogging my drains in a timely professional manner.
Joanna F. . | Albuquerque
David Gutierrez was very compitent and knowledgeable. Was so impressed asked David to provide an estimate for installing a total and an appointment was scheduled for the following day. The toilet is running great. I have in mind another job for him to do in the near future.
Thomas S. . | Albuquerque
David Garcia (#983) provided exceptional service, most notably working very hard to complete our emergency service repair in a single day. And it was a big job! He was a great trouble shooter and was able to work through those glitches that inevitably come up. He was certain that I understood every step of the repair, and answered all my questions. David also managed his team of workers very well and they also deserve recognition for a job well done--Matt Montoya and Sergio Garcia. All three service persons worked with a smile and never wasted a minute of time. I had tried other Emergency plumbing providers before contacting Rotorooter, but they were not able to help me out. Most typically leaving me waiting for a call back. Rotorooter got to my house within the hour, and stayed all day!
John D. . | Albuquerque
Jonathan Arellando--was my tech.--he was VERY professional, fast doing his job, very informational about what the problem was, He is a very clean cut fine young man. Jonathan did the best plumbing job that I have ever had. I have referred him to friends and businesses and he has done an exceptional job for them too. He is the BEST.
Marguerite V. . | Albuquerque
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